The Computer Interest Floor is a Special Interest Housing Group meaning that we are allocated a specific amount of rooms to fill with CIF members. Members are not required to live on floor but it is greatly encouraged and comes with benefits.

CIF will have a Housing Meeting on Sunday March 24th at 9:00PM, there we will allocate housing for the Fall semester. CIF is required to submit the housing allocations on March 29th. Consider March 28th the last possible day you could get CIF housing. Failure to get Special Interest Housing will not impact your standing in the university housing lottery, there’s no downsides to trying to get CIF housing. Only CIF members can participate in CIF housing so if you are not a member you must fill out this simple form and have an in person interview with the CIF EBoard, everyone is welcome regardless of major!

Why Live on Floor?

Living on floor is both convenient and beneficial, many CIF events occur on Anderson 3 or in the CIF lab in Anderson’s basement, living on floor gives easy access to these events. CIF also has its own kitchenware and furniture that is maintained with the dues members pay. Proximity to other members is especially useful when sharing the same classes.

Escape The Housing Lottery

CIF’s housing system is completely separate from the university’s housing lottery. Members choose their rooms in order of greatest housing points. Housing points are earned in a variety of ways including:

You can see the full point system here

Where and What is CIF Housing?

CIF is currently located on the 3rd floor of Anderson Tower. This floor has 4 Suites, 4 center doubles, and a kitchen. Every suite has 4 singles and 1 double as well as its own lounge. In the Spring semester, CIF Board is responsible for requesting housing allocation. We currently control 3 Suites meaning we have 12 singles and 3 doubles fully occupied by CIF members. This semester (2024S), we have requested a fourth suite which will open up 4 more singles and another double, though failure to completely fill it will result in us losing the suite entirely.

What Room would you Get?

As of 4/5 CIF has filled all but one opening in a “male” double (there’s a guy in it). The deadline to submit our housing packet has also passed.

You can still apply to CIF to get housing here in the future. If an opening comes up, you will be contacted if you want to fill it.

Current openings: Double: 1