Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

December 1st, 2014

  • Rajat’s Interview
    • Acceptance for Full Membership
  • Kyle’s List:
    • Add Rajat to the member’s mailing list
    • Mandatory Meeting email
    • Events email
    • Rehearsal for CIF/MIF caroling email
  • Upcoming Events
    • Funday Monday Midnight Magic is tonight (and next Monday) (12/8)
    • One week from Friday is Game night (12/12)
    • CIF/MIF event on next Tuesday Night (12/9)
    • Ruby Seminar on Saturday at 2pm (12/6)
    • Floor Meeting on Sunday (12/7)
  • Today’s a good day to order things online!
    • Cyber Monday
    • Frank and Nate will order ink/toner online
    • And drives and such
    • $175 has been allocated
  • Jackson Court Hall Council still hasn’t given us our check
    • Caitlin is registering another complaint with Anika
    • We will be attending the meeting on Sunday at 7 en masse as a board
  • Floor Meeting Schedule
    • Events
      • CIF/MIF (12/9)
      • Game Night (12/12)
      • Sausagefest (12/13)
    • Quiet Hours During Reading Period
      • All hours quiet hours
    • Moving off floor? Let us know!
    • ITS Letter
    • Elections

November 24th, 2014

  • Nicole’s Interview
    • Approved for Associate Membership
  • Claire’s list
    • Carlos wants to help design more posters
    • Vincent wants to help post posters
    • Ruby and CIF/MIF posters
    • Alan will send Claire the poster design for what services CIF offers to be postered
  • Alan’s list
    • Send list to Carlos and Vincent
    • Send email to Not Vincent’s Neighbor and Late 6
  • General CIF posters are ready to be printed and posted!
    • 6 Generic posters and 2 screensaver posters
    • These will be printed and given to Claire for distribution by next board meeting
  • CIF/Drama House event
    • At Drama House at 4:00pm
  • Purchase more ink
    • Hall council is being slow, so we should buy some from our accounts
    • $115 for ink has been approved
  • Tech Staff meeting
    • Fixing up mailing list
    • Setting printer quotas
      • 20 pages a week which means 80 a month
      • Lower for color printing
    • Schedule for Unix workshop has been set up for next semester
      • Every other week starting from January 24
      • Schedule for basic topics has also been set up
      • Possibly see about getting the majors or minors lab
    • Possibly get a heavy curtain for damping around the cage
      • Frank and Nate will look into pricing
      • Although they may be against fire code
      • If so, we could apply plywood to the cage
      • Or foam blocks
    • Also mounting a projector
    • Also made list of what we do and sent to board
    • And a monitor to the wall to cover up the hole
    • Caitlin will ask Anika about stuff
    • 5 members in attendance
  • Create posters and plan for advertising for the tech seminar
    • Claire’s on it
  • Board Nominations Changes
    • Matt has denied his nomination to Tech Maintenance
  • At the moment, nobody has come to board about wanting to move off floor next semester
    • We should send an email about this around the next floor meeting
  • Elections meeting is MANDATORY – board must be notified with an appropriate reason if someone is missing
  • Frank is still looking at file cabinets
    • Tentative budget is $50
  • Budget is doing great this semester!
  • CIF/MIF Swissmas Festivus
    • Kyle will put it in the Weekly Buzz
    • Alan will send info about posters to Claire
    • Any temporary donations of hot water kettles would be greatly appreciated
    • MIF is providing the hot chocolate
    • Donating tea is also a thing!
  • Matt has proposed a game event for over Thanksgiving break
    • He will be holding it on Thursday at 4pm
    • Whether not it’s worth points will be decided at a later date
  • Possible Event Point Policies
    • Widely advertised events such as Game Night and such should be worth points
    • Large CIF events such as CIFGiving and CIFnic will be worth points
    • Floor meetings will be worth points
    • Tech Seminars and other tech-related events
      • Essentially if it can be argued that people are learning about technology from an event, then it would be worth points
    • Anything that contributes to CIF as an organization
      • Coordinated advertising events for example

November 17th, 2014

Board Meeting Minutes – November 17, 2014
• GamerGate Discussion with UR Feminists
o Tomorrow at 8pm in Haven’s Lounge
• Alan will send out ‘not enough points’ email
o Include a request to show up at the next board meeting to discuss
o If not at next board meeting then what time would work
• Kyle will send out an email to floor about people who plan to move off floor
• We should make better use of different levels of CIF membership
o Possibly have it bestow associate membership status and require them to attend events
o We will begin this starting with our next interviews
• Plan for CIFGiving morning
o Cannot reserve Wilder until the day of
o Caitlin will try to reserve it on Friday
o Worst case we can have it on floor
• Publicity problems
o We could dissolve Webmaster and distribute the duties to board members
o Most of CIF doesn’t know that we actually have a calendar to use
o We should also do a better job of distributing information about what services we offer
o We could have a real General Interest Meeting to tell people about these kind of things
o Whenever we send out emails to the events list, we could add a footer
o Also create a poster of just things we do/offer to post on floor and possibly elsewhere
o Nate and Frank will create said list of things by next meeting
o Weekly Buzz’s deadline is Tuesday and they send it out on Sunday, which means it needs to be done two weeks in advance
o Caitlin will send more things to Anika to put on Jackson Court’s Facebook page
o Kyle’s also been sending things to whatsisface in Hill Court
• Next board should create a list of tech seminars and what they are at the beginning of the semester
o We could send out an email to members to see what they want to see in these
o Also have them topics planned out at least a month in advance
o Talk to tech classes about the seminars/Unix classes and advertise them
• Sausagefest
o Woops!
o Now on Saturday December 13
• Artemis has moved to Game Night
o I.e. it is cancelled unless people specifically request Tanner to run it
• Things that should’ve been done by now
o Next Tech Seminar
 Nate will run the tech seminar that would’ve been done for the kids worst case scenario
 Possibly BIOS
 Or Ruby
 Definitely Ruby
o Mike’s Diner Trip on December 7
 Jim’s Restaurant Two
o Draft a thank you letter to ITS
 Everyone on CIF will sign
 Well, as many as possible
o Caitlin is coordinating with MIF about kitchens
• Games/Safe
o We don’t have a key to any of the filing cabinets
o Frank will check with ITS to see if anyone is getting rid of a filing cabinet
o If not then Frank will get a price for a cheap filing cabinet
• Caitlin will reserve the banner space for the next semester
o Or whoever the chair is – which will be Caitlin unless there is a vote of no confidence
o The banner needs to be fixed up
o Invite members to do this – Kyle will presumably do the thing with other people
• CIF/MIF SwissMas Festivus
o Frank will guard games
• CSUG responded to us
o They’d like to cosponsor an event in the spring
o We should set up a meeting between us and them soon
o We can schedule the meeting for after elections so old and new board can meet with them
o Presumably 12/13 – earlier in the day
• Ink/Toner issue
o Caitlin will pick up the check tomorrow and get it to Nate
o Frank will send toner info to Nate
• Alan will get fiscal info to board by next meeting
• Kyle’s duty list
o GamerGate
o CIFGiving
o Send Connor an email about the events, when they’re happening, and where for the rest of the semester
o Send email to Claire – include blurb about Artemis
o Also email to Claire with tech seminar stuff
• David’s Interview
o Accepted for Associate Membership with option to reinterview
• Meeting Adjourned!

October 20th, 2014

Board Meeting Minutes – October 20, 2014
* Sarah’s Interview
o Accepted!
o Kyle will apply her name to the member’s list
o Nate will magic her account
* AIF thinks having the anime showing in the lab sounds great
o For this week at least, Christie is willing to bring candy to the event
o Wednesday at 9pm
* Appointed position duties should be rethought
o For example, it has been proposed to move Facebook updating duties to the Webmaster
* This proposal has been passed
* Last week PS2 games and a PS2 were loaned to CIF. At the moment they are staying in Mike’s room.
o Frank, Nate, and Connor will try and set up a tech staff quest-type thing to ‘stand guard’ over the games
o The games will be in a lock-box that will have two keys – one for the King of Games and one for whoever is scheduled to at the time
* Mike will look for prices
o The PS2 will tentatively be placed behind in the cage where the power button can be hit but the games can’t be changed
* Maize Maze is happening this Sunday by before 2pm
o Contact Kyle about it – first come, first serve
* Tech Staff Seminar, Saturday at 1pm
* Firepit Event this Saturday at 7pm
* Susan has proposed a Tea-Tasting for next Saturday (11/1) at 3pm
o Approved for points
* Kyle sent out the email to alumni about CIFgiving. Hopefully they got it this time.
* Sydney has proposed a Haunted Hayride event this Sunday
o Unfortunately it is 45 minutes away, so Sydney has rescinded her proposal
* Spreading info via screensavers
o Frank has the format that we need to submit it in
o We can put up recruiting posters, CIF lab stuff, and tech helpdesk stuff as well as individual events
o Kyle will talk to Claire about getting a general poster made
* Mike wants to coordinate another CIF brunch in November on a Sunday
o November 9th leaving at noon
o Approved for points
* We got approved for tabling for Halloween Game Night!
o Friday before the game night (10/31) 2pm to 7pm
* Meeting Adjourned

October 18th, 2014

  • Noise Complaints
    • We have to institute a ‘doors close at midnight’ policy during the week and at 2 on the weekends
    • Board members will be sending out ways to contact them to the rest of floor in case of further complaints
  • Caitlin had her Special Interest Housing meeting
    • MIF has a new member orientation – maybe we should do something similar with a game night?
      • Probably an additional closed game night
      • Or something else
    • Also we should have a semesterly General Interest Meeting so people can actually learn more about us
      • Possibly more interactive, with icebreakers and such
  • Future events for October:
    • CIFnic – Sunday October 19 at 2:00 pm
    • Funday Monday Midnight Magic at 11:59 pm every Monday
    • We will be having a cohosted weekly event with AIF on Wednesdays at 9:00 pm
      • Tech-Oriented Anime stuff
      • Then possibly have it be in the lab for space
      • AIF could possibly provide food
      • Kyle will email Christie about it
    • This coming Saturday (10/25) is a tech seminar at 1:00 pm
      • Subject is ‘Utilizing Your CIF Account’
    • Same day is a cosponsored Firepit event starting at 7:00 pm
      • We’ll either have a projector set up outside or go into the lounge
    • On Sunday, October 26 we will have a trip to the Maize Maze at presumably 2:00 pm
  • Alan will send out an email to the appointed positions asking them for a description of their job
  • December Game Night has been amended to the 12th
  • Alyssa will ask Anika about replacing the big white board
  • We can print out a large calendar and get it laminated
    • We should have Claire make a quest
  • MIF cosponsored caroling/game night event
    • CIF members will be able to join in on caroling around Jackson Court before having hot chocolate in O’Brien
  • Quinn has suggested another Tea-Tasting event
  • Caitlin has suggested a ‘How to Communicate with your Roommate’ event starting next semester
    • Caitlin has an activity she can do with them
  • Caitlin met with Karen Ely
    • To get space, board should request it in October of the year before the year it is wanted
      • i.e. to get space for Fall of 2016, ask in October of 2015
      • We should also go about filling in doubles if we can
    • We should be sure to have an alternates list to present to Reslife
    • We should also try and make better note of who applies during the fall and during the spring
    • We could add an ‘exit poll’ type thing as to how board is doing, why they’re leaving, etc.
    • Reslife looks at 3-year history
  • We could possibly add a form of electronic voting
    • Frank and Nate will look into the logistics of it
    • They will do this by the 27th
  • Mike has apparently volunteered to cook the CIFgiving turkey
    • Kyle will talk with him about it
    • Kyle will put up a Google Doc about who’s bringing what where
  • Nate fixed tech stuff so communications are better between tech staff members
  • Kyle will attempt to send out an email to alumni again and see if there’s an issue with the list
    • Also will shift people to the alumni list
    • Nate and Frank will possibly be messing with the lists to make this easier
  • Floor Meeting (10/19)
    • Upcoming events
      • Tech Seminar – Frank
      • Maize Maze – Nate
      • Firepit Event – Caitlin
      • Halloween Game Night – Nate
      • Funday Monday Midnight Magic – Caitlin
      • RWBY on Thursday – Alan
    • CIFgiving food – Alan
    • Noise Complaints Resolutions – Caitlin
    • Nominations

October 6th, 2014

  • Drama House event
    • What can we provide?
      • We can provide experience and volunteering:
      • Kyle, June, and Hannah all have experience
      • We’ll also offer use of our lab
    • Caitlin will send out an email to members asking if anyone has experience and/or wants to help teach
  • Email people about t-shirts once we get an actual price
    • Alan will check out the past sites and talk to Tim about it
  • We can’t actually sell food we make apparently
  • Crafts might not happen as people don’t look too interested in it
    • Possibly just table and let people make crafts to raise interest in CIF
    • Talk about it next floor meeting
  • Frank will talk to IT people about getting posters on rotation in ITS
    • He’ll get back to us by next meeting
  • Caitlin will figure out renting out the Wilder Rec Room
  • Anika hasn’t responded to Caitlin’s questions on noise complaints with setting up a screen outside
  • Caitlin has also talked to AIF about the fireplace event
  • Progress in the lab
    • Admin accounts can now authenticate on the machines in the lab
    • Two of the Linux machines have been down – one is now up
    • The Minecraft event at game night didn’t happen but we’re now more prepared for it
    • Claire has permission to edit on the website now
    • Board members may or may not be given network admin privs in the future
      • Not needed yet though
    • We have a stockpile of hard drives in the lab
      • Unfortunately these are no longer compatible
      • Possibly recycle these hard drives as an event with GreenSpace
      • Or use them as art
      • Or etc.
    • Nate and Frank will look for prices of new ones
  • Constitutional Amendments
    • Alan will find the job descriptions we will be adding and email it to the position holders to ask for their thoughts on how it should change
    • Also the better defined participation point breakdown
    • Explore changes related to committees vs. quest board next semester
    • We need feedback about job descriptions in by the end of fall break
    • We also need to agree on a passing vote as the constitution technically doesn’t have one
      • We agree on at least 4 members being present and at least 3 of those agree – only if the 5th member willingly abstains
      • Otherwise it must have all 5 members present and have at least 4 of those agree
  • Caitlin will email Molly about getting people set up to clean the lab
  • Kyle went to talk to the people in Wilson Commons about getting a general game night table thing going
    • We just need to go to the CCC page and reserve it in advance
    • We’ll bring up our making it a quest at the next floor meeting
      • For Halloween Game Night
      • People can do it in costume
    • Kyle will book the table
  • Postering
    • Kyle’s going to try the Weekly Buzz thing again
    • We need more people postering in the Res Quad
      • Possibly do it as a group
      • Claire will see if people are willing to and/or want to
      • Come up with ideas for next board meeting
  • Kyle will give Connor access to the Google Calendar so he can update events
  • The white board calendar is on the backburner for now
  • We have the rights to do the following:
    • Painting the Mural
      • So long as paint and design is run past GHR and it’s in the core
    • Any furniture in common rooms owned by Reslife, we can ask them to remove it
    • Storage
    • Blocking – Booking rooms can be done for consistent weekdays and for more than 2 hours
    • Permission to move in 1-2 days early to move things out of storage
    • In house room selection (i.e. no housing lottery)
    • Room switches before December break
  • Mural
    • We can change the one in the core and cannot paint a new one somewhere else
    • The general consensus seems to be to changing it – or at least the CIF logo on it
    • We’ll have a design contest
      • One option will be to not change it
    • Kyle will send out another email about it
    • Needs to be done by November 16
  • CIFnic
    • Make a quest to guard the grills – get there in the morning and sit there until 2
    • Have Molly do it
  • Firepit budget
    • Caitlin will check to see how many skewers Reslife has
    • If not enough then we’ll see about ordering some online
    • Haven’t heard back from Anika about the movie out there
    • If need be we can move it into the Anderson lounge
  • No to the Yellow Jackets event
  • Possibly another Alumni event
    • Bring it up with next board
  • Meeting with Karen Eli
    • Do we want the fourth suite?
    • We will hold an emergency MANDATORY floor meeting on Wednesday at 9:30pm
    • Kyle is sending out an email about it right now
    • Do not have side conversations, comment, or laugh when other people are talking – in general be respectful
  • No Board meeting next week
  • We should make sure to have everything set up that we want to talk about before floor meetings
    • We can get together a bit before it to make sure
  • CIF/MIF Swiss Miss Whatever
    • Put games and such on the first floor of Anderson
      • Or O’Brian or whatever
    • Caitlin will respond to their email
  • Kyle will forward the Maker’s Faire to floor
  • Someone has offered to donate some games to floor – we want this
  • Check with Mike about what people want for game library to spend money on

September 29th, 2014

  • Caitlin met with Anika last week
    • Anika wants us to start updating the spreadsheet for E4E
      • Alan will get that ready and sent to Caitlin by October 15
      • October 31, November 30, December 12 are the subsequent due dates
    • Recruitment Goals
      • Start recruitment early
      • Let them know they can sign up for the alternates list
    • Interest Meeting group up with AIF and MIF
      • Kinda like a tour kinda thing
      • Coordinate with AIF, MIF, and Anika
    • Advertising for our next program and current program at the same time
      • Let Claire know
      • We should also make general CIF posters to spread around campus
    • Possible tunnel painting or Sue B rock painting
  • Kyle will send out an email asking if anyone is planning on leaving between semesters
    • Like studying abroad, graduating early, etc.
  • Aliases need to be used from now on
    • Use them as much as possible
  • Anika will probably be coming to the next Eboard meeting
  • Kyle will get in touch with Sam about why they each moved off of floor
    • Also Caroline
  • Hall Council delegate
    • We should get someone from CIF to go if possible
    • Check with Suite Captains first
    • We may be able to get funds for ink from them
  • We should get a quest up for a miniature AIF/CIF poster
    • Claire, if you could put that up that’d be great
    • We should put those up in other halls – especially O’Brian and Freshmen halls
  • Things that should have been done by now
    • Sausagefest:
      • Budget is $50
        • Board allocated it
      • Date is November 8, 2014
    • Frank bought the toner
    • Nate forwarded the information about the recycle thing to board
      • He and Frank will contact them about it soon
    • Markers and tape
      • $20 was allocated
    • Caitlin has not gotten confirmation yet about the firepit date
      • So she’ll go and talk to them this week
    • Caitlin contacted MIF again
      • They STILL haven’t responded, so Caitlin’s gonna go talk to them
    • Alyssa wants to help sponsor Kung-Fu movie night
      • She will come to meet with us about it
      • So Kyle will meet with her tomorrow
    • Rochester Gaming wants us to cosponsor their Half-Life event
      • Supports a charity
      • They want us to donate money
      • Also if we could donate a bunch of energy drinks
      • Will happen in Retner in late October (20 something, probably the 25th)
      • Agreed to donate $50
      • Alan will send an email to members telling them that we’ll be talking about it at floor meeting
  • CIF/MIF/Drama House hasn’t responded for the event yet – we’ll be going over there when we can make it
  • Publicity
    • Some people don’t really pay attention to posters
    • Maybe we should plug our game nights and events on class FB pages
      • We could make this a quest, but getting it for the Freshmen page would be difficult
    • Claire does a good job of doing stuff through FB with events and such
    • Maybe also get a poster in rotation on the ITS computers
      • Frank will talk to ITS about it
    • We could also get someone to advertise through “Yik-Yak”
    • Also the Weekly Buzz is another avenue of advertisement
    • Another possibility is to get the word out through tabling in Wilson Commons
      • Kyle will talk to the information desk about tabling
    • Also putting the mini poster things on tables in dining halls
      • We should ask Claire about getting people to do this as a quest
  • We should bring up crafts at a floor meeting and when/how that is happening
  • We need to put in an order for t-shirts eventually
    • Caitlin will email floor about this
  • We can hire people who were trained in food checking
  • We should change the prospectives list to events or something similar
    • Kyle will put up names and then Nate will update it
  • Pie baking for an event maybe?
    • Raspberry pie to be precise
    • Maybe for crafts fair
    • Also old computer stuff for crafts fair
  • Maybe we can set up a weekly ‘Wear a CIF Shirt’ thing after we get t-shirt orders in
  • CIFnic
    • $50 allocated
    • We’ll probably get patties, dogs, and coal
    • If it’s raining, it’ll probably be moved to the lab or something
  • CIFgiving
    • We should reserve the rec room
    • November 23
  • Game night
    • Alan will order the pizza on Thursday and pick it up on Saturday
    • Connor will set up a quest to set up Minecraft stuff for Game Night
    • The projector will also be set up there
    • And we can do this for future game nights as well
  • We could also offer setting up mailing lists for other clubs
    • Eboard members will talk to their respective clubs about it
    • Also we could give them the information necessary to update these lists
  • Tech Seminar
    • Next one possibly how to use your CIF account
    • Anyone who has a CIF account could attend
  • Floor Meeting agenda
    • Upcoming Events:
      • Halloween Game Night – Alan
        • Check with floor about that
        • Go around to freshmen halls in costume to knock on peoples doors
      • Tech Seminar – Frank
      • Crafts Fair – Kyle
      • CIFnic – Nate
      • Floor meeting on October 19 – Caitlin
    • Keep thinking about board nominations – Caitlin
  • Kyle will send out an email with events for the week every Sunday
  • Elections will be happening on November 30
    • So nominations will be on November 16
  • We should get a CIF banner up in the pit
  • Firepit event
    • AIF is definitely up for cosponsoring it
    • Maybe we can get a projector screen out there and watch scary films
      • Problems here are getting power to the stuff, getting a screen, etc.

September 22nd, 2014

  • Connor, Ethan, Mike, Hannah, and Sydney all want to help with Sausagefest
    • Connor and Sydney will head this up
    • Sausagefest will probably take place around finals
    • Sydney has a car to help with that
    • They will have a date for it by next board meeting
    • Possibly show Hentai Kamen at the beginning
    • Could possibly be done through ZDC
    • Tentative budget is $60
      • More exact amount by next week
  • Kyle will email Claire and/or Yejin about Kung-fu Movie Night
  • Nate will contact the toner company
    • In the meantime, Frank will buy toner
  • Buy decoration supplies
    • Specifically paper
    • Kyle found a bunch of colored paper, so he’s donating it to floor
    • Possibly also markers and tape
    • $25 has been allocated
  • Quest Board
    • We need some quests from PoC and Tech Staff
    • Molly, Frank, and Nate will come up with a Lab Cleaning Duty schedule for the board
    • Also to help clean up game night
    • Connor will put up Tech Staff quests
    • Maybe some issues with the Minecraft Server
  • Aries’s dues issue has been resolved
  • Game Night – Mike’s System
    • It went well
    • Mike can set up a rotating schedule as a quest
      • Probably hourly
  • Meeting with Kevin
    • He has proposed a meeting with Housing Managers on Saturday
    • Kyle can’t make that meeting as he will be in Syracuse for Funk’n’Waffles
    • Nate will be our rep
    • Basically be friendly with the other housing managers and seeing what’s going on
  • Event Stuff
    • Funk’n’Waffles – Saturday
      • Size limit of 4 people plus Kyle
    • Caitlin has firepit training, so we should reserve that for Halloween event
      • October 25th will be what we try for
      • If not then the 24th
      • Funds will be allocated after we have a concrete date
    • Game night in 2 weekends
      • Fire Safety Themed
      • Decorations and stuff for quest board
      • Also for postering
      • Caitlin or Kyle will email Claire about putting up a quest
      • Claire will set up a quest about decorating
      • Alan put up a quest to make sure people help order pizza and the like
      • Alan will go in the Thursday before to order the pizza
    • CIF/MIF SwissMiss Christmas
      • Caitlin will send them another email
    • Drama House
      • Caitlin sent them another email
      • Alan set some people he knows on them
    • Maize Maze
      • Tentative date of October 18
    • Frank wants to do a Tech Seminar about “Getting the Most Out of your CIF Account”
    • Kung-fu Movie Night
      • Claire will get a Tae-Kwon-Do member to organize it
      • Probably Susan or Yejin
      • They’re thinking October 3
  • Cooking Training
    • Alysha Lewis is not in charge of it
    • The person in charge has not responded
    • Molly probably won’t be able to be trained
  • Nate will talk to Pride Network about setting up an event
    • Zach will talk to the Eboard members about setting up a meeting with us
    • We could set up a video games and a board games tournament
    • Maybe we could do an RPG style tournament with different GMs doing the different rounds
  • Floor Meeting
    • Upcoming Events
      • Kung-fu Movie Night – Kyle will send it toward Claire/Susan/Yejin
      • Game Night – Kyle
      • Monday Funday Midnight Magic
      • RWBY/Space Dandy – Alan
    • Not Littering in the Lab/General Lab – Frank
    • New Quests – Nate
    • Funday Monday Midnight Magic – Caitlin
    • Two floor meetings in a row (on the 28 and the 5) because Fall Break – Caitlin
    • Remind floor about board nominations (start thinking about them)
  • Meeting Adjourned!

September 15th, 2014

  • Pride Network is interested in doing cosponsored events
    • Movie
    • Nate will talk to them
  • Buying toner/toner recycling
    • They call a company that brings toner and then takes the toner and recycles it
    • American Toner, to be precise
    • Apparently it’s a lot, so it might not be something we can do
    • Frank and Nate will look into it
    • Standard price for official ink is $50 according to Frank
    • $120 has been allocated for the ink
  • Cooking Certification
    • We may not be able to get this done this year – they apparently only do it in large quantities
    • Alisha Lewis
    • Whoever does it would have to be willing to be a certified food handler for the school
    • Paid position – 8-9 dollars an hour
    • Probably will have to be a freshman or sophomore
  • Events:
    • CIF theme will be “Fire-Safety” themed
    • Apple Picking
    • Tech Seminar
    • Funk’n’Waffles
  • Try and be more conscious about including everyone in things
    • Go around and ask people if they want to get food
    • Same for if you’re playing a game
    • Just in general invite people for stuff
    • Maybe add more inclusive weekly events
    • Maybe just something like Catan Thursdays again
  • Drama House is liking the idea of doing an event
  • MIF is still confused about it

September 8th, 2014

  • CIF members need to make a lab account so cool things can happen
  • CIF members need to pay dues by the 14th – $25
  • Also some people haven’t given Alan their codenames
  • Nate will use connections to get information on toner
  • Nate will check the toner information and prices and such
    • We’ll probably get two at once to keep problems from happening
  • Help@CIF is helping – part of somebody’s computer has been partially corroded
  • Claire is Paparazzi
  • Molly is Kitchen Goddess
  • Mike is King of Games
  • Connor is Webmaster
  • $25 has been allocated to buying a lamp
  • Tech Seminar is this Saturday!
    • Nate will be ready!
    • Nate will email people and make a poster for tech seminar
  • Quiet Suite is organizing a potluck for Sunday
  • Apple picking will be happening next weekend (Sunday the 21st)
    • Possible apple pie cooking event
  • Caitlin has been in contact with MIF and Drama House
  • We will contact Carlos about the Greenspace event
  • Kyle needs to talk to the Pit about space for the craft fair thing
  • We need to talk to Molly about getting certified to supervise the food making
    • Caitlin will talk to SAVEY about how to get certification for Molly
    • Molly agrees!
  • We will meet with our new prospective member on Friday at 11:30
  • Caitlin will begin hosting Funday Monday Midnight Magic starting next week

September 1st, 2014

  • Goals
    • Use aliases (the chair email, the logistics email, etc.) for official emails
    • Redirections to it for now, might change in the future
    • Improve public image
    • Prepare for transition
      • Notes for future board
      • Encourage more attendance at board meetings – especially sophomores
      • Things to pass down – contacts, challenges, goals, etc.
      • Have this down by a full meeting ahead of time (3rd to last meeting)
    • Also amp up the number of events off of CIF
      • Like opening up the Ghost Stories and S’mores event to the public
    • These are the goals decided upon by the CIF Board
  • To help improve our public image, we should do a bunch of cosponsored events
    • MIF – CIFMIF SwissMiss Extravaganza
    • Drama House – Tech of Drama event
    • Green Space – E-waste, crafts fair, etc.
    • URSGA – One shot D&D event (maybe)
    • Maybe 4 per semester?
  • Kyle needs to sign up on CCC for reserving spaces
    • Frank will fix the problem for Kyle
  • Professionalism
    • Jokes will be removed from the minute notes by request of CIF membership
    • Alan will add them at the end of the meeting minute notes instead starting next set of notes
  • Lamps
    • $65 has been allocated
    • List will be compiled by next board meeting
  • Budget Report
  • Many of these are the most we are willing to spend on these events – there may be less or in some cases more
  • List of duties for each position
    • These will be compiled and sent out by Kyle
    • Upon request these will also be given out by either Kyle or Alan
  • Participation points Google Doc will be created by Alan
    • Nate will integrate this into Panel
  • Caitlin contacted Karen Ely
    • The meeting is scheduled for October
    • Caitlin needs to bring history for suites and such
    • She also needs to bring off-floor members – Kyle, for example
    • If we can hold our fourth suite for four years then it is ours
    • Seems to be some miscommunication
    • Kyle will contact Terry to figure out when we lost the center doubles
    • Due to a miscommunication, we lost the fourth suite
  • Paint for lab floors?
    • We could take the floor problem to Reslife
    • Alternatively we could get this done by getting tiles from Home Depot
      • If so, then Caitlin will bring up CIF getting reimbursed by Reslife
    • Another table would be nice as well
  • Floor Meeting Topics
    • Lab is open
    • Activities Fair
      • We will bring a table if need be
      • The poster will be updated tomorrow at 10
    • Dues will be due at the next floor meeting
      • So either the 12th, 13th, or 14th
    • Floor meeting times
    • Nominations for appointed positions
    • Committee sign up
    • Tech Seminar
    • First Game Night
    • Lab accounts
    • Seabreeze trip – currently 2 cars going
    • Participation points – 17 with 6 from committees
      • One each for attendance, food, decorating, clean-up, and planning
    • What each of the committees does
    • Possible changes to the constitution
    • Events for the future
    • Getting paper for quote board and event schedule
    • Committees:
      • Pantheon of Cleanliness
        • What went well:
          • Kitchen was clean
          • Wasn’t a box of moldy dishes at the end of the year
          • Kept track of people
        • What didn’t go well:
          • People didn’t take back dishes
            • Maybe because people considered them CIF property
          • People should label items that are theirs
          • As should CIF with their property
          • General public/suite cleanliness
        • What we can do:
          • Labeling property
          • Address it at floor meeting
          • If it happens too much, remove items from the public
          • Points for cleaning up instead of bringing food for things like CIFgiving – monitored by members of the PoC
          • Mention that keeping suites clean is a good thing
        • Next Group
      • Tech Staff
        • What went well:
          • Putting minutes up online
        • What didn’t go well:
          • Didn’t need too many people to do anything – it didn’t seem like there was a real position
          • Alerting about future events
        • What we can do:
          • Bring up things that floor wants done
          • Possibly have tech staff members come up with projects they want to do
          • More people helping with seminars
          • Maybe a hint of self-betterment in there
        • Next Group
      • ZDC
        • What went well:
          • Administrative things
          • Taking pictures
          • Updating Facebook
          • Implementing getting points for decorating
        • What didn’t go well:
          • Having a list of people available
          • Points logistics
        • What we can do:
          • Start having themes decided further ahead of time
          • Templates of common game night themes
        • Next Position
      • King of Games
        • What went well:
          • Putting sticky notes on games for game nights
        • What didn’t go well:
          • Nobody really used the sign out sheet
        • What we can do:
          • For sticky notes, make sure you at least alert the KoG when changing games out and such
          • Have a video game sign out sheet that one has to sign before they can play games
        • Next Point
      • New point system critiques
        • While designed to get people to participate for the entire year, it seems punitive to some
          • Also brings up concerns as to whether or not events count as committee points
          • A possibility here is to add a committee point if your event falls under that committee’s domain
        • Possibly leaving things up to committee head’s discretion
        • Maybe have committee heads distribute points based on general participation
        • Bounty board idea
        • Leveling/Guild system
      • Final Verdict – 18 points and Committee heads will set up a bounty/quest board for points

August 26th, 2014

  • Hello and welcome to Board Meeting Minute v2.0
  • First floor meeting September 1 at 8:00 pm
    • Future meeting times will be decided at that meeting
    • Probably weekend
  • 17 Participation Points are required
    • 6 are required to be from committees
  • Alan will set up a Google Doc for everyone to see points
  • Nate will set up a version in panel that will allow people to log in and see
  • Meeting with previous Committee heads and protégés about improvements and such
    • Probably at 7:00 pm
    • Kyle will send an email
  • Nominations will be held at the first floor meeting for nominations for appointed positions
    • King of Games
    • Webmaster
    • Paparazzi
    • Kitchen Goddess
  • Dues are now raised to $25
  • Tentative furniture positions
    • CIFputer in 310
    • Projector in 340
    • Game Library in 330
    • These CAN be changed
    • These also will be discussed with suites
  • Caitlin will be searching for lamps
    • Budget will be allocated at a later date
  • Suites should be kept clean
  • First game night will be on September 6
  • First tech seminar will be on September 13
  • Game night dates:
    • 9/6/14 – Freshmen
    • 10/4/14
    • 11/1/14 – Halloween
    • 11/22/14 – with CIFgiving
    • 12/13/14 – possibly CIFMIF Swissmiss
  • Tech seminar dates:
    • 9/13/14
    • 10/25/14
    • 11/15/14
    • 12/6/14
      • The other option here was for 12/6/14
  • Seabreeze trip will be on September 7
    • Note that Seabreeze is an amusement park AND a water park – costs approximately $20
    • To quote Caitlin, “Wow, such savings!”
  • And Nate has a panic attack
  • Alan needs to actually do some work and come up with a Budget
    • People need to send Alan info for the budget
  • Pizza will probably be gotten from the pit from now on
  • Jessie’s butt is really bad according to CIF board
  • Frank will be at orientation for CS students
    • Nate might as well
  • Maybe have people talk to CS intro classes
    • Focus on what benefits CIF can provide to them
    • Frank and Nate will organize this
  • Caitlin will send an email to Karen Eli
    • Things to discuss include suites, alternates, and arrangements for off-floor members housing
  • We need to focus on recruiting beyond just the 4 suites, as otherwise we have trouble filling suites when needed
  • We need to make a point that it is required for people to find an alternate to fill in their spot if they have to leave
  • We also need to make a point that, if called upon, alternates must move on floor ASAP
    • It is their duty to make sure they are removed from the list
  • Poster for events:
    • We need a general/generic one for the future
    • We also need a more specific one for event fair
  • Kitchen Goddess will get a certification so we can sell/make food
    • Provided they are willing
    • Alan will find info on it
    • CIF will probably fund it
  • We will be selling baked goods and/or crafts at Wilson
    • Making quality goods will be awarded points
    • 1 point for quality good, 2 for quality, CIF related goods
  • Possible cosponsored events
    • Possibly CS House at RIT
      • Apparently they’re really legitimate. RIT sponsors them, and so do a bunch of others
      • So does U of R
      • We should invite them to CIFnic and CIFgiving
      • Frank and Nate will talk with them, Kyle will be kept updated
    • We need to work together more with AIF, MIF, Greenspace, Tiernen Project, Douglas Leadership, and ICLC
      • We have pretty good relations with AIF already
      • Carlos is on Greenspace
        • Seminar on E-waste
      • Abi is friends with the VP of MIF
      • Kyle and Caitlin have decided that “we’ll do them”
      • We should try and get in touch with TP, DL, and ICLC
    • Tae-kwon-do movie nights and such
      • Especially because we have floor members on that board
    • CSUG events/relations
      • CSUG thinks we don’t do anything with computers
      • CS members need to get in the door and go to their meetings
      • Tech staff specifically
    • We could do a ‘cook-off’ between the Cooking/Baking Club and CIF
      • We need Molly to be on a team for us…
      • Maybe have both boards judge it
    • Mike and the poker game
    • Talk with ROCHack about doing Hackathons and such
    • STEM Initiative events
      • Alan will get on them at the board meetings because they’re douchebags and stupid
      • Alan is allowed to type that because he’s on the board and it’s true
    • Robotics stuff maybe
    • Maybe some modeling programs or such with SPS
    • A Belly-dancing movie night?
  • We should tell RAs that we have our lab so they can do stuff in the lab, etc.
    • With membership of course
  • We still are allocating $50 per semester to our game library
    • King of Games will make a Google Doc where people can add wanted games and add tallies
  • We need people to sign out games and such for organization
  • Theft will lead to them being brought into the King of Games’s room
    • CIF will also reimburse anything that is stolen from the library
  • Paparazzi and Board will be admins for the Facebook group
    • Paparazzi will be cleaning out membership of FB group
  • Board is also admins to CIF website and can edit
    • Webmaster has pseudo-admin privs
    • Paparazzi will have them as well
  • We will have tech staff do security work on the lab
    • Monitoring the video feeds and such
  • Board meetings will be at 8 on Mondays
  • Filters and such will be ordered after dues
  • We should send a thank you to Nate’s mom
    • All of floor can sign it at floor meeting
    • Or we might be able to bring her to a meeting to have everyone say thanks
  • Good things from last semester
    • Lot’sa members!
    • Updated labs
    • Reestablished committees
    • Started the Games Library
    • Communication amongst board
    • A lot of cosponsored and regular events
    • Making connections
    • Established good relations with RA and IT
    • Caitlin’s professional relationship with Anika
    • Made lab not super trashed
  • Bad things from last semester
    • Tech seminars attendance and general effort
    • Committees weren’t enforced
    • Communication with Reslife
    • No budget and overspent a bit
    • Last minute/rushed events
    • Making posters
  • Missing things
    • Postering and people to decorate
    • Advertising for tech seminars
    • Advertising for CIF services
    • Orientation towards tech things
    • More people running events – specifically ZDC
    • Less face to face meetings with people outside of CIF
    • Active recruitment
    • We need more events not in Anderson – part of ZDCs purpose
  • Possibly host a future game of Assassins for the campus
    • Egg hunt as well
  • Board meeting on the 1st will be at 6
  • Board needs to get their constitution job lists ready for 2nd meeting
  • Frank and Nate will redistribute their job’s duties
  • We will also need committee heads to write out duties they’ve performed and what they should be doing in the future
  • Our FB group’s URL unanimously has been voted to have underscores, not hyphens
  • It is highly suggested that any nominees attend board meetings
    • This will be mentioned at the first or second floor meeting
  • “These Oreos” – Kyle Jensen
  • “Lamp will return… Board will never be the same again,” – Kyle Jensen


Things to emphasize in email:

  • Floor meeting time
  • Participation point changes
  • Dues increase
  • Start planning schedule
    • Probably Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Possible games for library
  • Possible event ideas
  • Possible cosponsoring opportunities

Floor Meeting Minutes

December 7th, 2014

  • If you’re leaving floor, let board know ASAP!
  • 24-hour Quiet Hours starting December 12
  • Upcoming Events:
    • CIF/MIF Swissmas Festivus – December 9 (Tuesday)
      • Starting at 8pm
    • Funday Monday Midnight Magic – December 8
    • On Saturday is Sausagefest – December 13
      • If people want to donate food, please do so!
      • Starting at 8pm
    • Game Night – December 12 (Friday!) [Nightmare Before Christmas Theme]
      • Channukah – 10
      • Nightmare Before Christmas – 15
      • Pantsless – 7
      • All Dresses – 13
      • All of the Holidays – 8
      • Wigs – 2
      • Winter is Here! – 8
      • Halloween – 13
      • Decemberween – 14
  • IT Thank-you Letter
  • Election Winners
    • Chair – Caitlin
    • Logistics – Sara
    • Tech Services – Frank
    • Tech Maintenance – Nate
    • Sec/Tres – Alan

November 16th, 2014

Floor Meeting Minutes – November 16, 2014
• Game Night Theme
o Smash Bros – 10
o Guardians of the Galaxy – 7
o Explosives – 12
o Board Members – 1
o Lazorz! – 8
o Weaponized Technology – 6
o Bunnies – 10
o Hawaiian Summer – 16
o Laser Cats – 5
o Winter is Coming – 13
o Native American Thanksgiving – 0
o Fallout – 3
o Hibernation – 11
o Cartoons for Kids – 0
• CIFGiving
o November 23
o Wilder Rec Room
o Caitlin will coordinate kitchen schedules with MIF
• Boar’s Head Ticket Sales on 11/20
o Susan’s going to try to get a CIF table
o Can come in medieval costume
o 8:30 for seniors, 9:00 for others
• Weekly Events
o FMMM – 11:59pm on Monday
o No more Wednesday Anime events
o RWBY on Thursday by request
• Gamergate discussion with UR Feminists group
o 8:00pm on Tuesday in Haven’s Lounge
• On Thursday, Molly is throwing out anything unlabeled
• CIF/MIF SwissMas Festivus
o December 9 at 8:00pm
o Caroling with hot chocolate and games in O’Brien
o Caitlin will send out rehearsal dates
• Nominations CAN be sent in via email

October 19th, 2014

Floor Meeting Minutes ? October 19, 2014 *

We would like to institute a policy where suite doors are closed at midnight during the week and at 2 on the weekend o I.e. Following Quiet hours *

Sign up for bringing CIFgiving food on the google doc *

Upcoming Events: Firepit event with AIF and watching scary Japanese movies * Saturday October 25 at 7pm o Tech Seminar

* Saturday October 25 at 1pm

* On Heptagon Table ? ?Getting the most out of your CIF account?

o Maize Maze * Sunday October 26 at 2pm * People will drive to the Maize Maze

* Talk to Kyle about it o Halloween Game Night * Saturday November 1 from 8pm to late

* AIF also has a costume contest the same time that Saturday o Funday Monday Midnight Magic

* Monday at 11:59pm o RWBY Thursday

* Thursday at 11:00pm o Make your events! o Talk to Sydney about going on a haunted hay ride or going to a haunted house o People want to organize a tea tasting event * Quinn and Connor have both suggested it

o We are getting together with AIF to create a cohosted anime-watching event on Wednesdays

October 5th, 2014

  • Crafts Fair
    • Can use old computer parts
    • Sell the crafts
    • CIF has stuff
    • Some people are interested
    • Also Raspberry Pie selling
  • Halloween Game Night
    • November 1
    • Go around and knock on doors in Freshmen Halls
  • CIFnic
    • Sunday of Mel Weekend
    • October 19
  • Nominations are happening on November 16
  • Next floor meeting is October 19
  • On Halloween there will be zombie dressing up and chasing of trick-or-treaters
    • Contact Kyle
  • That’s all folks!

September 28th, 2014

  • Printing is back up!
    • Don’t leave paper all over the lab
    • Pick it up if you see it!
    • Toner has been replaced
  • New Quests are up!
  • Upcoming Events
    • This Saturday (October 4) is our ‘Fire-Safety’ Game Night
    • Kung-Fu movie night with Tae-Kwon-Do Club on October 3
      • Movie will be voted on
    • CIFnic will be happening over Meliora Weekend
      • This date is October 19
    • Space Dandy is Wednesdays at 8
    • RWBY is Thursdays at 11
    • Funday Monday Midnight Magic on Mondays at 11:59pm
      • Learn how to play Magic at 11 this Monday!
      • Decks WILL be provided
  • Since the next CIF meeting would be during October break, we will be having our next meeting on October 5
  • Be careful about the freezer – it pops open when the fridge is closed
  • Sausagefest will be happening in about a month or so
    • Anyone who wants to volunteer, talk to Connor
    • Many people are needed to help cook and bring food!
  • Start thinking about board nomination

September 14th, 2014

  • Dues – due TONIGHT – Alan
  • Codenames – everyone was given 2 weeks – Alan
  • Upcoming Events:
    • Funday Monday Midnight Magic – Kyle
    • Friday is Ramen Trip – Kyle
    • Saturday is Tech Seminar – Nate
    • Sunday is Apple Picking – Kyle
    • Following weekend is Funk’n’Waffles trip
  • Quest Board – It Exists!!! – Kyle
    • Submit ideas to board
  • Appointed Positions Announcements – Frank
    • Reminder that each position needs a ‘Second-In-Command’
  • People need to get Lab Accounts – Nate
  • Game Night Theme – Kyle
    • Smash Brothers – 6
    • Silly Hats – 5
    • Steampunk – 4
    • Kyle-themed – 2
    • Bunnies – 1
    • Teeth – 1
    • Fire-Hazard – 20
    • Opposite Day – 1
    • “Winter is Coming!” – 15
    • “And There was Much Rejoicing” – 7
    • Jesse From AIF – 5
    • 1984 Themed – 4
    • Animal Farm – 0
    • Animal House – 2
    • JRPG – 7
  • CIF Plays Stanley Parable
  • Chelsea wants to propose a game
    • 3-5 people to play test a Fate System game
    • Based on Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Zero
    • Talk to Chelsea about it
  • Tae-Kwon-Do Kung-Fu Movie Night
  • Talk to Matthew about going to the Rochester Fringe Festival
  • CIF Lab LAN Quest – Talk to Conno

September 1st, 2014

  • Different Committees:
    • Pantheon of Cleanliness
      • In charge of keeping things clean
      • Especially making sure people clean up their own stuff in the kitchen
      • Also being sure the lab is clean and making people clean their suites
      • Led by Kitchen Goddess
    • ZDC
      • In charge of postering and such
      • Also advertisement of events
      • Led by Paparazzi and King of Games
      • Paparazzi is in charge of updating Facebook page as well as taking pictures at events and such
      • King of Games is in charge of the games library
    • Tech Staff
      • In charge of tech and lab things
      • Also has personal projects
      • Led by Webmaster
      • Webmaster is in charge of updating the website and uploading minutes and such online
      • Don’t need much tech experience to join
  • Participation points:
    • 18 points needed
    • Up to 6 can be gotten through committees
    • More cosponsored events
    • Possibly adding a bonus for doing outreach events
    • Should bringing board games be worth points? Board meeting will be had about it
  • Nominations:
    • Paparazzi
      • Claire
    • Kitchen Goddess
      • Molly
      • Yejin
    • Webmaster
      • Connor
    • King of Games
      • Mike
    • Substitute
      • Matthew
    • Any other nominations can be emailed to board at
  • Dues increased to $25
    • They are due on Sunday, September 14 at 9:00pm
  • Activities Fair on Friday from 3:30-5:00
  • The first Game Night will be on Saturday, September 6
    • CIF themed
    • From 8 ‘til late
  • Seabreeze trip on Sunday, September 7
    • Both Kyle and Frank will be driving
    • At around 5
  • Tech Seminar on Saturday, September 13
    • 3D Graphics Programming
  • Lab is open
    • Need an account to get in
  • Floor meeting schedule
    • Sunday at 9:00 pm
    • Nobody raised their hands that they cannot come to floor meetings at this time
  • Alan will set up a Google Doc with point totals and using codenames or such
  • Bring up the limit about points for committees at the next board meeting