Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

December 9th, 2013

The lab computers that are no longer used by CIF will be donated to the KEY Program. Board has voted and approved the donation of the computers to Achieve at Binghamton.

Apocalypse Game Night will be this Saturday.

December 2nd, 2013

Sausage fest is this Friday. Apacolypse game night will be on the 14th.

Board interviewed Keith (from AIF) for membership. Board has voted him to be a full member.

The card reader to the CIF lab appears to be no longer functional and the lab might need to get a replacement.

November 14th, 2013

Board has interviewed Sam Brown for membership. Board has voted Sam to be a full member.

Board has also interviewed Molly Tsai for membership. Board has voted Molly to be a full member.

Anika wants the CIF lab to be cleaned up. CIF has formed a committee to meet with Anika before Thanksgiving. Clean-up will begin next semester. As of now, the committee is Doug, Tanner, Nate, Dena, and Tim.

CIF giving will be coming up soon. It’ll be on the Sunday before Thanksgiving in the recreation room in the Wilder basement.

Board has approved buying a new drum for the printer.

Room switching will be coming up soon. The deadline will be somewhere in early December. A few members will be moving off floor and more than half of the soccer suite will be studying abroad next semester.

November 11th, 2013

Board has approved $50 for sausage fest. Sausage fest will be on December 6.

Board has agreed to move alumni game night to the spring semester. When it will be will be up to the next board to decide.

There will still be game night in December, though it will not be alumni game night.

October 28th, 2013

The Brother printer will get a new drum.

The projector will be borrowed by ICLC on November 17. We will need someone to babysit the projector.

Tim will be tallying up the participation points and tell members whether they’re on or not on track towards meeting the required 14 points.

There will be a public and a private (or members-only) game night for the remainder for the semester. The public game night will be on November 16. The private game night is to celebrate the 30th anniversary of CIF and will be held during reading period.

Nominations for CIF elections will be on November 24. Elections will be held on December 8.

October 14th, 2013

There will be an AIF/CIF costume party on Halloween Game Night at 9 pm. There will be prizes for winning, though they have not been finalized yet.

Tech staff bought two power supplies with the $80 approved in the spring semester.

September 30th, 2013

Kyle has proposed a maize maze event. The event will be held somewhere in October. The exact date will be decided later.

Kyle and Terry have also proposed a “practice martial arts on snowmen” event. The event will be held much later in the semester, when there will actually be plenty of snow.

There will be a Sam Bloch one shot, though when this will be held is unknown.

The floor meeting will be held the Sunday after this coming Sunday. This weekend is fall break weekend, so not everyone will be around.

Yang has proposed a board game competition for Halloween Game Night.

The next tech seminar will teach on how to partition your hard drive and run on multiple operating systems (aka. dual boot).

Anyways, Dena, you should email Anika asking her if Sarah can be back in hall council.

September 16th, 2013

A lot of people than expected have not paid dues. Whoever hasn’t paid dues must pay dues soon.

The hardware seminar is coming this Sunday (9/22) at 2 pm. Doug will be leading the seminar.

The minimum requirement for participation points for this semester is 14 points. For those who are not familiar with the participation system, you must earn at least 14 participation points this semester in order to retain membership.

CIF is interested in doing one-shots per week. Each week, a different GM and system will be introduced in order to expose people to different systems (e.g. DND, BESM, etc.).

Floor Meeting Minutes

December 8th, 2013

One wall in the CIF lab will be painted in a color of floor’s choice. The suggested colors were steel blue (10 votes), blood red (2 votes), green (3 votes), navy blue (6 votes), and black (0 votes). Steel blue was the most voted color.

Elections were held today. The following candidates are:

  • Caitlin Udas and Claire Hotveldt for Chair.
  • Kyle Jensen and Alan Sharmuk for Logistics.
  • Nate Hart and Frank Tamburrino for Tech Services.
  • Nate Hart and Frank Tamburrino for Tech Maintenance.
  • Alan Sharmuk and Claire Hotveldt for Secretary/Treasurer.

The results are the following:

  • Caitlin for Chair.
  • Kyle for Logistics.
  • Frank for Tech Services.
  • Nate for Tech Maintenance.
  • Alan for Secretary/Treasurer.

November 10th, 2013

Nominations for elections have started today. CIF board needs a new chair, tech services, logistics, and secretary/treasurer. The nominees are as follows:

  • Kyle for logistics
  • Nate for tech services
  • Claire for chair
  • Caitlin for chair and/or secretary/treasurer
  • Alan for secretary/treasurer
  • YeJin for secretary/treasurer

People can make more nominations after the meeting.

CIFgiving will be on Sunday 24 in the recreation room in the Wilder basement.

The suggested themes for game night are dinosaurs (10), Aperture Science (14), Renaissance (11), Vahalla (9), Games of Thrones (9), Hungers (8), Enders (1), and bunny (1). The winner is Aperture Science.

There are problems with the scheduling of the alumni game night. One of the alumni has suggested moving it to the spring semester. Board will talk about tomorrow night on whether alumni game night should be moved to spring semester.

Anika wants the CIF lab to be cleaned. CIF has a committee who will work with Anika on cleaning up the lab starting next semester. Currently, the committee consists of tech staff and a few members of board. If anyone else wants to join, feel free to do so. Also, if anyone wants to claim certain items in the lab (e.g. furniture), do it before this semester ends.

There have been no updates regarding the elevator incident.

Paperwork for room changes is due in early December, so be sure to contact board in a timely manner. Also, the majority of the soccer suite is going be empty, which is an option for off-floor members.

October 27th, 2013

CIFgiving will be on the early afternoon of the Sunday before Thanksgiving. CIF will have a communal meal where everyone cooks various things. It will be held possibly in the community room in Wilder.

Kyle has pointed out that this year is the 30th anniversary of CIF and CIF should make an event celebrating this. The event will be for members and alumni.

October 13th, 2013

Anika Johnson has visited floor meeting. She is the new residential advisor of Jackson Court.

Halloween Game Night is coming up on October 26. Board is hoping to hold a Smash tournament on the same day.

Next tech seminar will be on the programming language Processing. It will be on October 20 at 2 pm.

The next hall council meeting will be on October 23 in O’Brien at 10:15 pm.

Tanner is planning on getting Hazmat suits for Halloween Game Night. The cost is between $7-9 per suit.

Kyle is planning on taking CIF to the maize maze on October 19. If anyone is willing to drive people to the maize maze, that would be awesome.

Sam will be running a DND 5th edition one-shot next weekend. Quinn is also planning on running a one-shot the weekend after. Email Sam and/or Quinn if you are interested with preferred times.

Dena is planning on doing a murder mystery dinner on Halloween.

September 22nd, 2013

Whoever did not pay dues by the deadline has been demoted to associate member. Associate members cannot vote nor can they attend CIF-only events. To regain full membership, schedule an interview with board. Board meetings are on Mondays at 8 pm.

Full members must earn at least 14 participation points for the semester. You get 1 point for attending events, 2 points for advertising, providing food, or decorating, and 3 points for starting an event.

Kyle and Caroline have proposed a tea tasting event for this coming weekend. This will be a CIF-only event.

Sam has proposed one-shot nights where people will rotate GMs and systems.

Next game night will be on the Saturday before Halloween. Floor has agreed for the theme to be Halloween game night.

September 2nd, 2013

Dues are $20 or 15 Uros for this semester. Anyone who lives on floor or is a full member has to pay dues. The deadline will be approximately 2 weeks from now, on the 14th. If you can’t afford dues, just talk to board. It can be reduced or waivered.

Steampunk was voted as the official theme for September’s game night.

Members must earn at least 14 participation points in order to retain their membership. They will earn 3 points for organizing events, 2 points for advertising events, and 1 point for attending events.

There are weekly board meetings and they are open to members. Feel free to stop by.

Hall council requires one person to serve in the council. It is particularly helpful if someone serves in hall council as it will be a good way for CIF to get some funding.

There are non-board positions. The positions are KEY master, webmaster, poster people, and kitchen goddess. Sydney has volunteered to be KEY master. Nate is webmaster. Abi and Caitlin have been nominated as poster people. Caroline has volunteered to be kitchen goddess.

The activities fair will be on the Sunday after classes start. It will be much appreciated if members help out with the tabling.

There are still a bunch of stuff in the lab. Please claim stuff so that the lab will be more tidy.