Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

December 3rd, 2017

Board Meeting Minutes December 3rd, 2017
Attendance: Matt Dershowitz, Isabel Anderson, Josh Cohen, Marc Halbritter, Ben Ackerman, Anthony Pericolo, Steven Broida
– Anthony, the President of RHA, has met with us to explain what their organization does and how they can help our organization, including URo reimbursement and help with postering.
o Board has asked questions to RHA to see if they could improve things such as leadership training.
– Agenda for floor meeting, including elections, has been set.
– We currently have one B/W and one color printer operating and are currently working on fixing the others
– We are hoping to have a CS 171/172 review tech seminar as our final tech seminar for the semester.

October 15th, 2017

Board Meeting Minutes 10/15/17
Attendance: Marc Halbritter, Matt Dershowitz, Josh Cohen, Ben Ackerman, Isabel Anderson, Daniel Stegink, Josh Hyde
– Halloween is the winning theme for our next game night!
– Isabel will be meeting with a new member of ResLife to introduce herself
– SIH Week is the 5-11th of November. CIF needs to have our events planned by Halloween. We will likely be combining a movie night and Meet CIF on the 8th and the 9th – time TBD.
o We will also have a Smash Bros. event on Friday, November 10th in the O’Brien Lounge – likely from 7-10. This will be our Jackson Court event for the semester.
– CIFGiving will be on November 18th sometime in the afternoon. A Doodle poll for time and a Google Doc for what you will be bringing will be sent out soon.
– We will be having Glen and Dee at our next board meeting to see how our organization runs.
– Agenda for Floor Meeting has been set
– We will be downloading NBOS Character Sheet Designer onto the lab computers, in no small part due to the large amount of RPG players on floor.
– Lab updates: Ben has been working on making updates in order to appease ITS.
– Isabel mentioned that Logos is doing a panel on media and technology – CIF would have to send 3 members over and help advertising.

October 1st, 2017

Board Meeting Minutes 10/1/17
Attendance: Matt Dershowitz, Marc Halbritter, Isabel Anderson, Josh Cohen, Ben Ackerman, Tanamaya Dahiya, Linda Vasavong, Steven Broida, Austin Varela
– The budget for this semester has been proposed, discussed, and unanimously passed. The budget for this semester is as follows
o $100 for Game Night food and decorations – of which $65 has already been spent
o $150 for the game library – of which $149.89 has already been spent
o $50 for other events
o $225 for technology – of which $102.94 has already been spent
o $25 for kitchen supplies
o $25 for miscellaneous items
– Our new server has arrived and will be installed soon.
– The bean bag chair in the lab – Ben and Josh argued in favor of getting rid of it or moving it to another location as it is disruptive during events such as tech seminars. Marc argued in favor of leaving it where it is as the lab is more frequently used as a lounge or study area, where the bean bag is a nice place to sit.
o We have decided to table (chair) the discussion for now – after the next floor meeting, we will gather a few volunteers (especially people who have a stake in the arrangement of the lab) to rearrange furniture and see if we can come to an agreeable situation.
– October Game Night will be on the 28th – check your emails for the official themes
– Tech seminar will be on the 21st from 2-3 PM in the CIF lab – the theme will be development tips and tricks (including tips for things students get with their account)
o Suggested ideas for future tech seminars are debugging and Game Maker
– Marc will be speaking with ResLife in-person to see what is happening with our empty room

September 16th, 2017

Board Meeting Minutes 9/17/17
Attendance: Matt Dershowitz, Marc Halbritter, Josh Cohen, Isabel Anderson, Austin Varela
– Matt will go to Chase and get change for the CIF treasury as we are very low on small bills, making dues payments difficult to process since we do not have change.
– Plan for the emergency election floor meeting was set
– Discussion of appointed positions – official declaration of positions will be at next week’s floor meeting.
– Board is continuing our contact with RocHacks to plan our event.

September 9th, 2017

Board Meeting Minutes 9/10/17
Attendance: Marc Halbritter, Matt Dershowitz, Josh Cohen, Ben Ackerman, Isabel Anderson, Tanamaya Dahiya, Austin Varela, Josh Hyde
– We will be placing our Game Night on the 16th in the Weekend Highlights, as well as printing posters that we will distribute throughout campus (remember that distributing posters is worth participation points)
– Tanamaya has suggested that CIF cosponsor a Game Night with the International Students Mentorship program. It is likely that we will be doing this for our October game night.
– Austin has suggested that CIF cosponsor tech seminars with RocHacks. Board will remain in contact with RocHacks to coordinate which seminars will be cosponsored and when these cosponsored events will occur.
– The agenda of the floor meeting has been set.

September 2nd, 2017

Board Meeting Minutes 9/3/17
– Attendance: Matt Dershowitz, Ben Ackerman, Marc Halbritter, Josh Cohen, Steven Broida, Tom Hanson, Josh Hyde
– In order to coordinate better with URSGA, we have decided the dates of all of our Game Nights and Tech Seminars for the semester in order to not conflict with their events. October 21st, November 11th, and December 16th (note that the December 16th Game Night will not be worth participation points as it will be during reading period)
– Our first tech seminar will be our basic UNIX seminar on September 21st at 2 PM in THE LAB! We will be printing directions to Anderson on our posters and we are hoping to gauge attendance at a location that is much more convenient for not only our members but many others that live on-campus as well.
– Our tech directors will be in contact with Tau Beta Pi to see if we can have any CIF presence in their activities.
– We will be having our emergency elections at our next floor meeting, meaning that we will be accepting nominations until Thursday, September 7th at 9 P.M. Please see Marc’s email for more details.
– Board has decided that the participation point quota will remain 17 and that semesterly dues will also remain at $25. Activities fair and attendance at this board meeting will give participation points.
– Board has ordered the Cards Against Humanity College Pack, Lords of Waterdeep, Quelf, Twister, and Pandemic as a result of our board game suggestions.
– Memorable quotes: “People use our kitchen without asking, people will use our condoms without asking!”

Floor Meeting Minutes

October 15th, 2017

Floor Meeting Minutes 10/15/17
– Adam has completed his move from one side of the hall to the other.
– Sara. Josh, and Tommy have promised to make decorations for our Halloween Game night on Saturday the 28th before the day of.
– As the Anderson 2 microwave is broken, they are deciding to come up to our floor to use our microwave. If you see someone who is not a resident of Anderson 3 or a guest of a resident, feel free to ask them to leave or call Arif or a board member who will ask them to leave.
– Steffen has suggested that we create a new CIF posterboard for our advertising purposes. If you have any pictures of CIF being cool (whether it is actually taking place or not), please send it to board.
– We will begin doing RWBY showings from 9/9:30 on Sundays now that Vol. 5 is starting up.
– Board is looking for someone that wishes to spearhead CIFPlays. You will only be responsible for a single Let’s Play. Please email board if you are interested in this.
– Adrian, as kitchen goddess, has confiscated some dishes and silverware. If you do not claim it, it will become public
– From 3:30-midnight this Saturday, URSGA will be having their Games Day in Douglass Ballroom. Please go support another great club!
– Development Tips and Tricks will be our next Tech Seminar on the 21st from 2-3.

September 16th, 2017

Floor Meeting Minutes 9/17/17
– Reminder of dues/participation points nickname due next floor meeting (9/24)
– As Special Interest Housing Week will now be in November, please send any ideas to promote CIF during this event to Marc
– Isabel Anderson is our new Logistics Director for the rest of 2017.

September 9th, 2017

Floor Meeting Minutes 9/10/17
– Logistics nominations
o Due to the resignation of our logistics director, John, we have begin emergency election procedures. Unfortunately, we have not received any nominations during the previous week, so we will be accepting nominations until Wednesday and will be having a quick floor meeting next Sunday (9/17) in order to hold a vote.
o Nominations: Isabel Anderson
– Appointed positions nominations
o Kitchen Goddess – Adrian Go
o Paparazzi – Sifan Ye, Josh Hyde
o King of Games – Callahan Cylke
o ZDC – Sara Shore, Daniel Stegink, Tommy Henson, Linda Vasavong, Sifan Ye, Callahan Cylke
o Help@CIF – Austin Varela, Kelly Cheung, Diarra Bell, Daniel Stegink, Sara Shore, Steven Broida, Linda Vasavong
o Pantheon of Cleanliness – Steven Broida, Daniel Stegink, Diarra Bell, Marc Halbritter
– Suite etiquette
o The suite agreements will be posted in suites for conflict resolution. In any instances where outside arbitration is required, board will favor whatever is written down on the sheet no matter, so specificity is always better than being vague.
o Note from Arif: please close your suite doors either when nobody is in them or when you are all asleep! This is to prevent people from stealing your stuff.
– Participation points and codenames
o You require 17 participation points for this semester. You can obtain points through attending meetings, attending events, bringing food to events, postering, etc.
 In order to obtain participation points, you MUST SIGN IN! If your name is not on the attendance sheet, you will not be given participation points for that event or meeting.
o Please send me a nickname by email ( for participation points. This is to protect the privacy of who has how many participation points, as all totals will be posted in a Google doc visible by all of CIF. If you do not give me one by our next official floor meeting (9/24), you will be assigned a codename.
– Dues
o Dues are $25 for the semester – U.S. dollars ONLY, no large amounts of change please.
o Donations to CIF may also be given in lieu of dues. Please speak with me for valuation.
o If, for any reason, you are unable to pay dues, please speak with me and we will work something out.
– General notes: there is a blender in our kitchen now – however, it is privately owned so please take care with it.
o ALL PUBLIC KITCHEN ITEMS ARE IN THE KITCHEN – unlike in past years, all items on the suite shelves are privately owned.
o The kitchen is for Anderson 3 residents ONLY! In the past, there have been multiple instances of non-residents using our kitchen. If you see someone in our kitchen that is not a resident or a guest of a resident, please contact Arif and he will be able to remove them.
– We want your ideas for events! Please talk to or email a board member if you have any ideas.