Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

February 19th, 2017

Board Meeting Minutes 2/19/17
• We’d like to welcome Tanamaya Dahiya, Kelly Cheung, Sifan Ye, and Austin Vorda as our newest full members!
• Floor meeting has been planned.
• The housing packet has been discussed.
• Board has discussed expanding the visibility of Help@CIF
• Board has approved the budget for the Spring 2017 semester.

February 12th, 2017

• Meeting minutes have been updated on now that the website is fully functional.
• Appointed positions
o Steven Broida is our Kitchen Goddess
o Shelby Young is our Paparazzi
o John Sterritt is our Hall Council Representative
o Daniel Stegink is our King of Games
o Sara Shore, Daniel Stegink, and Josh Hyde are our ZDC
o Daniel Stegink, Steven Broida, Adrian Go, and Sara Shore are our Help@CIF team
o Matthew Hochberg, Marc Halbritter, and Douglas Timmons are our Pantheon of Cleanliness.
• Events
o Check the core for the SIH week sign-up sheet. Please remember that we have a maximum of 3 people at the table at all times.
o Our Smash Bros. event will be from 7:30-10 PM on the 24th in Hirst Lounge, likely cosponsored with WRUR.
o Our next Game Night will be this Saturday, it will be Singles Awareness Day themed.
o Our first tech seminar of the semester will be this Saturday in Hylan 301 at 2. It will be basic UNIX again.
o There will be a RvB showing at 9 in Projector Suite tonight.

February 5th, 2017

• Final changes to the constitution have been made.
• Upcoming events were discussed.
• Inventory was taken on Smash Bros supplies and other things.
o Server improvements have been planned for the lab.

January 29th, 2017

• There will be a RWBY showing at 9 tonight in Projector Suite.
• Nominations for appointed positions besides Kitchen Goddess will be done at our next floor meeting.
• Marc will be working on scheduling our large Smash Bros. tournament. There will be catering and a prize with a small entry fee (likely going to be $2/person). Possibly cosponsoring with WRUR. We will also be looking at bringing multiple monitors in order to have a separate set-up to play Melee on the side.
• Reflection on CIF Game Night – very successful.
• Board is looking at the possibility of planning LAN parties in the lab, most likely going to playing old-school FPS games like Quake. Tech people will be looking at what may be required to run this.
• Reminder to send in your participation points codenames and submit your dues to me by next floor meeting (2/5). If I am on floor, I will likely be in my room or in Comfy Suite.
• Lab updates: Windows 7, Libra Office, and many programming suites have been installed on all computers in the lab. We will likely be adding InkScape soon to make posters in the lab in the future.
• SIH week: we will be tabling on 2/13, 2/14, and 2/16.
• Our first tech seminar will be on 2/18. It will be our basic UNIX tech seminar. Please send us suggestions for tech seminar topics if you have any.
• Board has expressed interest in getting Safe Space training, if possible, for CIF.

January 22nd, 2017

• Aliases on the mailing list are now functioning as intended
• Board has reviewed the constitution to be proposed at the floor meeting
• Floor meeting has been planned.

Floor Meeting Minutes

February 19th, 2017

• Events
o Smash Bros will be this Friday, Feb 24, from 7:30-10:00 in Hirst. It will be a free event, drop in/drop out.
o We will be having RvB showing after the meeting.
o We will be having a movie screening in Projector Suite next week. Check your emails for a poll.
o We are attempting to bring back CIFPlays. Email John with any ideas for Let’s Plays you would to have. Please do not suggest anything that is either X-rated or you know that nobody has this in their Steam library.
• We will be having our housing meeting in a few weeks, likely after Spring Breakf. Please be aware.
• Ben has discussed various updates that have happened or will happen in the lab such as card reader improvements and improvements to the AV system.
o If you are trying to get into the lab and the card reader beeps three times multiple times in a row upon swiping your card, please contact either Ben or Daniel to fix the reader as that means it will not let anyone in.

February 5th, 2017

• The Constitution has been approved by a majority of full members and will now be in effect. The new constitution is not the final version, as there will be changes that will only change grammar and spelling within the constitution, not content.
• Josh Cohen has officially been sworn in as the new Tech Services Director.
• Appointed Positions Nominations
o Kitchen Goddess: Steven Broida (Already appointed)
o Paparazzi: Shelby Young
o Hall Council Representative: Matt Hochberg, John Sterritt
o King of Games: Daniel Stegink
o ZDC: Sara Shore, Daniel Stegink, Josh Hyde
o Help@CIF: Daniel Stegink, Steven Broida, Adrian Go, Sara Shore
o Pantheon of Cleanliness: Matthew Hochberg, Marc Halbritter, Douglas Timmons
• Special Interest Housing Week is coming up. Tabling will be on 2/13 from 4-7 in Hirst and it is our main way of advertising CIF. There will be a sign-in sheet posted on the mural soon. There will be tabling on 2/15 and 2/16 as well in Sue B.
o We will be having Singles Awareness Day as a part of SIH Week where we will be distriubuting chocolate and grape juice.
• We will be holding a Smash Bros tournament some time the week of the 19th in Hirst lounge.
• Eresh Halpert Rhodis will be joining floor, welcome!
• CIF strongly suggests that all suites look at their suite agreements to reflect new members of suites.

January 23rd, 2017

• Nominations
o The nominations for Kitchen Goddess are: Matthew Hochberg, Steven Broida, and Marc Halbritter
o The nominations for Tech Services Director are: Josh Cohen
• Dues are $25 for the semester. They are due to by the next floor meeting. If you are unable to pay dues for whatever reason, please see me (Matt Dershowitz) as soon as possible to let me know. Also remember that we may accept donations of technology or other items that will benefit CIF as a substitute for dues.
• Participation points codenames are due by the next floor meeting.
• The new constitution has been presented to the membership and has been unanimously approved for introduction. The vote of ratification will be next floor meeting. The edited version of the constitution will be sent out for review.
• Special Interest Housing week begins on February 13th. Please email Marc or John about volunteering.