Donations & Donors

If you are interested in making a donation to CIF, pleaseĀ contact board.

Past Donors

Nate Hart and Family

Donated webcams, computers, cleaning supplies, speakers and other assorted hardware. Also purchased air purifiers for the lab and helped clean the floors and furniture.

Dena Rothman

Donated a tower and monitor for the lab.

Dan Bartkowski

Donated parts and accessories to create an on-floor computer for guests.

Jack Andersen

Donated a Quest 2 VR Headset.

Bryan Jacobs, Isaac Richter, and John Brimlow

DonatedĀ ourĀ server Atlas with the money Isaac and John paid for shipping.

Michael Maskalans of the University Alumni and Advancement Center

Donated a whole new set of lab computers, several monitors, and more.

Hoss Firooznia, Andrew Frueh, and Carl Filler

Made various donations of old computer systems to the lab.

Barnes Computing Center

Rush Rhees Library

Special thanks to Dean Ron Dow and Richard Hayden, for a nice laser printer.

University Facilities & Services

Special thanks to Janet Aronhalt.

University IT

Donated many Mac and PC systems and accessories, our roundtable server, countless hours of tech support, and innumerable other contributions. Special thanks to Christina Plummer, Justin Turner, Tony Lenzo, Joe Pasquarelli, and Berthenia Coltrane.

UR Department of Computer Science

Donated SPARC systems, old card access software, and other contributions. Special thanks to Chris Brown, Professor of Computer Science, for his donation of an iMac.

Peter Zschau

Donated a generous $2500 towards lab improvements. So far, we have purchased a 100Base-TX ethernet switch, ethernet cable, and other lab supplies with Mr. Zschauā€™s help.

Center for Integrated Research Computing (CIRC)

Donated a HBA controller in Spring 2020. In Fall 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, donated three dell servers to support our service for remote members. Special thanks to Carl Schmidtmann for both of these contributions

Student Association

Residential Life

Granted us our floor and lab!


Donated two Cisco 1900 switches, network support, and bandwidth.