Public Traditions

CIF hosts numerous activities that non-members of the University community are welcome to take part in!

Board Game Nights

CIF hosts biweekly game nights with plenty of board games and occasionally food. They’re a great way to spend time with friends on floor and bond over a game of Catan or murder all your friends in Secret Hitler! Game nights are open to the public and are even themed (sometimes). Everyone is welcomed!

Formal Game Night 2014

Video Game Nights

Video game nights occur more infrequently than board game nights in the CIF lab. We battle it out using our CRTV system over our immense game library and also allow using our VR headsets for single player gaming during this time. Come join us in Anderson’s basement for fun, but not food (we banned food from our lab).

 Minecraft Battle Royales

Inspired by the popular competitive gamemode UHC, CIF has developed its own robust plugin for its Battle Royale events. Spawn in a typical Minecraft world with one goal: be the last one standing. Run from the deadly world border and from the harassment of mobs. Explore enormous caves in the hopes that risk will truly yield reward. Everyone is welcome! See our discord for more information!

Private Traditions

CIF also hosts activities that are only open to CIF members and alumni. It’s nothing against non-members!

Formal Game Night

Just like any other game night, except with catered food, alumni, and a dress code. Members of CIF get to make connections with alumni all while enjoying great food and gaming it out.


CIFnic is a semesterly picnic for members of CIF to get together and enjoy grilled food and fresh air. It’s also a great opportunity to meet CIF alums.

CIFnic Fall 2013


CIFgiving is our annual Thanksgiving feast, where members come together to provide great food and have a good time before the break.


Minecraft Server

Our current Minecraft server is , so join in if you have the time! It is a semi-cooperative Skyblock world on har ddifficultly. We occassionally do other Minecraft events including a Battle Royale.

CIF Minecraft