Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

September 25th, 2022


Attended by Keegan, Alex, Craig, Sarah, Kestor, Richard, Ronin, Alexa (delegate from Video Game Dev Club), 


  • Video Game Dev Club
    • Video game design
    • It doesn’t require coding experience
    • Variety of skills
    • Lack of experience in 3d modeling or programs like adobe
      • Workshops to help train members
      • Trying to do Studio X collab for 3d modeling
      • Want to know about video game design
      • Game jam plans for October “Spooktober”
    • Can probably get CIF people able to participate in game jam
    • Maybe we can get CIF people with game design experience
    • Sarah knows about web game development
    • When would this happen? Where?
      • Rettner 201, Fridays 5-6PM (General member meetings)
      • Game Jam ends Oct 31st 
    • Have them co-sponsor Halloween game night?
      • They also want a social activity
      • Mario Kart tournament
    • Keegan will help Alexa get on the Discord server to help coordination
    • Agree to mutually advertise events
  • Minecraft Night Recap
    • Lot of participation went well
    • Anything to improve?
      • Craig thinks not worth doing much more in the way of advertising
      • Nice to have smaller events mainly for CIF
  • Tech Seminar Recap
    • Pretty well
    • Half civ members half nonmembers
    • 7 attendance (or maybe 8-9?)
    • Filled up requested room
    • May need bigger rooms
    • Presentation
      • Better security
      • More stuff about using C
      • More focus on 173, 252 students for advertising
      • Be more forceful in advertising
  • Community tech projects/specific teaching 
    • Potentially allow code review, server space for personal project
    • Craig and Alex will communicate over this week to consider these possibilities
  • Sarah mentions existing ideas to broaden tech seminars
    • Sarah offers to direct tech seminar
    • Alex suggests enabling members to participate in forwarding CIF events
    • Quasi return of CIFx talks
    • Ask people what they want to see
  • Alex brings up making some sort of way to structure CIF funds
  • Announcing to members that they can propose ideas to board
    • Seeding a culture of participation, hopefully allow people to have more experiences, and more involvement 
    • Craig says having the Lab/used more will help
  • Nate appointed Kitchen Goddess
  • Dues 
    • Elana will be paying on the 2nd
    • Keegan needs to give in 
    • 7 full members haven’t paid and are not currently being expected to pay in the near future or otherwise not accounted for
    • Need to make sure all floor members are accounted for
  • Alex questions why non-paying members get dropped to friends of CIF and not associate
    • Would have to amend the constitution to change that, maybe for another day
  • Important to notify non-paying members that they will lose their status if they don’t pay and don’t contact board
  • Participation points sheet
    • Got names of people at Activities Fair
    • Craig will add the sheet to the website
    • Oct. 16th – Keegan will message people under half of points quota 
    • Records important for E4E
  • Nikhil, Sarah, Cole nominated themselves so far
  • Firepit training 30th
    • Sarah
    • Samson
    • General reminder
  • Will need to get smores materials for Friday
  • Chips for game night
  • Keegan estimates about a $35-40 for pizza for 12 people
    • We could cover multiple game night
  • Salvatore’s
  • Craig will see if Hillside has s’mores material and if not we will need to get them elsewhere 

September 18th, 2022

  • Jack and Sara, are also here
  • NSBE went really well, would like to do again and more formalized
  • We are set to go for the Smores – Fire training will be on the 30th earlier in the day
  • Hopefully tabling Thursday
  • Movie night dead for the moment, WCSA killed it, Keegan is looking for other options/ideas like the 29th
    • Sarah might have a professor who could host for the 22nd
    • Craig suggests pushing it back to the next week to get more time to advertise it
  • We will try to get AIF on board for Minecraft Night co-event on Friday
  • Holding off discussion with video game club because e-board all got the flu and are incapacitated; should be good for next week
  • No idea who tried to get into the lab before the vandalism, will send info to ResLife and report on the lab access vandalism and poster vandalism 
    • Have the ID
  • Not a lot we can do outside of the lab security-wise
  • Proposed budget presented by Keegan
  • Need to collect the rest of dues
    • Craig double-checked and failure to pay dues drops you down to Friend of CIF status
Item/ Subitem Budgeted Fall Present Year
Game Nights $125
Game Library $50
Other Events $50
Tech $500
Kitchen $50
Misc $150
Prorated Dues $0
Total $925
Expected Dues: $800
Dues Collected:
Dues Rollover:
Beginning of the Semester Balance: $1,242.55
Expected balance at the End of the Semester: $1,117.55
End of the Semester Balance:
Treasury Net Change:
  • Dandyhacks
    • They seem to want us to participate
    • Tech Seminar on GitHub on October 15th
    • Presumably they’d be getting us the room with a projector or display
  • Keegan will make the poll for Alumni planning to attend Mel weekend 
  • Craig update
    • Lab computers don’t have Ethernet connection
    • Regular event to work on the lab on Friday mornings (tentatively)
  • Keegan needs help uploading minutes to the website
  • Participation points spreadsheet will be handled by Keegan
  • Floor meeting agenda:
    • Upcoming events
      • Mel Weekend
      • Minecraft Night on Friday 8-late, IP on Discord
      • Tech Seminar on Saturday at 2-3PM Douglass 302
      • Next floor meeting on Oct. 2nd
      • UHC movie night canceled
    • Dues (mention at beginning), collect at the end
    • Nomination for SecTres election – short and no details
    • Ask if anyone wants to be kitchen goddess and

September 11th, 2022

  • Sarah was also here + all the board + Kate
  • Interview went well
  • Keegan leveraging connections to do tabling
  • Alex wants to buy sound system for $170 that anybody should be able to use, make lab media accessible 
  • Alex suggests referring someone to CIF who joins the floor to get housing points, maybe already a thing? Need to check constitution
  • Elana points out that the constitution is now more easily amended
  • Elana wants to ask membership about what they would like to see change, taking advantage of new constitutional procedures 
  • Craig’s tech mentorship concept
  • More movie nights
  • Keegan is Kitchen Goddess
  • Jack is Flyboy
  • Emy, Kestor is SysAdmin
  • Kento membership, but wants to be a member? To be Social Media Czar
    • Alex and Sarah also volunteer to participate to make content and such
  • Need someone to be Game Master
    • Re-advertise
    • Keegan as interim
  • Lab Lord – ask Kestor if he’d rather do this or SysAdmin
  • Co-sponsorships
    • Thursday, 7pm this week is the NSBE
  • Minecraft night pushed back September 23rd
  • Tech Seminar should be good to go
    • Just need to distribute flyers
  • Need for for alumni attending meliora weekend
    • For housing arrangements if they want to crash on floor
  • Elana suggests getting long term contact info from graduating people, alumni so their info is up-to-date
  • Fire training so we can requisition the fire pit 
  • Alex offered to use his off campus house if necessary but probably wouldn’t be as easy 
  • Keegan doing tabling, doctor’s appointment conflict maybe, see if other people are interested
    • Keegan can do 11am-1pm Thursday if he is available

September 4th, 2022



Board Meeting Attendance: Craig McIlwrath, Keegan Matthews, Ronin Ross, Kestor Brown, Sarah O’Connor, Elana Elman, David Tang, Lyrica

  • Recap: Activities Fair
    • Good turn out of volunteers
    • At least a dozen who turned out, with 15+ people seemingly interested
      • A sizeable number scanned the QR code, didn’t join
      • 4 emails of new people plus Michael (who is a regular
    • Nat asked to be lowered to associate membership
    • All and all, this was a positive for CIF – we got on a lot of people’s radars, good foundation to build off of for the coming weeks
  • Recap: Game Night
    • Attendance and duration were good 
    • Advertising will improve numbers, but all and all for the short notice, we did quite well
    • Should have a video game suite for future game nights
    • Individual snacks is another thing to add
    • Lyrica says hi
  • Great Pasta Debate
    • An ongoing struggle for the soul of cuisine
  • Appointed Positions
    • Flyboy/Flygirl – Ronin and Keegan emergency backups
    • CIS Admin – Sarah and Kestor are interested
    • Game King
    • Kitchen Goddess
    • Social Tsar – We need to update our recruitment materials badly, we don’t have access to the Facebook group, will need to get that from Lloyd
    • Lab Lord – Lyrica has offered to do so
    • Posters – Offer individual points (1 point per poster)
      • Unanimous in favor
  • Cosponsorships
    • National Society of Black Engineers – They want to cosponsor an event Thursday in order to further introduce ourselves with them; this is a good
    • UHC/House of Marsha – We think the 22nd would work best for CIF, could use the lab in short notice
    • Video Game Development – Keegan will contact their president to see what they want to do
    • URSGA – We should cosponsor a game night with them, potentially for the Halloween Game Night
      • We used to suggest board games to purchase, might want to do an informal
    • AIF – We should Minecraft night with AIF, Keegan will coordinate with their president to gauge interest in one on the 15th of September
  • Interview Planning
    • We need to send out an email to Krish Jain
    • Date Planning: 7:30pm, next Sunday
    • Craig will print out a poster
  • Tabling
    • We need to start ASAP
    • Tuesdays and Wednesdays alternating by weekly (this week is Wednesday)
    • Keegan will do it Wednesday with one other
  • Tech Seminar
    • Intro to Unix is the topic
    • Craig will make a short description and modify the poster, to be sent in the board chat for Elana
    • Elana will reach out to professors about advertising, particularly Professor Ferguson ASAP
  • Craig’s Tech 
    • To be discussed next week
  • Dates
    • Dues by the 18th
    • Codenames ASAP
  • Responsibilities
    • Craig: Preparing posters and sheet for new members
    • Ronin: Putting up the tech seminar on CCC, tabling, and organizing events

Floor Meeting Minutes

September 4th, 2022

  • asic introductions
  • Appointed position nominations:
    • Kitchen Goddess – keep floor kitchen clean: Keegan
    • Flyboy – distributes flyers across campus: Ronin, Jack
    • Sysadmin –  help Craig: Emeryson, Kestor
    • Social Media Czar – runs social media, gets up to date recruitment visuals: Kento
    • Game Master – handles board games for game night: Keegan
    • Lab Lord – cleans lab: Kestor
    • 1 point per poster created on an individual basis: Emy, Ryan, David
  • Dues
    • 25$ this semester
    • Due by the 18th
  • Codenames also due by the 18th
  • Need volunteers for tabling
    • 1 participation point per tabling session
    • Ideally one old and one new member
    • Word of mouth is also helpful for recruitment
  • More members increases fun!!!
  • Form for tabling by tomorrow (?)
  • Events coming up:
    • Cosponsored event with Nat’l Society of Black Engineers
      • Douglass Leadership House – Frat Quad
      • Good way to introduce yourself to a peer group
    • Minecraft night
    • Open to everyone
    • 15 point quota this semester 
    • Tech Seminar on the 24th on Unix, Douglass 302
    • House of Marsha, 2nd, Movie Night on Alan Turing
  • Next board meeting next Sunday, etc.