Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

December 18th, 2016

– Power has officially transitioned from old board to new board. Once again, here is your new board:
o President: Marc Halbritter
o Logistics: John Sterritt
o Tech Services Director: Paolo Prezioso
o Tech Maintenance Director: Ben Ackerman
o Sec/Tres: Matt Dershowitz
– Special Interest Housing Week is the week of Feb 13 – there will be tabling in Wilson Commons and Sue B. There will definitely be a game night during that week.
o CIF is in charge of printing fliers and will likely have a hand in creation
– CIF will likely be having more cosponsorships with ICLC over next semester
– Constitution – the revised version will be sent out sometime this week. Please take a look at it sometime over break.
– Prospective students can now request to stay overnight on special interest floors – please let us know if you would like to offer your room as a place to stay – doubles are especially nice for this, even if it is likely they will be sleeping on the couch in whatever lounge.

December 11th, 2016

– The housing packet has been turned in
– We will be holding our Backstroke of the West viewing at 6:30 on Wednesday at Drama House
– We have added attending Resident Hall Association meetings to the President’s duties
– Board has planned floor meeting
– Board has discussed the transition of power that will occur at our final board meeting of the semester

December 4th, 2016

– The semester is ending – check your points totals and see what you need to do to in order to meet the quota of 15 – if you have any ideas for events, please submit them to a board member AS SOON AS POSSIBLE as once reading period begins no more points will be given.
– This Friday we will be having a Sci-Fi marathon on floor – there will be a Doodle poll for it!
– This Saturday’s Tech Seminar has been expanded to not only a CS 171 review but a Q+A period as well – if you are tech-savvy please come and help out, points will be given.
– Check the core in the next few days, there will be posters to distribute for points!
– Our Smash Bros. event with Jackson Court Hall Council will be this Saturday, you will be able to bring food for points!
– For our floor meeting next week, we will be having a mini-potluck afterwards to get rid of some finals stress, so bring a small snack for an extra point!
– Reminder that we have an informal game night on the 17th – it will not be worth points.

November 13th, 2016

– CIF will be having a hangout this Friday from 4-6 in Douglass ballroom. We will be bringing board games.
– Board is going to attempt to have better communication with URSGA e-board to minimize games day overlaps.
– Board is considering lowering the amount of participation points required to meet the quota this semester due to the low average point total of all members
– Events
o S’mores night is this Tuesday!
o CIFGiving is this Saturday at 5:30 – please fill out what you are planning on bringing! Board has authorized a ceiling of $50 for a turkey.
o Marc will be sending out a poll to find what date works best for the Smash Bros event
o We will be having a fundraiser meal at The Wok some time in December – Marc will be sending out a Doodle poll soon. Eat Chinese food and support floor!

October 30th, 2016

• Another reminder that we are looking for suggestions for software to put on our lab computers – Marc has sent out a poll, check your emails.
• Remember that tonight is the last night to submit Game Night theme suggestions.
• Tonight will be our first RWBY vol. 4 showing at 9 in Projector Suite.
• Board is going to start having Magic Nights on Thursdays with AIF. Stay tuned for updates!
• Welcome Erish Halpert Rodis as our newest full member!

October 21st, 2016

• Board has planned our floor meeting for Sunday. As there will be nominations for next year’s board, please attend unless you are absolutely incapable!
• Events:
o Tentative date for our event with Drama House is December 3rd
o CIFGiving will be November 19th
o Game Night will be on October 29th and November 12th
• Board has purchased a new projector. It will be here Tuesday and will be used in our upcoming RWBY Volume 4 and Red vs Blue showing

October 9th, 2016

• Daniel is continuing to work on fixing the card reader
• Board has had a meeting with AIF and UR Pokemon, we do not yet have a conclusive date for our movie-watching event
• Board has approved a budget for the Fall 2016 semester
• Board has prepared for the floor meeting.
• Board has assigned Marc to obtain a large piece of paper for a quote board.

October 2nd, 2016

Board Meeting Minutes 10/2/16
• Board is currently working on scheduling an event with MIF, tentatively for October 21st
• Board is working on finalizing filling the vacancy in Game Suite with ResLife.
• Board is working on edits to our constitution that will be presented to floor and ratified when the edits are written up, including the addition of a new appointed position.
• Board has begun planning the floor meeting for next week (10/9).

September 25th, 2016

Board Meeting Minutes 9/25/16
• We would like to welcome Lusine Keshishyan as our newest associate member!
• Floor meeting has been planned
• Our second tech seminar will be next Saturday (October 8th) and it will a seminar on LISP.
• Reminder that our Potluck with Anderson 3 will also be next Saturday
• Board is delegating Paparazzi and ZDC to create a schedule that works for them to finish the mural

September 4th, 2016

Board Meeting Minutes 9/4/16
• Ben Ackerman has been approved for full membership!
• Over the next few days we will start arranging furniture in the CIF lab.
• Board has set a $250 price ceiling for a new printer.
• We will be having our Potluck with both CIF and Anderson 3 on October 1st.

August 28th, 2016

Board Meeting Minutes 8/28
• First Floor Meeting
o Marc will send out a doodle poll asking for availability for floor meetings. Note that this time will be the time all floor meetings will be held at unless a situation arises that forces us to change the time of the meeting.
• Vacancy on floor
o Marc will assist in the paperwork that will solve the vacancy on floor, members in Game Suite should look for an upcoming email about moving into Projector Suite.
• Furniture
o Board has decided to not move CIFputer back onto floor as it has been deemed unnecessary due to the lack of usage in previous years and the existence of the CIF lab.
o Board has elected to dispose of the old green couch that was previously in Game Suite.
• Door Tags
o Members will have until the first floor meeting to submit their choice of Pokemon and their major. Pokemon will be assigned to those who do not submit their choice.
• Tech Seminar
o The first tech seminar will be held on September 17th at 2:00 PM in Hylan 301. It will be a basic UNIX seminar. If you would like to volunteer by either helping at the seminar or advertising by talking to classes with students that may be interested in the seminar, please speak to Steven or Daniel.
• Activities Fair
o A sign-up sheet for volunteering at the Activities Fair will be placed in the lobby, please sign up if you are available and interested in helping CIF attract new members.
• Game night
o The first Game Night of the year will be on September 24th. As is tradition, the theme will be CIF.
• Board has decided to not change the participation point quota of 17 nor the $25 owed in dues by full members.

Floor Meeting Minutes

December 11th, 2016

– Chaewon and board have gone over Winter Break regulations and housekeeping rules and will send out an email – if you have any questions, ask her about them.
– Events
o Wednesday @ 6:30 PM in Drama House we will be showing Backstroke of the West
o We will be having a study break Game Night on Saturday
o We will not be having Swiss Miss Festivus this semester
– There is a new organization known as Residential Hall Association, expect emails from them
– Quote board usage – no more movie quotes or D&D quotes, please keep it rated PG-13
– We will be amending the constitution at the beginning of next semester. The revised version will be sent out over Winter Break (the current version can be found on the CIF website), and board (especially John) will be taking comments, questions, and concerns over break, and we will be voting on this at the first floor meeting of the Spring semester.

October 23rd, 2016

• Events
o Game Night on the 29th – costumes are encouraged!
o HTML tech seminar on the 29th
o Email Marc with topics with our November 12th Game Night
o CIFGiving is on the 19th – a spreadsheet will be sent out soon – remember to label your allergens!
o We will finally be having our Backstroke of the West showing with Drama House on December 3rd!
o We will begin showing RWBY season 4, Red vs Blue, and a catch-up of RWBY seasons 1-3 next week with our new projector. We will be sending further updates when we have more concrete times.
• Reminder that there is a suggestion sheet for software you want on the lab computers – they can run most games!
• Our new Hall Council Representative is Matt Hochberg!
• Elections. Members will have up until next week to nominate someone for any position, and nominated members have until the next floor meeting to accept, decline, or rescind their nomination. Members are allowed to nominate themselves. Remember that since board positions run by calendar year, members that are currently seniors are not allowed to run for a position. Nominees for each position that have so far accepted their nominations are:
o Chair: Marc Halbritter, Paolo Prezioso
o Logistics: John Sterritt
o Tech Services Director: Paolo Prezioso, Ben Ackerman
o Tech Maintenance Director: Ben Ackerman, Paolo Prezioso
o Sec/Tres: Matt Dershowitz, John Sterritt, Josh Hyde

October 9th, 2016

• Election reminders – nominations for the e-board for the calendar year of 2017 (meaning seniors are NOT allowed to be nominated) will be at the NEXT FLOOR MEETING. Positions are:
o President: Currently held by Sara. Runs all CIF operations and acts as a liaison to ResLife.
o Logistics chair and housing manager: Currently held by Marc. Manages events and make sure CIF members are able to move and stay on-floor.
o Tech Services Director: Currently held by Daniel. Works to improve the lab.
o Tech Maintenance Director: Currently held by Steven. Maintains the lab.
o Secretary/Treasury: Currently held by Matt D.
o Sophomores are very encouraged to run for these positions!
• Lab revamp
o We are updating the software on our computers, so we need suggestions as to what to put on the computers. If you have any suggestions, please contact Steven, Daniel, or Ben Ackerman
o A poll will be sent out about software
• Program updates
o Game Night will be on the 29th. It will be Gothic Horror themed.
o November Game Night will be November 12th- send Marc your suggestions!
o CIFGiving will be on November 19th.
o There will be no tech seminar this week due to Fall Break – our next tech seminar will be next week on HTML
• Substance abuse – if you are found to be under the influence of any controlled substances in a way that does not comply with the University’s policies on drugs and alcohol, you will be put on probation.
• Board is attempting to revise the constitution to update policies that we find to be out of date such as the probation procedure.
• John and Shelby will be working on finishing the mural this weekend (10/14) in the core. Please stay out of their way.
• The University has turned off the AC and turned the heaters on – be mindful of what is on there!

September 25th, 2016

Floor Meeting Minutes 9/25/16
• Final reminder that dues and participation points codenames are due tonight.
• Appointed positions announcements:
o Kitchen Goddess: Sophie Sackstein
o Paparazzi: John Sterritt
o King of Games: Douglas Timmons
o ZDC, Pantheon of Cleanliness, and Tech Staff
• Reminder that postering is incredibly appreciated and a great way to easily rack up participation points!
• Upcoming event reminders
o Tech seminar will be a LISP tutorial at 2 PM at Hylan 301 on October 1st
o Potluck with Anderson 3 will also be on the 1st at 5 PM. Marc will send out a spreadsheet for what people will be bringing. Please label your allergens and be aware that there are both vegetarians, vegans, and those that keep kosher on floor so if you can make a dish that those people can eat that would be appreciated.
o The next game night will be October 29th, email Marc with suggestions for themes
• Floor expressed interest in
o A movie showing with UR Pokémon – we will be watching the 3rd and 4th Pokémon movie in the lab.
o ModMyMods and UR Makers – PC-building workshop.
o CIF-MIF Swiss Miss Festivus for the rest of us – CIF will get together with MIF to drink hot chocolate, sing carols, and play board games.