Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

October 28th, 2011

Halloween Game Night: There  is a game night tomorrow starting at 8pm. There will be pizza, chips and  soda. Dressing up is encouraged. Please bring friends.

CIFgiving: The Sunday before Thanksgiving (11/20) starting sometime in the evening. Probably at around 5pm- exact time TBA. The event will most  likely take place in the Rec room in the basement of Wilder. This is a potluck, so if you would like to eat, you should bring food. There will be a sign-up sheet in the core at some point in the next week or so.

Next Game Night: 12/3 starting at 8pm.

There will be a floor meeting next Friday at 5pm.

October 14th, 2011

Ordering Dinosaur BBQ: CIFnic is a week from tomorrow. We are  placing the order for food from Dino on next Friday. If you are  interested, you must sign you name on the sheet in the core. The sheet  is next to the ones for Kitchen Staff, ZDC and Tech Staff. The cost will  be $6, which you must turn in to a board member by next Friday at the  latest. If you can not find a board member, slide the money under one of  their doors. Just make sure to indicate that the money is from you.

Star Trek Marathon: There will probably be a showing of movies 2-4 on floor sometime this Sunday.

Halloween Game Night: On 10/29, starting at 8pm. Dressing up is  encouraged. Decorations for floor would be nice. If you run across any,  board will reimburse you up to $5. Please provide a receipt.

AIF is having a game night tonight starting at 8pm. They would like people to stop by and play some fun games.

There is a floor meeting next Friday.

September 30th, 2011

Dues: Not everyone has paid me dues. They were supposed to be in by today. Get them to me ASAP if you have not done so already. I should  be on floor for a large portion of tomorrow.

Game Night: Tomorrow night starting at 8pm. There will be pizza, chips and soda. Please bring your friends.

CIFnic: Some time in the afternoon on 10/23. We are getting  Dinosaur BBQ. At the next floor meeting, we will see how many people are  interested. The cost was $6 last time we ordered from them. The more  people who are interested, the lower the cost. Please keep that in mind.

Charity 24h Game Day: An event cosponsored by CIF, Drama House  and Phi Kappa Tau on 10/15. Basically, you are sponsored to play video  games and the proceeds go to charity. Brandon Peterman, a recent  graduate, said he would be interested in sponsoring a group of CIFers. This would be fantastic. You get to choose your own games and there will at least be one PS2  available. Also, you do not have to play the whole 24 hours, just a (probably) small portion of that. If you are interested, please say  something! Here is a link with more information:

Floor Meeting Minutes

December 2nd, 2011

Room changes: If you are in any way, shape or form changing rooms, contact board. You will have to fill out a room change form. I believe the deadline for that is December 16th.

Nominations: As of the floor meeting, the nominees are:

Secretary/Treasurer: Sam Bloch, Kevin Huie
Tech Director: Tanner Degenkolb, Philip Cohn-Cort, Annie Decusatis
Community Relations: David Glasser, Eric Campbell, Kyle Jensen
Membership: Dana Belles
Chair: Quinn Dempsey-Arner

Sorry if I mixed anything up or mangled any names.

I realize that this information might be or become outdated. If you see your name on the list and were not aware of your nomination, email board to either accept or decline it. If you want to nominate someone or decline a position for which you were nominated, email board. Remember that you can only run for one position.

The descriptions of what each position entails can be found on the CIF website. If you are running, know what your responsibilities might be before elections take place.

Nominations must be in by next Thursday at midnight.

Elections: Taking place at a floor meeting next Friday at 5pm. Each candidate will have to write a short (maximum of 5 minutes) speech about what he will do if elected and take questions from members. If you are running and not available during elections, have someone read your speech for you.

All of this and more is in the CIF Constitution.

November 18th, 2011

CIFgiving:¬†This Sunday starting between 5 and 6pm, probably in the Wilder Rec Room. If not there, then on floor. If you are going to show up for CIFgiving, please bring something (food, utensils…). As of right now, there are not that many people who have indicated on the sign-up sheet that they will be providing food. If not that many people contribute to CIFgiving and many people show up, it will not be that much fun. It’s a potluck, so if you want to eat well, you have to bring something.

Game Night:¬†12/3 starting at 8pm. There will be pizza, chips and soda. The theme for the game night is “Summer.” Leah and Chelsea are going to be coordinating decorations and such, so tell them if you have any ideas about what should happen to floor.

Board Nominations and Elections:¬†Nominations for the next board will take place during a floor meeting on 12/2 at 5pm. If you want to nominate a member for board, including yourself, you should show up. If you can’t make it to the meeting and want to run, ask someone to nominate you. The board positions and what they entail are listed in the CIF Constitution, which is on the CIF website. Elections will take place the Friday after Nominations (12/9) during another floor meeting.

Canned Food Drive: There is a food drive. It would be great if you could donate non-perishables.

November 4th, 2011

CIFgiving: The Sunday before Thanksgiving starting in the evening, probably at around 5. It is a potluck, so if you can go, please consider bringing food or utensils. There is a sign-up sheet near the elevators.

Game Night: The next game night is 12/3. The usual food and drink will be provided.

Kitchen: Apparently, the kitchen and the items contained within it are not always respected. There is now a large bin in which dirty dishes and cookware will be tossed if they are not cleaned within 24 hours. They will not be cleaned before being dropped in the bin. Also, if you do not want your stuff to be put with the community items, do not leave your stuff in the kitchen.

October 21st, 2011

Dino: The order for Dino is going to be made pretty soon. If you have not already signed up/paid and want to have Dino, email board and turn in your $6 ASAP.

Halloween Game Night: 10/29 starting at 8pm. Dress up if you have a costume and drag your friends with you.

October 7th, 2011

Gaming Event: There is a 24 hour gaming event at Drama House from 8am on 10/15 Р8am 10/16. A CIF team has been put together, and if you want to participate, contact Joanne Leadbetter or Chelsea Marsh. The game play will be in shifts, so you do not need to play for the entire 24 hours, and you can bring your own games (including computer games). See the email that Joanne sent for more information.

Halloween Game Night: Takes place on 10/29 starting at 8pm. There will be pizza, chips and soda. Dressing up is encouraged.

CIFnic: 10/23 starting at ~1pm. If the weather is nice, it will be in GVP. If not, it will be held on floor. We are getting Dinosaur BBQ. The food will consist of pulled pork, salad and salt potatoes. Drinks and desserts will only be there if people decide to buy or make them themselves. If you require a vegetarian option, please inform board ASAP. The cost last year was around $6 per person. The cost will go up if not enough people show interest. So if you want Dino, please convince others that they do as well!

Sysadmin class:¬†Next Monday, there will be an meeting in the lab for those interested in becoming sysadmins. Topics covered will include an intro to Linux (I’m not sure which variety/varieties) and how to work from command prompt. You will need to bring your own machine.

Kitchen: Keep the kitchen clean. Clean out the drain stopper if you get food in it. Wash your dishes/ cookware. Wash all the community dishes/cookware that you have used. If your stuff is in the kitchen for more than 24 hours without being cleaned and put away, Dana will confiscate it.

September 23rd, 2011

Until now, the information from the board and floor meeting minutes has been the same. That is why there have only been floor meeting minutes posted. This trend will continue unless topics of discussion differ between meetings.

Dues: Amount: $20. Deadline: 9/30. If you can not do this, inform me by next Monday.

Game Nights: The next one is on 10/1 starting at 8pm. There will be pizza, chips and soda. Please tell your friends. If you have a suggestion for a theme, please leave it in the suggestion box.There is also a game night on 10/29 with the same start time and food.

CIFnic: This event will be held on 10/23, which is the Sunday during Meliora Weekend (October 20-23 in its entirety).

Idiotic Behavior: People have been shining laser pointers at other people. If you are doing this, stop it. If you see other people doing this, tell your RA or the RA on duty.

Kitchen: The floor has a new kitchen. Consensus seems to be that this is a good thing. With this comes a new protocol to follow when using the kitchen.

  • It is imperative that everyone adheres to the list of what not to do to the stove
  • Label your food
  • If you do not want your stuff to be for common use, do not leave it in the kitchen
  • The shelves are going to be organized/ labeled. Pay attention to the labels
  • Clean up after yourself

There will be regular stove cleanings. Two people will be randomly assigned this task. If you have a step stool and/or utensil organizer and lend it to the kitchen, you will not have to clean for a bit.

PHD Comics movie: There is a showing of this tonight and tomorrow night in Hubbell at 8pm. It costs $3 for non-grad students.

24 hour game day: 10/15. CIF is cosponsoring this event with Drama House and Phi Kappa Tau.The proceeds will go to charity. It would be great if CIF would be represented. If interested, click the link to get more information:

LoL event: There might be a LoL (League of Legends) event with URSGA at some point in time. More info to follow.

Star Trek Marathon: Probably going to take place during the week after Fall Break. Movies 2,3 and 4 will be shown.

Dr. Who finale: 10/1. Sponsored by CIF, FIF and MIF. Start time not yet finalized. The showing will be held in the Chambers Screening Room

September 9th, 2011

Game Night: This Saturday starting at 8pm. There will be pizza, chips and soda. Please bring your friends.

CIF Tasks: If you have not already done so, please sign up for ZDC, Tech Staff or Kitchen Staff. If you want to be the floor representative for COG, you are exempt from these tasks. Please tell board if you want to do this as soon as possible.

Kitchen: Please keep the kitchen tidy. Clean up after yourself if you make food and do not litter the counters with your belongings.

Board Election: We are holding an election next Friday at 5pm to fill the Community Relations position. So far, Kevin Huie and David Glasser have accepted nominations. If you want to throw your hat into the ring, please inform board.

CIFnic: Date and time TBA. We are getting Dinosaur BBQ at a cost of around $6 per person. Location is GVP unless the weather is bad, in which case it will be held on floor.

CIFgiving:¬†On 11/20, exact time and location TBA. It’s a potluck, so bring food or else you can’t eat.

Dues: Pay them by September 30th. If you can not pay dues, please inform board in a timely fashion