Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

September 9th, 2018

Board meeting Minutes September 9th

Attendees: Isabel Anderson, Linda Vasavong, Josh Cohen, Tommy Hanson, Andrew Soborowski, Austin Varela, Cole Miller

  • Board has discussed super single constitution changes
  • We had great attendance at the tech seminar and GIM
    • Continue tech seminars in Douglass
  • Board is still working on the budget
  • Board has discussed moving in our new member
  • Board has set dates for all our events
    • CIFGiving will be November 17th
    • Game Nights will be Oct 20th, Nov 10th, Dec 8th
    • Tech Seminars will be Oct 21st, Nov 11th, Dec 8th
    • Movie Nights will be Sept 22nd, Oct 6th, Nov 17th, Dec 1st
    • One shot Night Oct 27th
  • Board will try to reach out to other groups to cosponsor events
  • Computer Interest fire and social will be this Friday at 7 at the Jackson Court fire pit
  • Board has discussed buying Secret Hitler and Wii remotes
  • Board has discussed dues and participation points
  • Board has discussed the card reader and is working on a fix

September 2nd, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes 9/2/2018

Attendees: Isabel Anderson, Linda Vasavong, Ethan Otto, Mike Herman, Tommy Hanson, Josh Cohen, Austin Varela, Andrew Soborowski, Aaron Goldin, Boyu Zhang, Josh Coppola, Josh Hyde, Clara, Dan Cohen


  • Board has conducted an interview with Boyu Zhang (Chris) and we welcome him as our newest associate member
  • Board has conducted an interview with Josh Coppola and we welcome him as our newest full member
  • Josh will be moving into Adamm’s old room
  • Board has set the participation point quota to 22
  • Appointed position points and duties have been decided
  • Tech update: Mailing lists fixed, software worked on
  • Room reserved for tech seminar
  • Board will try to reach out to intro CSC classes to advertise for tech seminar
  • Board has set the agenda for floor meeting
  • Board is still selling shirts
  • Board will set dates for the movie and game nights next week


August 26th, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes – August 26, 2018

Attendees: Isabel Anderson, Linda Vasavong, Tommy Hanson, Andrew Soborowski, Josh Cohen, John Sterritt


  • Board has discussed a members request and the appropriate response
  • Board has discussed possible constitutions to housing points
  • Board has discussed possible changes to the Nauticock award
  • Board has discussed possible changes to housing conflicts
  • Board has discussed adding a pre-probation warning to the discipline process
  • Board has discussed some final logistics with our current constitution
  • Board has discussed changes to participation points and appointed positions
  • Board has planned our first game night and tech seminar for September 8th
    • Tech Seminar will be 2-3 in Douglass 401
    • Game night will be CIF themed at 8
    • Will have a general interest meeting before at 7:30
  • Board has discussed updating the mailing list
  • Board has discussed a floor bonding event for September 15th

Floor Meeting Minutes

September 2nd, 2018

Floor Meeting Minutes 9/2/18

  • Board is reviving the constitution and welcomes feedback on
    • Housing point adjustments for super singles
    • Adjustments to the discipline system to add options for low level infractions
    • Explicitly allowing seniors to win the Nauticock award and allowing people to vote for no-one
    • Adding the option to have a formal agreement between two parties
  • Participation point codenames are due by next floor meeting to Andrew (
  • Board has set the participation point quota for 22
    • We will be giving more points for help to plan events and similar things
    • We will be more lenient with the quota this semester as we transition to a higher total
  • Appointed positions
    • Kitchen Goddess – make sure the kitchen is clean – Ethan Otto – 3
    • Hall Council Rep – Attend hall council meetings, worth 4 points
      • More info when we know when meeting times are
    • Paparazzi – Take pictures of all our events – Clara – 2
    • King of Games – Take care of games on game nights – Ian Pope – 2
  • Game night next Saturday at 8 on floor, CIF themed, GIM beforehand at 7:30
  • Tech seminar Saturday in Douglass 401 2-3 on Unix Command Line
  • Bonding Event on the 15th in Jackson court fire pit, time TBA
  • Tommy will send out a movie night poll
    • No Princess Bride, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Spacejam, Spaceballs, Incredibles
  • Board is planning a one-shots night, may co-sponsor with AIF or MIF
  • Dues are $25 and are payable to Andrew in cash or floor donations, by next Floor meeting
  • We are selling nice shirts for $10 or old shirts for $2
  • We will work on getting CIF themed laptop stickers
  • Suitmate agreements will be handed out soon™ and will be due by next floor meeting
  • If you haven’t talk to Zane to finish room inspections, please do