Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

December 9th, 2018

Board Meeting December 9 2018

Attendees: Isabel Anderson, Jessica Wang, Jason Katzner, Austin Varela, Clara Kjelesberg, Josh Cohen, Dan Cohen, Andrew Soborowski, John Sterritt, Tommy Hanson, Josh Coppola

  • Girls’ night will be this Wednesday at a time TBD
    • There will be nail painting, food, and Monty Python: Life of Bryan
  • The lab is on figurative fire, old/new tech directors and Ben are doing their best with figurative fire extinguishers and are in contact with ITS
  • Board has discussed participation point issues
  • Board has proposed a general knowledge test on the constitution as a prerequisite to assuming power
    • In the future, this would instead serve as a prerequisite to declaring yourself in an election
    • It passes
  • Board has discussed other issues regarding transition of power and transition documents
  • Board has discussed next year’s leadership training
  • We will be doing lab clean out and transition of power stuff on January the 14th
  • Board has decided to purchase cutlery for the kitchen
  • Board has decided that board will be disbanded and replaced by Sterritt as God-Emperor
  • Board has decided that voting will now be done with finger guns to the current chair
  • The God-Emperor has decreed Scotch is required to close all board meetings
  • Hello this is your god-emperor speaking, we shall offer 13 goats to Satan in place of Girl’s Night –HRE JGRS







December 2nd, 2018

Board Meeting December 2 2018

Attendees: Isabel Anderson, Linda Vasavong, John Sterritt, Josh Cohen, Dan Cohen, Andrew Soborowski, Jessica Wang, Tommy Hanson, Josh Coppola

  • Board has discussed participation point issues
  • We have a lamp shipped and on the way for game suite
  • Don’t Freeze Together went well and we had good representation from AIF and non SIH people
  • Board has made some edits to the language in the constitution amendments
    • Changes for language in misdemeanors
    • Changes to the when board is able to deny resignations
  • Will try to have old/new board come back early after break to clean lab/transition stuff
  • Secret Santa gives will be exchanged on December 9th
    • Tommy is planning a gift run for this weekend
  • We have security cameras ordered
  • There is a tech seminar this Saturday for CSC 171/2 review
    • Douglass 420 from 2 to 3
  • Game night is this Saturday at 8, theme is Spooky Christmas
  • Board has discussed election procedures
  • Board has set the agenda for floor meeting
  • Learned how to spell

November 25th, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes November 25, 2018

Attendees: Isabel Anderson, Jessica Wang, Clara Kjelsberg, Josh Cohen, Jason Katzner, Andrew Soborowski, Tommy Hanson

  • Board has discussed constitution amendments
  • Board has discussed Secret Santa
    • Considering a soft cap of $15
    • Assignments will go out tomorrow
  • Don’t Freeze together is this Friday, 7 to 9 at the Jackson Court fire pit
  • SIH weekend events
    • Tabling from 2 to 5, in 1 hour shifts in Hirst Lounge on Saturday
    • Ginger Bread making contest in Friel, solo or team with prizes, 7 to 9 on Saturday
    • Study break from 2 to 5 in Bridge Lounge on Sunday
    • Meet CIF from 5 to 7 on floor on Sunday
    • All events are worth participation points for attending
  • We will be flyering for Meet CIF and Don’t Freeze Together
  • Zane has informed us that we need to be quieter on floor after midnight during school nights
  • Jason Katzner was here, let the record show

November 18th, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes November 18, 2018

Attendees: Tommy Hanson, Jason Katzner, Dan Cohen, Linda Vasavong, Josh Cohen, Austin Varela, John Sterritt, Andrew Soborowski, Josh Coppola

  • Isabel isn’t here, so Tommy is in charge (May his Memes be Ever Danker)
  • Game suite needs a new lamp, looking into buying one and approved up to $30 to spend
  • Board has decided to buy Secret Hitler from Amazon during cyber Monday for a max of $35
  • Board is going to add instructions to the lab on how to use the color printer
  • Board will be fixing login issues, if affected you need to see Josh Cohen
  • SIH weekend will be the weekend after Thanksgiving
    • Will be tabeling in Hirst Saturday 2 to 5
    • Meet CIF on Sunday from 5 to 7
  • Don’t Freeze together
    • Next Friday, 6:30 to 9
    • We can get reimbursed $50 from RHA
    • John is not allowed near fire or other combustibles
    • Dan is not allowed near fire
    • Co-sponsorships with AIF and MIF
    • Extra participation points for extra food
  • Board has discussed the housing situation
  • Board has discussed constitution changes
    • There are some concerns over wording
  • Board has set an agenda for floor meeting

November 11th, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes November 11 2018

Attendees: Isabel Anderson, Linda Vasavong, Jason Katzner, John Sterritt, Josh Cohen, Theo Chapman, Daniel Cohen, Andrew Soborowski, Austin Varela, Tommy Hanson, Josh Coppola

  • SIH weekend events were postponed due to lack of advertising
    • Rescheduled to Saturday Dec 1
    • Tabling in Hirst Lounge
    • Gingerbread house making competition in Friel Lounge
    • Study break in Bridge Lounge on Sunday
  • Don’t Freeze Together is Friday November 30th
  • CIFgiving is next Saturday
    • Board is considering a Friday carpool to Wegmans
    • Will boil water in the O’Brien kitchen with fleets of kettles
  • We had one non-CIF person and one CIF person go to the tech seminar
    • We shouldn’t expect someone to put up 50 flyers
  • Board is making progress in acquiring security cameras for the lab
  • Board is planning on buying adapters for mechanical keyboards
  • Board is investigating ways in which we can improve the lab
  • Board is planning a Secret Santa event
    • Poll will be going around soon
  • Board has discussed the housing situation on floor
  • Board has set the floor meeting agenda
  • Board has discussed the participation point situation

November 4th, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes November 4 2018

Attendees: Isabel Anderson, Linda Vasavong, Josh Coppola, Jason Katzner, Dan Cohen, Andrew Soborowski, Josh Cohen, John Sterritt

  • Isabel has made flyers, they will be printed tonight, will flyer Jackson Court, Sue B., First year Quad, Engineering Quad, Douglass, Wilson, Tunnels, Simon
  • We have reserved all the necessary stuff for our Don’t Freeze Together event
    • Will be Nov 30th
    • Will try to get funds from hall council
  • John will be cooking the CIFgiving turkey
  • Suites should be clean by 4:30 on Friday
    • Core and kitchen should be cleaned
    • Take volunteers for room exhibitions for points
    • Points for cleaning kitchen/core
  • Board has set the agenda for floor meeting

October 28th, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes October 28 2018

Attendees: Isabel Anderson, Linda Vasavong, John Sterritt, Linda Vasavong, Dan Cohen, Josh Cohen, Andrew Soborowski, Tommy Hanson, Josh Coppola, Austin Varela, Jason Katzner, Josh Hyde

  • Kitchen cleanup this Friday at 4:30 with Zane
    • Points for supplies and attendance
  • Board is planning hot chocolate and fire pit event for November 30th
    • ‘Don’t freeze together’
    • Games and such in O’Brien
    • John has volunteered as poster boy
  • Board has discussed a proposal for the SIH $500 competition
  • Board has discussed having our next tech seminar being focused on web design
    • Advertise to business, intro CS, digital media design, engineers, other clubs
  • Board has discussed SIH weekend
    • We need to advertise stuff
  • Constitutional amendments will be presented at the next floor meeting
  • There will be an extra floor meeting during SIH weekend
  • CIFgiving spreadsheet will be going out
    • This event is for full members and alums only
  • CIF has a gmail and will be putting documents and calendars on it
  • Board has discussed upgrading lab security

October 21st, 2018

October 21st 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Isabel Anderson, Linda Vasavong, Jason Katzner, Josh Cohen, Dan Cohen, Andrew Soborowski, Tommy Hanson

  • We have people signed up for one shots night; will book rooms tomorrow
  • SIH game night during SIH weekend on Saturday, November 10th
    • Try to get real pizza
    • Theme suggestions tonight
  • Will do a meet CIF event Friday November 9th, on floor from 5 to 7
  • Tech seminar scheduled for Saturday November 10th, from 2 to 3
    • Will try to get posters out
  • CIFgiving will be November 17th
    • Will email alumni soon
  • Will be sending out participation point warnings soon
  • Board nominations will be on November 18th
  • Board elections will be on Dec 2nd
  • Board has discussed discipline changes in the constitution
  • Board has addressed the tech seminar that had no attendance and has resolved to advertise better
  • Board has discussed doing a fundraiser for a charitable cause and public awareness
  • Board has set the agenda for floor meeting

October 7th, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes October 7th 2018

Attendees: Linda Vasavong, Jason Katzner, Josh Cohen, Isabel Anderson, Andrew Soborowski, Tommy Hanson, Josh Coppola

  • We have laptop stickers and will be selling them for $1 each
  • No constitution stuff yet, waiting on a meeting with Julianne
  • We are working on one-shots night, numbers should be done by fall break
    • Poll would be going around soon
    • Will take place in various locations around Jackson Court
  • Tech Seminar is on the 21st, theme will be Git
  • Board is a considering a Scratch-a-thon event
  • The lab looks nicer than it has been in years
  • Possible cleanup event on Tuesday afternoon for the kitchen/living areas
  • Board has discussed a member’s issue

September 30th, 2018

Board minutes September 30 2018


Attendees: Isabel Anderson, Linda Vasavong, Austin Varela, Josh Cohen, Josh Coppola, Tommy Hanson, Clara K., Jason Katzner, Andrew Soborowski

  • Lab Update: Josh Coppola has done a ton of work organizing the lab
  • Board is looking into security cameras
  • Board has made preparations for the tech seminar on October 21
  • There will be a movie night showing of Scott Pilgrim this Saturday at 6:30
  • Board is looking into community service stuff
  • SIH weekend will be November 8th -11th
  • Board will look into cosponsoring something with Roc-hacks after Thanksgiving
  • Board is still planning one shots night
  • Board has set the agenda for floor meeting
  • Board is considering finals events:
    • Girls night
    • Movie Marathon

September 9th, 2018

Board meeting Minutes September 9th

Attendees: Isabel Anderson, Linda Vasavong, Josh Cohen, Tommy Hanson, Andrew Soborowski, Austin Varela, Cole Miller

  • Board has discussed super single constitution changes
  • We had great attendance at the tech seminar and GIM
    • Continue tech seminars in Douglass
  • Board is still working on the budget
  • Board has discussed moving in our new member
  • Board has set dates for all our events
    • CIFGiving will be November 17th
    • Game Nights will be Oct 20th, Nov 10th, Dec 8th
    • Tech Seminars will be Oct 21st, Nov 11th, Dec 8th
    • Movie Nights will be Sept 22nd, Oct 6th, Nov 17th, Dec 1st
    • One shot Night Oct 27th
  • Board will try to reach out to other groups to cosponsor events
  • Computer Interest fire and social will be this Friday at 7 at the Jackson Court fire pit
  • Board has discussed buying Secret Hitler and Wii remotes
  • Board has discussed dues and participation points
  • Board has discussed the card reader and is working on a fix

September 2nd, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes 9/2/2018

Attendees: Isabel Anderson, Linda Vasavong, Ethan Otto, Mike Herman, Tommy Hanson, Josh Cohen, Austin Varela, Andrew Soborowski, Aaron Goldin, Boyu Zhang, Josh Coppola, Josh Hyde, Clara, Dan Cohen


  • Board has conducted an interview with Boyu Zhang (Chris) and we welcome him as our newest associate member
  • Board has conducted an interview with Josh Coppola and we welcome him as our newest full member
  • Josh will be moving into Adamm’s old room
  • Board has set the participation point quota to 22
  • Appointed position points and duties have been decided
  • Tech update: Mailing lists fixed, software worked on
  • Room reserved for tech seminar
  • Board will try to reach out to intro CSC classes to advertise for tech seminar
  • Board has set the agenda for floor meeting
  • Board is still selling shirts
  • Board will set dates for the movie and game nights next week


August 26th, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes – August 26, 2018

Attendees: Isabel Anderson, Linda Vasavong, Tommy Hanson, Andrew Soborowski, Josh Cohen, John Sterritt


  • Board has discussed a members request and the appropriate response
  • Board has discussed possible constitutions to housing points
  • Board has discussed possible changes to the Nauticock award
  • Board has discussed possible changes to housing conflicts
  • Board has discussed adding a pre-probation warning to the discipline process
  • Board has discussed some final logistics with our current constitution
  • Board has discussed changes to participation points and appointed positions
  • Board has planned our first game night and tech seminar for September 8th
    • Tech Seminar will be 2-3 in Douglass 401
    • Game night will be CIF themed at 8
    • Will have a general interest meeting before at 7:30
  • Board has discussed updating the mailing list
  • Board has discussed a floor bonding event for September 15th

Floor Meeting Minutes

December 9th, 2018

Floor Meeting Minutes December 9th, 2018

  • Stuff in the lab, including email and card reader, are broken
    • If you need into the lab find a Josh C.
  • Closing procedures are posted, remember to follow them
    • Remember that electricity will be off and rooms will be checked
  • Walls will be painted and need to be cleared tonight
  • Future boards will be required to pass a general knowledge constitution test before assuming power
  • Board is looking into buying new cutlery for the kitchen
  • Girl’s night will be this Wednesday at 7, followed by a Life of Bryan movie night
    • You can get points for bringing food to both events
    • This event is gender inclusive and will include nail polish and hanging out


December 2nd, 2018

Floor Meeting December 2nd 2018

  • Constitution changes pass with 21 votes for and 0 against
    • Clarification on what a misdemeanor is
    • Clarification on when board can deny a resignation
  • Try to keep noise down late at night
  • Secret Santa will be next Sunday after floor meeting
    • Tommy will do a gift run sometime this weekend, if interested, contact Tommy
  • Game night is this Saturday at 8, theme is Spooky Christmas
    • As usual, need decorations
  • Tech seminar for CSC 171/2 review this Saturday in Douglass 420, 2 to 3
  • Elections:
    • Chair
      • Tommy Hanson, John Sterritt
      • Tommy Hanson wins
    • Logistics
      • Dan Cohen, Jessica Wang
      • Dan Cohen wins
    • Secretary/Treasurer
      • Isabel Anderson, John Sterritt, Jessica Wang
      • Jessica Wang wins
    • Tech Services
      • Austin Varela
      • Austin Varela wins
    • Tech Maintenance
      • Josh Coppola
      • Josh Coppola wins


November 18th, 2018

Floor Meeting Minutes November 18th, 2018

  • Nominations
    • Elections on Dec 2
    • Tech Maintenance:
      • Maintains the Lab, IT stuff, networking, printers, co-runs tech seminars
      • Josh Coppola
    • Tech Services
      • Maintains Website, co-runs tech seminars, communicates with ITS
      • Austin Varela
    • Sec-Treasure
      • Take minutes, dues, manage money and participation points, gopher around for Board
      • Isabel Anderson, Jessica Wang, John Sterritt
    • Logistics
      • Does housing, running events, internal communications, backup chair, member disputes, membership roster, oversee appointed positions
      • Dan Cohen, John Sterritt, Jessica Wang, Mike Herman, Isabel Anderson
    • Chair
      • External communication, running meetings, delegating
      • John Sterritt, Tommy Hanson
    • Gaming Night Dec 8
      • Themes: Joshes of the World, John Sterritt, Haloween 2: Electric Boogaloo, Spooky Christmas, Yule, Skelletor, Odintide, Jeb Bush Memes, Obama Biden Memes, Detective Pikachu, Computer, LARP, Video Games, Canada, Memes for the Memes, RIT, Midterm Elections, Norse Mythology, Collabor18, Christmas in July in December, non-December holidays, Polls

November 11th, 2018

Floor Meeting Minutes November 11th 2018

  • CIFgiving is this Saturday
    • We need people to cook stuff, sign-up sheet is online
    • Wegmans run this Friday with John, Tommy and Dersh at 3:30
    • Will be a movie night after CIFgiving
  • Secret Santa will be happening this year
    • Sign-up poll will be going around
  • SIH weekend events will be the weekend of the 30th
    • Will be tabling from 3 to 5 on Friday
    • Gingerbread competition on Friday
    • Study break on the Sunday
  • Don’t freeze together will be Friday the 30th
  • Take care of your kitchen stuff
    • Ethan has confiscated kitchen stuff
  • LARP stuff is happening on Sundays, see Jason for details


Constitution Updates

  • Updating Probation terms and Community Standards Agreement
    • In favor – 24
  • Misdemeanors
    • In favor – 24
  • Super single housing change
    • In favor – 24
  • Nauticock award changes
    • In favor – 24
  • Resignation Clause
    • In favor – 24
    • Against – 1
  • Participation points
    • In favor – 25
  • Definitions
    • In favor – 25
  • All amendments passed

November 4th, 2018

Floor Meeting Minutes November 4th 2018

  • If you have dirty dishes, please clean them
  • There is a broom in the lab for cleaning purposes
    • Please clean your suites by Friday at 4:30 for SIH weekend
    • If you help with the core or kitchen, send Andrew S. an email for points
  • We are looking for people to show off their rooms in a presentable condition for Friday
    • Small single – Clara
    • Normal single – Josh Coppola
    • Double – Ethan and Mike
  • Flyers will be printed tonight and will be in piles in the core, sign up for a location and get a participation point
    • Should be done by Tuesday
  • If you bring a bunch of food to floor, put it in the kitchen before it gets nasty and send Andrew S. an email for points
  • Send board an email for any dietary restrictions/allergies
  • Remember to bring stuff for CIFgiving
    • Extra points for cooked foods
  • Constitution Amendments
    • We will be voting next week and need 2/3 of membership – please come
    • Adding new definitions to the constitution
    • Amendment to alter the end of probation
    • Amendment to add misdemeanors category
    • Amendment to restrict living in super singles for more than 1 year
    • Amendment to allow anyone to win Nauticock and allow a vote for no one
    • Amendment to allow board to deny resignations given sufficient grounds
    • Amendment to change penalty for missing participation point quota to probation

October 21st, 2018

October 21st 2018 Floor Meeting

  • Board nominations will be on the Sunday before Thanksgiving
    • You can only nominate yourself
  • We are selling CIF and nauticock stickers for $1 each, see Andrew if interested
  • SIH game night themes: SIH, RIT, 4 different interest floors, Halloween 2 electric boogaloo, Canada (green and friendly), turkey, AIF, Thanksgiving, Isabel Anderson, Clippy, Josh, Starbucks Christmas cups, Quidditch,
  • 1 shots day is this Saturday, 12-4 and 2-6
    • If interested please respond to the poll ASAP
  • SIH weekend is the weekend of the 9th
    • Meet CIF event will be that Friday, 5-7
      • Points for being around, hopefully people will drop in
      • Will need to clean up floor and suites
    • Tech seminar that Saturday, 2-3, that Saturday
    • SIH study break that Sunday 2-5
      • Points for attendance
    • SIH bonfire at 7
      • Points for attendance
    • CIFgiving will be Saturday, November 17th at 4
      • Will be a potluck
      • Will try to do Wegmans excursions
      • Try to do better than chips
      • Will try to coerce alumns to cook turkey
    • Participation point reminders will be going around
    • Quidditch is having regionals this weekend
    • Dandyhacks will be next weekend, check it out on their website, prizes and food included
    • NJR will be having an animal based show this Friday
    • We will try to organize an Anderson 3 kitchen cleanup day

September 30th, 2018

Floor Meeting Minutes 9/30/2018

  • Board has ordered a new romance novel, you can read it at your leisure
  • Game night will be October 20
    • Theme suggestions Halloween, Undertale, non-Halloween holiday, Meliora, RIT, CSH, Juggling interest floor, Canada, Oklahoma (state or musical), super Mario, memes
  • Movie night this Saturday at 6:30 in the lab, showing Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World
  • Check if your kitchen stuff is in Ethan’s box
  • Game night and tech seminar on the weekend of Nov. 10
  • SIH weekend will be Nov. 10 weekend
    • There will be a bunch of events and we need a CIF presence
  • One shots night will be Oct 27, more info to come soon
  • Lab is much cleaner, thanks Josh Coppola
    • Board is working on improvements, please send suggestions to board
    • Game systems and other gaming things, charging stations, surge protectors, better chairs
  • There will be a LARP character development night this Tuesday at 7 downstairs

September 2nd, 2018

Floor Meeting Minutes 9/2/18

  • Board is reviving the constitution and welcomes feedback on
    • Housing point adjustments for super singles
    • Adjustments to the discipline system to add options for low level infractions
    • Explicitly allowing seniors to win the Nauticock award and allowing people to vote for no-one
    • Adding the option to have a formal agreement between two parties
  • Participation point codenames are due by next floor meeting to Andrew (
  • Board has set the participation point quota for 22
    • We will be giving more points for help to plan events and similar things
    • We will be more lenient with the quota this semester as we transition to a higher total
  • Appointed positions
    • Kitchen Goddess – make sure the kitchen is clean – Ethan Otto – 3
    • Hall Council Rep – Attend hall council meetings, worth 4 points
      • More info when we know when meeting times are
    • Paparazzi – Take pictures of all our events – Clara – 2
    • King of Games – Take care of games on game nights – Ian Pope – 2
  • Game night next Saturday at 8 on floor, CIF themed, GIM beforehand at 7:30
  • Tech seminar Saturday in Douglass 401 2-3 on Unix Command Line
  • Bonding Event on the 15th in Jackson court fire pit, time TBA
  • Tommy will send out a movie night poll
    • No Princess Bride, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Spacejam, Spaceballs, Incredibles
  • Board is planning a one-shots night, may co-sponsor with AIF or MIF
  • Dues are $25 and are payable to Andrew in cash or floor donations, by next Floor meeting
  • We are selling nice shirts for $10 or old shirts for $2
  • We will work on getting CIF themed laptop stickers
  • Suitmate agreements will be handed out soon™ and will be due by next floor meeting
  • If you haven’t talk to Zane to finish room inspections, please do