Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

March 26th, 2023

Attendance: Jack, Craig, Ronin, Keegan, Samson, Nate, Fenway, Tristan, Winter, Vik, Krish

Lab Improvement:

  • Stripped one of the desk top computers for replacement as it was consuming RAM.
  • Graphics Computer Device work. Discovered that a battery needed replacement.
  • Attempted to get the Alienware to start with SSDs, did not, took out the battery. Likely will buy a replacement soon.
    • Next steps
    • Setup a reverse proxy for the CIF website, allows for websites to exist separate from the university avoiding having to go through IT.

Gym Night:

  • Unsuccessful.
  • Time was changed to 7:30PM from 9PM


  • Cover sheet due in 2 weeks.
  • Covers housing meeting info.
  • Upcoming Game nights.


  • 3, all successful.
  • All interviewees were looking for housing frankly far too late.


  • Will be made public.

Cage Key:

  • Returned.

Formal Game Night & CIFNic:

  • Hard Deadline for RSVP Form: Tuesday Night.

Housing Meeting:

  • Failed to get the suite.
  • Required action find seniors willing to get through to lottery to acquire the suite.
  • Still attempt to convince RL to give the suite.
  • Plan:
    • Investigate Kestor’s viability in the Suite Heist.
    • Should Kestor not be a viable option:
      • Put Craig in the 334 Lottery with the condition that the person who takes his the 344 room will switch out with him regardless or not if the suite is captured.
      • Wednesday Night Deal with people who have not guaranteed housing.
    • Turns out Kestor is viable.

Nauticock Attendance Additions:

  • Pull request has been made.

March 19th, 2023

Attendance: Keegan, Samson, Kestor, Craig, Ronin, Sarah, Jack, Fenway


  • Lab Improvement – Late but done. Worked on the terminal.
    • Craig worked on getting the Minecraft server hosted on Pterodactyl
  • Gym Night – Went well, unexpectedly high turn out.
  • Simcon Minecraft Event – We did everything required. URSGA.

Board Game Night:

  • All Nintendo switch gaming.
    • Attendance likely stifled by Simcon.

E3 Draft:

  • Non member attendance would be helpful.
  • Email Ella about various information about the floor. Separate from other housing submissions, informal.


  • Studying abroad:
    • Talk to Reslife.
    • Precedent: Member gets room after returning from study.
  • Requested double was not given.
    • Reason not given.
    • Approach Reslife about the situation.
    • Ask RA
  • Angie leaving
  • Spots to fill 18
    • 21 Currently interested.


  • Three in Queue
    • Mostly due to slow response times.
  • One today.

Formal Game Night:

  • Food not decided yet, cost not calculated.
    • Likely sticking with sticky lips.
  • Forms sent to alumni.

Tech Seminar:

  • Automation in Python:
    • Not yet planned.
    • Location not determined.
    • Hosted either by Fenway or Craig.
    • Decided to push back 2 weeks via Board vote
      • April 8th around 2-3PM
      • Allows preparation and further advertising.


  • Poster War for the tech sem.
  • Might be a good idea to create some sort of CIF poster competition.

Floor Meeting Plans:

  • Mention formal game night and CIFnic.
  • No longer dealing with the Tech Seminar.

Housing Meeting Plans:

  • Explain housing blocks.
  • Do housing allocation.

Nauticock Attendance Additions:

  • Needs to be pushed.
  • Added various commands, see read me when updated.

Discord Photos Channel:

  • Cifotos will be enacted.

Board Meeting Times changed to 8-9PM

March 1st, 2023

Interview Attendance: Jack Andersen, Keegan Matthews, Ronin Ross, Craig McIlwrath, Rory Brennan-Jones, Kestor Brown, Winter Nakhea, Fenway Powers, Tristan Gamard, Samson Tsegai, Nate Angafor 

  • Interview Minutes
    • Name: Winter Nakhwa
    • How They Heard of Us: Primarily Tabling (pointed to tabling by Tristan)
    • Interest Level of Membership:  Full Membership
    • Vote: Unanimous Yes

February 27th, 2023

Interview Attendance: Keegan Matthews, Rory  Brennan-Jones, Fenway Powers, Jack Andersen, Craig McIlwrath, Ronin Ross, Joshua Schiavi, Sarah O’Connor

  • Interview Minutes
    • Name: Joshua Schiavi
    • How They Heard of Us: Researching Universities, looked up Special Interests Floors in the school.
    • Interest Level of Membership: Full Membership
    • Vote: Unanimous Yes

Floor Meeting Minutes

March 1st, 2023