Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

September 8th, 2020

Attendees: Casey A’Hearn, Isabel Anderson, Josh Coppola, Elana Elman, Emersyn Harris, Jason Katzner, Lloyd Page, Jack Yu

Important topics covered: Participation points, the future of Help@CIF, event scheduling: First game night is September 19th from 8 PM to late PM


    • Housekeeping of moving all the CIF-affiliated emails to the appropriate people, informing ResLife/CCC/IT of new board
    • RA needs to verify election results–easier than other years due to CCC
    • Membership interview for Adarsh Kumar–scheduling through timezones
      • Will be between 10 AM and 3 PM EDT
      • When2meet–Saturday at 1 PM if that works for Adarsh
  • Participation points
      • No quota this semester
      • Still will have a sheet with names and such
      • Helpful for new members to get an idea of what level of participation is required in future semesters
      • Also might come into play for breaking housing point ties
    • Minutes will be posted on the CIF website again
      • Isabel will potentially be retroactively posting old minutes
  • Help@CIF
      • Direct people to Discord
      • Limited in-person help–maybe outdoors?
    • Lab
      • We have lab access! Only two people allowed at a time
  • Scheduling events–all events will be labeled with EDT/GMT or UTC – [time difference]
      • DandyHacks–need someone to give a talk/run a workshop
        • Isabel could give a talk on introductory LaTeX
        • October 23rd-25th
      • Business Academic Council
        • How to use gmail for business majors
        • They would like the event in mid-September
        • Not our typical audience, but name recognition is good
        • Will discuss further next week
      • CIF event idea–intro to Google Sheet/codename shenanigans
        • Sheets and Shenanigans
        • Run by Jason
        • Next Saturday 9/12 @ 8 PM
      • Game nights
  • First game night on September 19th, 8 to late as usual
        • In the Discord, different games in each channel
        • Announce what games are available
        • Online versions of board games, computer games, MMORPGs
        • Send out a poll asking members if they have relevant games (Among Us, JackBox, etc.) and if they’re willing to host the games
        • We have server space for games if necessary
      • Future game nights
        • Roughly once a month for regular game nights (October 17th, November 21st)
        • Other weeks could be casual game nights, or collaborations with SIHs, or any other events we can think of
    • Jack has an idea for the game Taboo, but with guessing food and over voice chat
    • Event with GreenSpace about ewaste, potentially, since we have a lot of old servers
      • Sadly, we do not have access to the tent
      • Can be distanced and irl or virtual
        • Maybe a seminar about recycling co-led by CIF and GreenSpace–easy to make virtual
      • Elana will reach out to GreenSpace to find people who are knowledgeable about e-waste
      • Will consult with them further/table the discussion until later since the food trivia event is more fleshed out
    • Tech seminars
      • 171/172 review session for midterms/finals
      • Ideas: Intro to R, intro to Google Sheets, intro to Lisp
      • If you have other ideas, let us know!
      • The email and LaTeX workshops will also count
      • Already had one yesterday about how to do CS in college
    • CIFx talks
      • Do them when there aren’t floor meetings
      • In the calendar, but let board know about topics so we know to announce the events
  • Do we want to switch to CCC?
    • Potentially, for cleaner-looking emails
    • Somewhat low priority for now
    • Casey and Emersyn will look into transferring the mailing list to CCC
  • Jack needs to update the tech wiki

Floor Meeting Minutes

No floor minutes have been posted for the fall semester of 2020.