Board Members

The Executive Board is what keeps CIF up and running. They’re responsible for organizing our events, maintaining the lab, overseeing Help@CIF, and managing our funds. If you’re looking to co-sponsor an event with us or have a question about the lab or any of our other services, then Board is who you’ll want to get in touch with! Contact Board

Tommy Hanson


The chair of CIF is responsible for overseeing the rest of board and ensuring that CIF is living up to its expectations. Their duties include presiding over board and floor meetings, communicating with Residential Life, and serving as the primary contact for outside organizations.

Dan Cohen

Logistics Director

The logistics director is in charge of managing CIF’s social events, from public floor events to tech seminars and co-sponsored events. They also respond to all membership applications and coordinate the housing process in the spring semester.

Austin Varela

Tech Services Director

The tech services director is in charge of maintaining the lab and keeping it open as a comfortable public study space. They also oversee our Help@CIF service and coordinate tech seminars with the logistics director and tech maintenance director.

Joshua Coppola

Tech Maintenance Director

Our tech maintenance director is responsible for updating and caring for our servers. They also maintain the CIF network, keep the lab’s card reader in working order, and maintain the lab computers.

Jessica Wang


Our secretary-treasurer is responsible for monitoring CIF’s funds and keeping records of all meetings and events. Their duty is to collect member dues and produce a budget for each semester.

John Sterritt


Supreme Leader of CIF. Has complete control over the Executive Board, as well as the rest of CIF. Has final say on all matters constitution.