Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

December 11th, 2022

Attendance: Keegan Matthews, Craig McIlwrath, Ronin Ross, Samson Tsegai, Fenway Powers, Nathaniel Angafor, Alex, Sarah

  • Recap
    • Minecraft Night
      • Not very popular
      • A few people showed up
      • Some proposed ideas: open it up to general video game nights
    • Tech Seminar
      • It didn’t really get off the ground this time around, as CSC 171 class had their final projects early
      • Timing was ultimately the issue; advertisements went out early, though next time we may want to mention it to the professors at the beginning of the semester so that we could maximize the prospects of getting advertising for all the tech seminars incorporated into lectures
    • CIFx Talks
      • Presentations were a little disorganized
      • We had 3 people
      • One of the people who was planned to show up and wanted to talk did not
      • In the future, more planning will help
  • Housing Packet
    • There is a transfer student who is potentially interested in living on CIF according to Reslife
    • Considering doing presentations at orientation-type events to recruit more
    • UHC member is interested in possibly living on CIF in a double, as they have heard horror stories about the housing lottery
  • Participation Points
    • We have hit an average of 15 and a median of 14
    • Still some concerns about people who are very low, this week’s events have not helped in that area
    • Will compile a final list of the totals
  • Tech Update
    • Craig replaced the last centOS machines with Ubuntu and are working on clearing up any remaining issues
    • Fenway got tetris working!
    • Alex wants to get a team together to get the arcade machine working
    • We have connections to StudioX so we can see if they can help out with VR stuff and use VR more next semester
  • Misc.
    • Send out constitution quiz over the break
    • Do some transition stuff over break
  • Responsibilities for Now:
    • Keegan: setting up a meeting with Nate and Samson to go over transition stuff, go to the Area Office to turn over keys
    • Ronin: getting into contact with transfer
    • Sarah: finish up participation points and talk with below the quota, do last receipt, talk with Nikhil over break about the basics, send email of last and this week’s minutes
    • Craig: get delegate emails transferred, update wiki with board members, talk with Fenway about servers
    • Alex: potential arcade game fixing


December 4th, 2022

Attendance: Keegan, Samson, Kestor, Craig, Ronin, Sarah, Nafisa, Fenway


  • Don’t Freeze Together: went decent except for the fact that CIF people did not really show up, in the future we should announce earlier on the Discord
  • Lab Event: Nothing got done unfortunately, but Fenway is making progress on the terminal
  • SIH Winterfest: We had around 6 people on the mailing list and interest in the Discord, it went pretty well but could have had a greater number of people showing up (likely largely due to the location/time)


  • We have a member interested in joining and living on CIF (a freshman), and are planning an interview this week (Wednesday @ 8:15)

Housing Packet:

  • We may be adding this person to the housing packet and moving around people


  • We have some transition stuff on the wiki
  • Junior Tech will be trained next semester

CIFx Talks:

  • This weekend we have the 171/172 review session as the tech seminar, so we should have a CIFx talk on a different day
  • We could plan it around the Saturday lab day
  • Matt Iceland is definitely doing it

Participation Points:

  • Average/median is not bad, but a considerable amount of people are at risk of not meeting the quota
  • We should prevent a participation point crisis for next semester
  • Reflect on how we can improve participation in the future

Reslife Meeting:

  • Reslife feels that SIH boards are over-burdened and are trying to have more input in discipline
  • CSAs will become important

Tech Update:

  • Tony is no longer our liaison with IT, instead a new guy is taking that position
  • Discord servers have subscriptions now


  • Contacting the 171/172 professors
  • May not have many 171 people show up because they are wrapping up before the tech seminar

Responsibilities for the Week:

  • Craig: email Pawlicki and Tony
  • Keegan: sign the housing packet, talk to Aakanksha, start getting together transition documents/process
  • Ronin: wait for the details of the interview, finalize housing packet, get flyers to Jack, continue to work on the poster
  • Sarah: do the final receipt, final participation point push, get to know Aakanksha


November 20th, 2022

Attendance: Craig McIlwrath, Keegan Matthews, Ronin Ross, Nikhil Khanna, Samson Tsegai, Sarah

  • Recap: CIFgiving
    • Attendance: Decent but could have been been better
      • Awesome turn out for food, general conversations went on for 3 hrs
      • For future reference, we’ll want to make clear how cleanup works
    • People took advantage of the participation point guidelines to make up for any deficit that they may have had, still some people who didn’t participate when it would be good for them
    • Alumni responses meant that lines of communication remained open, though it woulda been a bit nicer to have some attendance there
    • Overall, it was successful
  • CIFX Talks
    • Possible Dates: 12/03/2022, 12/04/2022
      • Preference on Saturday 12/03/2022 at 7pm
    • Vote on CIFx Talks
      • Unanimous in favor
    • We’ll have to send out an announcement for this and have it in the meeting email sent out tonight
  • Don’t Freeze Together
    • Keegan will handle arranging the Fire Pit Reservation, reach out to AIF to cosponsor it, and talk with Angie and Emily to see if we can get the majority of Jackson Court involved
    • Posters will be made by Ronin for this
    • Supplies for this will be picked up from Keegan’s hometown when he comes home
    • Smores stuff will be needed and sticks
  • SIH Winterfest
    • Still waiting to hear back from WCSA, they still need to approve the event
    • We want to get a banner and chalkboard time, but until we hear back we are really limited
    • Future E-board should be present to get practice/training
  • Tech Seminar
    • Planning is getting CIF members to show up who want to help
    • Contact 171/172 professors, advertise it with CSUG
    • Meet Purtee IRL
  • Reslife Meeting
    • Keegan will be meeting with Emily to talk about updates on CIF
    • Reslife is under the impression that they have given SIHs too much of a workload in terms of discipline
    • Formal introductions with new Co-Presidents
  • Participation Points
    • Average of 14 points
    • Skewed by low/high amount of points on both end
    • Around 7 people that are in the concerning zone
    • Need to fix the spreadsheet
  • Tech Update
    • Craig finished setting up a new server and it should be accessible to anyone with a a lab account
    • Announce this at the next floor meeting
    • Fenway is creeping toward getting the terminal to work
    • Leak seems to be not an issue
  • Misc.
    • CIF-Greenspace event: Sarah went and spoke, no CIF members showed up but others did
    • OBOC wants us to co-sponsor their fall show, we are thinking no because we are very busy
  • Responsibilities for the Week
    • Craig: make the 171/172 review poster
    • Keegan: Arrange the meeting with Emily, schedule firepit, work on Don’t Freeze Together
    • Ronin: poster for Don’t Freeze Together, get supplies, housing packet and housing plans
    • Sarah: help fix the participation point spreadsheet, do the current available refunds, contact person who could move onto CIF, try to get Purtee to help advertise the 171-172 tech seminar
    • Alex: N/A

November 13th, 2022

Attendance: Keegan, Ronin, Alex, Sarah, Raghav

General Recap: 

We will want to begin onboarding quickly, but with lots of guidance

-Tech Update: we are getting servers donated from IT from years ago finally set up, and they seem to be pretty powerful

LaTeX Tech Seminar Recap;

-Could have been advertised more (like at all)

-One person in attendance but they enjoyed it and learned some stuff

-They will use LaTeX more in the future! 🙂

Housing Packet:

-Ronin already picked it up

-Will be filled out soon

Minecraft Night Recap: 

-Went fairly well (some non-members joined)

Participation Points:

-A concerning amount of people are under 10 participation points

-Board votes to raise the # of participation points given for food to award points for each food item brought/made

Disciplinary Hearing/Community Standards Agreement:
-We are thinking of having everyone do CSAs starting next year

–Happening on Sunday the 20th at 2PM (Location probably the Lab)


-Happening on the 19th!

-Our backup plan if Keegan is unable to drive is to take the Blue Line (stops right at CVS)

-We need to increase participation from the general membership-both to increase participation and also have enough food options

-Sarah handling vegan options (plz help don’t know how to do this)


SIH Winterfest:

-1 participation point for just showing up, 2 if you help with organizing

-Dec. 4th 1-3

-We will advertise it to our membership


5 minute speeches 

Reviewing general election procedures

-Making the ballots

  • Senior Tech (Craig)
  • Junior Tech (Fenway vs. Cole)
  • Co-Presidents (Samson and Nate)
  • Logistics (Ronin)
  • Secretary-Treasurer (Nikhil)

Responsibilities for the Week: 

Keegan: Training new Presidents, coordination with other SIHs, overseeing disciplinary hearing

Ronin: helping with CIFGiving, housing packet, getting the camera

-Alex: working on sound system purchase, get arcade running

-Craig: continue working on the lab

-Sarah: preside over the election, update the participation points and come up with strategies, will try to get all receipts so we can reimburse, grade the constitution quiz

November 6th, 2022

Attendance: Craig, Keegan, Ronin, Sarah


  • AIF Collab: around 5 CIF members in attendance, good overall attendance
  • Lab/Tech Updates: sound system is tested and verified to be working! All desktops are now working as well 🙂
  • Greenspace planning: exact date/time TBD, planning for more speakers, we want mainly CIF and Greenspace speakers, CIF will provide people for the event and advertise it
  • SIH Weekend: Will be happening on the Don’t Freeze Together weekend (Dec 4th.), SIHs are planning on having presentations for each group….we are hoping to attract a sizeable amount of freshman – will be providing candy/other refreshments


  • We have a starting spreadsheet of who is bringing things for it
  • We still have time to improve it
  • Alumni are not likely to be present, but this can change quickly

Election Nomination Updates:

  • No contested elections, all slots filled
  • Keegan is rescinding his resignation to help with the transition (we have a lot of people new to CIF/eboard stuff)
  • Keegan has a dumbass plan


  • Recruitment board is ready to be used, Ronin says there are two issues but we can get them fixed (get more photos, color printer saturates the photos weirdly)
  • We need to start tabling soon (this week, next week), and we need non-board members to help table
  • Tech Seminar- (we need posters), Craig made presentation, Sarah will plan a workshop LaTeX thing to do **2-3PM, Saturday, Douglass 302**
  • Minecraft server is all good

Responsibilities for the Week: 

  • Keegan: make photography his passion, collab with SIHs, keep promoting nominations, pass along list of CIF members
  • Craig: LaTeX seminar planning, misc. tech things, remember to get SD card for camera
  • Ronin: Wednesday announcement, getting camera, adding to the recruitment poster
  • Sarah:  update participation points, make a list of the people running, then make a constitution quiz, work on the LaTeX tech seminar

October 30th, 2022

Attendance: Keegan, Ronin, Sarah, Craig, Nikhil, Alex, Nafisa

Lab Events:

  • A few people showed up for the sound system events (Lyrica, Craig)
  • Sound system is setup
  • Lab events went well, some problems fix themselves! However, there is a leak we will have to report to facilities  🙁

Game night: 

  • Somewhat successful – events going on in multiple suites on and off
  • Given that it was Halloweekend, it was not a bad turnout
  • Could be better
  • Expenditures: ~$60 for drinks and candy
  • We do have some pictures

Greenspace Collab:

  • Meeting on Monday (Sarah, Keegan, and Craig will attend)
  • We will have speakers present
  • We should discuss with Greenspace the details/logistics
  • Greenspace hopefully will take the lead on advertising

SIH Collab: 

  • SIH Weekend event will be happening on Dec. 4th
  • Lack of communication between SIHs has been a problem

Election Procedures:

  • Roles that need to be filled are Co-Presidents, Logistics, Sec-Treasurer, and Junior Tech Director
  • Co-presidency will help alleviate the work burden
  • Nominations last until the next floor meeting
  • Sarah will be writing the constitution quiz


  • 4 people have filled it out
  • No alumni have filled it out yet
  • The budget will be around $100 (food, plates, utensils)
  • Email the forms out again

Keegan’s Resignation:

  • Keegan will be stepping down
  • Stepping down on the 13th
  • Keegan will still be around in an advisory capacity
  • The presidents-elect will promptly begin their roles with a lot of support from current board members

Tech Updates:

  • Seminar on the 12th, topic and time, and the room TBD
  • Sarah is interested in doing a LaTeX workshop/seminar

Responsibilities for the Week:

  • Craig: Make posters for the seminar, make a presentation, report the leak
  • Ronin: Finishing the poster, trying to set up the VEMS stuff
  • Sarah: Update participation points, plan tech seminar on LaTeX, make the constitution quiz, build and maintain the candidate’s list
  • Keegan: work on the SIH collab, Greenspace collab, work on nominations
  • Alex: buying things for the sound system

October 23rd, 2022

Attendance: Keegan, Ronin, Sarah, Raghav, Nikhil 


  • Lab event went well, several non-board attendees (people worked on the poster)
  • Interview: went well, accepted in an associate member (Sam Knoll)
  • Responsibilities: Keegan (form is made, email sent out, President’s Council meeting was not very fruitful, skeptical of future inter-SIH collab efforts), Alex (sound system events planned), Craig (absent due to feeling sick), Ronin (got posters done and they are distributed), Sarah (URSGA has a one-shots event planned during the time, Video game club is interested still, Div said he will make a presentation for the Greenspace collab…..will reimburse when I have both receipts…..participation points spreadsheet is updated and I will keep track of everyone 6 points and below from here on out)

Greenspace Collab: 

  • Greenspace seems to want to make it into a larger event, and we would not have time and resources to do it this early
  • Sarah would be interested in being a speaker, Keegan is also interested
  • However, we think we just don’t have enough time given the scale 🙁
  • Potential idea is to have it during the SIH weekend
  • Next steps would be fliers-ideally Greenspace creates a flier we can distribute

Halloween Game Night: 

  • We are planning large bags of candy and also Coke as drinks (we are the business managers WCSA fears)
  • Keegan’s foot is hurting but he can still go to CVS!
  • We can have video games in Ronin’s suite, but also in the Core to attract people
  • Costumes, looking into decorations (budget will be $10-20 approx. $25 is hard limit
  • Sarah will remind Alexa about co-sponsorship

House of Marsha Collab: 

  • Kind of fell by the wayside
  • President inquired as to why it did not happened – short notice and lack of sound system
  • Still interested in a potential movie night with Imitation Game 
  • Logistics: we have most of the logistics covered then
  • Keegan proposes we do it on the 12th
  • We are the business managers WCSA fears!


  • Keegan will send at a when2meet for the tabling
  • We should finish the big CIF poster board
  • Tabling should start asap once the poster is made
  • Discuss more at next week’s board meeting

Responsibilities for the Week: 

  • Ronin: trying to finish the poster board, will donate the TV for the game night
  • Keegan: sending out the messages for House of Marsha, RSVP for CIFgiving, getting supplies for the game night
  • Sarah: will hopefully get all the receipts in, talk with Div and Alexa, keep on top of the participation points
  • Alex: host the sound system events
  • Craig: start working on next tech seminar


October 16th, 2022

Attendance: Keegan Matthews, Ronin Ross, Craig McIlwrath, Alex Prideaux, Sarah

  • Recap
    • Minecraft Night
      • 7 people in attendance, went until 11pm
      • Server was reset; there were some bugs, but it sounds like it wasn’t on our end
    • Dandyhacks Tech Seminar
      • 14 in attendance
      • For future reference, we’ll want to get the camera a bit earlier in advance so that we can be familiarized with how it works
      • We will have to poke Dandyhacks to get their photos
      • Advertising was sufficient, went well
  • CIF Halloween Game Night
    • Ronin will be sending out an announcement for volunteers to get the posters out, we’d like to have them distributed by Wednesday or so
    • Ideally we’ll be cosponsored with URSGA and Video Game Development
      • URSGA is on board with that, they’ll just need the poster for it
    • Food and Drinks
      • Budget: $50
        • Unanimous vote in favor
      • Food will be in the form of candy, in honor of the Halloween Theme
      • Drinks will be in the form of cans of Coke and Fanta
      • We have determined that Mango Pepsi is approved by the board of CIF
  • Tech Update
    • Still one desktop not operational, everything else is
    • Sound system is fully installed and operational, Alex will be printing out a guide for how to work it and host an event to learn how to work it this week
      • Mounting brackets haven’t yet arrived, but will arrive soonish
      • Alex will be rewiring it and altering how we work the projector to simplify the process

Greenspace Cosponsorship: Have one or two members from the groups talking about sustainable tech

  • Potential dates: November 5th
  • Will need to talk with Div and find people from CIF to help with the presentation

Election Nominations:

  • Don’t need a form, announce at floor meeting
  • Talk about the constitution quiz, we should probably have them
  • Sarah will write the quiz


  • CIF will pay for plates/utensils, probably not for food
  • People will get participation points for helping
  • Alex suggests cooking is 2 and buying is 1, but if someone makes a significant purchase we will consider giving more
  • We will have a spreadsheet for bringing things, should have members be using it more than a week ahead
  • We can email and also notify through Discord
  • Allergen/dietary restriction info (RSVP)

Responsibilities for the Week:

  • Keegan: making form for the RSVPing, floor meeting announcement for upcoming events, President’s Council coordination, arrange a meeting with Emily
  • Alex: sound system stuff
  • Craig: Halloween game night posters, some things in the lab need to be fixed
  • Sarah: coordinate with URSGA, Div, and Video game club, get receipts, participation point spreadsheet updates
  • Ronin: try to get someone to do posters and have them distributed, email/Discord alumni, GET BETTER (now.)


October 9th, 2022


Attendance: Ronin, Sarah, Craig, Keegan, Alex **FULL BOARD**



Lab Day/Lab Updates:
-Only Ronin showed up
-Need someone to help with pictures for poster (construction paper)
-Ronin has an idea of what to do for making posters

-Vacuumed a little

-Craig says there is only one more computer to fix in the lab
-Sound system will be installed this week (receipt needs to be forwarded)

-We will be doing a lab day this weekend (please come for participation points!)


Participation Point Updates:

-We have a list of all those under 5 participation points
-Came up with plans/strategies to increase point totals
-Will be doing a better job of keeping up with events
-We have some ideas for more events )

-Anyone (especially people who have 5 or less participation points) can contact Sarah any time to discuss them, please also notify Sarah any time if you see that participation points have not been added to the spreadsheet


-Will be having a CIF workshop on Git (11:30 AM)
-We are giving participation points for those who go to the workshop

-We have CIF representation on the organizing team and teams so PLEASE SHOW UP

-Needs to start this week 

-Recruitment materials? (waiting on poster)

-Check on shirt #s/potentially ordering more

Minecraft Night:
-Coming up on the 13th
-Poll says to restart the server

Halloween Game Night:
-Will contact URSGA e-board to collab
-Also collab with video game dev club (contact Alexa)


AIF collab:
-Will be watching a series so have to see how it turns out

Sanitation Update:
-Bathroom issue continuing (a sign may be go on the stall)

-Kitchen needs to be cleaned up after using it
-Someone took Keegan’s kitchen stuff when he was not here, also knocked over some things, moved pans
-Will check kitchen periodically to make sure it is clean

Responsibilities for the Week:

-Craig: prepare for the workshop, prepare for mc night, get desktop in the lab up and running, look for construction paper
-Alex: setting up sound system, digital receipt

-Ronin: gathering materials for posters, tabling, getting camera for taking pictures of events
Keegan: onboarding, meeting, organizing the tabling

Sarah: doing sec-treas stuff, contact both alexa and ursga e-board, continue talking to people about participation points
General: keeping living conditions/cleanliness high on CIF

October 2nd, 2022

10/02/22 Board Meeting
Attendance: Ronin, Craig, Keegan, Sarah, Alex, Lyrica, Kestor


  • Recap:
    • S’mores Night:
      • It went pretty well (Craig) – plenty of material, the fire went well, lasted around about an hour
      • No alumni showed up which was unfortunate (Keegan)
      • Not a huge problem (Craig)
      • Alex will give a receipt for s’mores materials
    • Lab Time
      • SysAdmins showed up
      • Non-sys admins showed up
      • ⅗ desktops not working
    • Game Night
      • Game Night went until midnight
      • Very impressive
      • The addition of food was well worth it (Keegan)
      • Definitely notable for future
      • 16 full members
      • 21+ with non-full members
      • Keegan didn’t get a receipt for the pizza (about 40$) because it was done via phone, using internet would be better in the future
      • About 55$ with plates and napkins
  • Dues
    • 4 who haven’t paid dues will be bumped down
    • 1 person has said they will pay dues at the floor meeting
    • Will be removed from dues sheet, have their status changed in the contact list and discord roles
  • Participation Points:
    • Looking pretty good
    • Avg of 6.01 (without 4 who are being dropped down)
    • Looking pretty on track for internal points goals
    • 3 people are worry cases, 1 has already informed Keegan that he may not be able to due to being off-floor
    • Tabling is a good way for people to get points
  • Dandyhacks
    • 11:30 AM on Oct. 15th (Satuday)
    • Presentation from last year but Craig might modify
    • Intro to Git
    • Craig doesn’t think they’ll need anything about it
    • We need to check with Dandyhacks if they’ll be advertising or how we’ll be involved
    • Craig doesn’t need volunteers
    • We need to get the location
  • SIH Weekend
    • When SIH Weekend?
      • MIF and AIF are participating in Don’t Freeze together
      • Make the Friday-Saturday of Don’t Freeze SIH Weekend fest
      • Keegan likes the idea
      • Greenspace and House of Marsha participation would be nice
      • Will soon be getting a better idea of what this will entail
    • AIF
      • Proposal: possible movie night collab
      • Cyberpunk: Edgerunners on the 22nd Oct. or the 5th (of November) collab.
      • We should have the sound system set up by then
      • Alex can give a quick tutorial on the sound system by then
      • Ask if AIF can do the posters (and we’ll help distribute)
      • We’ll need to see if it needs to be members only (due to copyright)
        • Could use it for recruitment
      • AIF prefers Nov. 5th, we don’t have a preference
  • Election
    • Ranked-choice voting
    • Elana is tie-breaker
    • Elana will count
  • Craig and Alex haven’t connected yet about possible future tech events
    • Will attempt to coordinate
  • Recruitment
    • Setting up recruitment tabling for this Thursday?
      • Might be a good idea to get the remake of our recruitment poster
      • Open to general membership
      • Can be part of lab time this week
  • Keegan will be on leave for this week, will not be in contact w/regards to CIF at all
    • Ronin will be acting president for the week but ideally, nothing will come up that will require official action
  • Misc:
    • September appointed position points
      • Kitchen Goddes (Nate): Kitchen cleaned up – two points
      • SysAdmin (Emmerysn and Kestor): 1 point each
      • Flyboy (Jack): 1 point (I will ask Jack who else put flyers up)
      • GameMaster (Keegan): 1 point, Fenway also gets a point
      • Social Media Czar (Keegan, acting):
      • Lab Lord:
      • Poster Design: will need one for Halloween game night
    • Participation point to someone who brings someone onto CIF


  • Questions, comments, concerns?
    • None atm


September 25th, 2022


Attended by Keegan, Alex, Craig, Sarah, Kestor, Richard, Ronin, Alexa (delegate from Video Game Dev Club), 


  • Video Game Dev Club
    • Video game design
    • It doesn’t require coding experience
    • Variety of skills
    • Lack of experience in 3d modeling or programs like adobe
      • Workshops to help train members
      • Trying to do Studio X collab for 3d modeling
      • Want to know about video game design
      • Game jam plans for October “Spooktober”
    • Can probably get CIF people able to participate in game jam
    • Maybe we can get CIF people with game design experience
    • Sarah knows about web game development
    • When would this happen? Where?
      • Rettner 201, Fridays 5-6PM (General member meetings)
      • Game Jam ends Oct 31st 
    • Have them co-sponsor Halloween game night?
      • They also want a social activity
      • Mario Kart tournament
    • Keegan will help Alexa get on the Discord server to help coordination
    • Agree to mutually advertise events
  • Minecraft Night Recap
    • Lot of participation went well
    • Anything to improve?
      • Craig thinks not worth doing much more in the way of advertising
      • Nice to have smaller events mainly for CIF
  • Tech Seminar Recap
    • Pretty well
    • Half civ members half nonmembers
    • 7 attendance (or maybe 8-9?)
    • Filled up requested room
    • May need bigger rooms
    • Presentation
      • Better security
      • More stuff about using C
      • More focus on 173, 252 students for advertising
      • Be more forceful in advertising
  • Community tech projects/specific teaching 
    • Potentially allow code review, server space for personal project
    • Craig and Alex will communicate over this week to consider these possibilities
  • Sarah mentions existing ideas to broaden tech seminars
    • Sarah offers to direct tech seminar
    • Alex suggests enabling members to participate in forwarding CIF events
    • Quasi return of CIFx talks
    • Ask people what they want to see
  • Alex brings up making some sort of way to structure CIF funds
  • Announcing to members that they can propose ideas to board
    • Seeding a culture of participation, hopefully allow people to have more experiences, and more involvement 
    • Craig says having the Lab/used more will help
  • Nate appointed Kitchen Goddess
  • Dues 
    • Elana will be paying on the 2nd
    • Keegan needs to give in 
    • 7 full members haven’t paid and are not currently being expected to pay in the near future or otherwise not accounted for
    • Need to make sure all floor members are accounted for
  • Alex questions why non-paying members get dropped to friends of CIF and not associate
    • Would have to amend the constitution to change that, maybe for another day
  • Important to notify non-paying members that they will lose their status if they don’t pay and don’t contact board
  • Participation points sheet
    • Got names of people at Activities Fair
    • Craig will add the sheet to the website
    • Oct. 16th – Keegan will message people under half of points quota 
    • Records important for E4E
  • Nikhil, Sarah, Cole nominated themselves so far
  • Firepit training 30th
    • Sarah
    • Samson
    • General reminder
  • Will need to get smores materials for Friday
  • Chips for game night
  • Keegan estimates about a $35-40 for pizza for 12 people
    • We could cover multiple game night
  • Salvatore’s
  • Craig will see if Hillside has s’mores material and if not we will need to get them elsewhere 

September 18th, 2022

  • Jack and Sara, are also here
  • NSBE went really well, would like to do again and more formalized
  • We are set to go for the Smores – Fire training will be on the 30th earlier in the day
  • Hopefully tabling Thursday
  • Movie night dead for the moment, WCSA killed it, Keegan is looking for other options/ideas like the 29th
    • Sarah might have a professor who could host for the 22nd
    • Craig suggests pushing it back to the next week to get more time to advertise it
  • We will try to get AIF on board for Minecraft Night co-event on Friday
  • Holding off discussion with video game club because e-board all got the flu and are incapacitated; should be good for next week
  • No idea who tried to get into the lab before the vandalism, will send info to ResLife and report on the lab access vandalism and poster vandalism 
    • Have the ID
  • Not a lot we can do outside of the lab security-wise
  • Proposed budget presented by Keegan
  • Need to collect the rest of dues
    • Craig double-checked and failure to pay dues drops you down to Friend of CIF status
Item/ Subitem Budgeted Fall Present Year
Game Nights $125
Game Library $50
Other Events $50
Tech $500
Kitchen $50
Misc $150
Prorated Dues $0
Total $925
Expected Dues: $800
Dues Collected:
Dues Rollover:
Beginning of the Semester Balance: $1,242.55
Expected balance at the End of the Semester: $1,117.55
End of the Semester Balance:
Treasury Net Change:
  • Dandyhacks
    • They seem to want us to participate
    • Tech Seminar on GitHub on October 15th
    • Presumably they’d be getting us the room with a projector or display
  • Keegan will make the poll for Alumni planning to attend Mel weekend 
  • Craig update
    • Lab computers don’t have Ethernet connection
    • Regular event to work on the lab on Friday mornings (tentatively)
  • Keegan needs help uploading minutes to the website
  • Participation points spreadsheet will be handled by Keegan
  • Floor meeting agenda:
    • Upcoming events
      • Mel Weekend
      • Minecraft Night on Friday 8-late, IP on Discord
      • Tech Seminar on Saturday at 2-3PM Douglass 302
      • Next floor meeting on Oct. 2nd
      • UHC movie night canceled
    • Dues (mention at beginning), collect at the end
    • Nomination for SecTres election – short and no details
    • Ask if anyone wants to be kitchen goddess and

September 11th, 2022

  • Sarah was also here + all the board + Kate
  • Interview went well
  • Keegan leveraging connections to do tabling
  • Alex wants to buy sound system for $170 that anybody should be able to use, make lab media accessible 
  • Alex suggests referring someone to CIF who joins the floor to get housing points, maybe already a thing? Need to check constitution
  • Elana points out that the constitution is now more easily amended
  • Elana wants to ask membership about what they would like to see change, taking advantage of new constitutional procedures 
  • Craig’s tech mentorship concept
  • More movie nights
  • Keegan is Kitchen Goddess
  • Jack is Flyboy
  • Emy, Kestor is SysAdmin
  • Kento membership, but wants to be a member? To be Social Media Czar
    • Alex and Sarah also volunteer to participate to make content and such
  • Need someone to be Game Master
    • Re-advertise
    • Keegan as interim
  • Lab Lord – ask Kestor if he’d rather do this or SysAdmin
  • Co-sponsorships
    • Thursday, 7pm this week is the NSBE
  • Minecraft night pushed back September 23rd
  • Tech Seminar should be good to go
    • Just need to distribute flyers
  • Need for for alumni attending meliora weekend
    • For housing arrangements if they want to crash on floor
  • Elana suggests getting long term contact info from graduating people, alumni so their info is up-to-date
  • Fire training so we can requisition the fire pit 
  • Alex offered to use his off campus house if necessary but probably wouldn’t be as easy 
  • Keegan doing tabling, doctor’s appointment conflict maybe, see if other people are interested
    • Keegan can do 11am-1pm Thursday if he is available

September 4th, 2022



Board Meeting Attendance: Craig McIlwrath, Keegan Matthews, Ronin Ross, Kestor Brown, Sarah O’Connor, Elana Elman, David Tang, Lyrica

  • Recap: Activities Fair
    • Good turn out of volunteers
    • At least a dozen who turned out, with 15+ people seemingly interested
      • A sizeable number scanned the QR code, didn’t join
      • 4 emails of new people plus Michael (who is a regular
    • Nat asked to be lowered to associate membership
    • All and all, this was a positive for CIF – we got on a lot of people’s radars, good foundation to build off of for the coming weeks
  • Recap: Game Night
    • Attendance and duration were good 
    • Advertising will improve numbers, but all and all for the short notice, we did quite well
    • Should have a video game suite for future game nights
    • Individual snacks is another thing to add
    • Lyrica says hi
  • Great Pasta Debate
    • An ongoing struggle for the soul of cuisine
  • Appointed Positions
    • Flyboy/Flygirl – Ronin and Keegan emergency backups
    • CIS Admin – Sarah and Kestor are interested
    • Game King
    • Kitchen Goddess
    • Social Tsar – We need to update our recruitment materials badly, we don’t have access to the Facebook group, will need to get that from Lloyd
    • Lab Lord – Lyrica has offered to do so
    • Posters – Offer individual points (1 point per poster)
      • Unanimous in favor
  • Cosponsorships
    • National Society of Black Engineers – They want to cosponsor an event Thursday in order to further introduce ourselves with them; this is a good
    • UHC/House of Marsha – We think the 22nd would work best for CIF, could use the lab in short notice
    • Video Game Development – Keegan will contact their president to see what they want to do
    • URSGA – We should cosponsor a game night with them, potentially for the Halloween Game Night
      • We used to suggest board games to purchase, might want to do an informal
    • AIF – We should Minecraft night with AIF, Keegan will coordinate with their president to gauge interest in one on the 15th of September
  • Interview Planning
    • We need to send out an email to Krish Jain
    • Date Planning: 7:30pm, next Sunday
    • Craig will print out a poster
  • Tabling
    • We need to start ASAP
    • Tuesdays and Wednesdays alternating by weekly (this week is Wednesday)
    • Keegan will do it Wednesday with one other
  • Tech Seminar
    • Intro to Unix is the topic
    • Craig will make a short description and modify the poster, to be sent in the board chat for Elana
    • Elana will reach out to professors about advertising, particularly Professor Ferguson ASAP
  • Craig’s Tech 
    • To be discussed next week
  • Dates
    • Dues by the 18th
    • Codenames ASAP
  • Responsibilities
    • Craig: Preparing posters and sheet for new members
    • Ronin: Putting up the tech seminar on CCC, tabling, and organizing events

Floor Meeting Minutes

November 13th, 2022

Upcoming Events:

  • CIFGiving (11/19): We need more people to bring food/related items, and are giving out points per item brought!
  • SIH Winterfest (Dec 4): We will need people to table/present, and of course, simply show up
  • CIF-Greenspace Collab (11/18, 3:30-5): Please show up if you are at all interested in sustainable technology (there will also be a CS related talk)!


  • Co-Presidents: Nate and Samson
  • Logistics: Ronin
  • Senior Tech: Craig
  • Junior Tech: Fenway vs. Cole (Fenway won)
  • Sec-Treas: Nikhil

October 30th, 2022

Upcoming Events:

  • Tech Seminar coming up on the 12th, will be on LaTeX  (time/location TBD)
  • Minecraft Night coming up
  • CIFGiving coming up later on (please fill out the RSVP form), and volunteer to bring things


  • Positions up for nominations include Co-Presidents (one person can nominate themselves although 2 are encouraged), Logistics, Junior Tech Director, and Secretary-Treasurer
  • Elections will be happening on the 13th (the next floor meeting)
  • Even if you are not running, it’s important to attend
  • Nominees will have to pass an easy constitution quiz (probably open book) if they are elected
  • New officers will have the support of previous board members with many years of experience (called Shadowboard)
  • If you want to nominate yourself, please reach out to Board and notify Sarah if possible so you can be added to the list of candidates
  • Currently, there are no nominees for Presidents

October 16th, 2022

  • Upcoming Events
    • Lab Events
      • Alex will be hosting a lab event dealing with the sound system on Saturday, time tbd
      • Craig will be doing a lab event on Saturday at 6pm
    • Halloween Game Night 10/29/2022
      • Food and Drinks will be provided
      • Open to everyone, will be cosponsored by URSGA and the Video Game Development Club
      • If you are interested in dressing up for the Halloween Game Night, feel free to do so
  • Election Nominations
    • They are in two weeks, so if you are possibly interested in running for a position, keep that in mind
    • Nominations for Officer Positions begin on October 30th
    • Positions open are as follows
      • President
      • Logistics Director
      • Senior Tech Director
      • Junior Tech Director
      • Secretary-Treasurer
  • Greenspace Cosponsorship
    • Greenspace is looking to do an event with CIF, possibly on the 5th of November
    • Floor members and Board have indicated interest, more details will be necessary

October 2nd, 2022

  • Board meeting gets participation points easy
  • Floor meeting on the 16th – mandatory for all full members
  • Minecraft Night on the 13th
    • People, who want to reset the server?
    • Also will be a poll on the Discord server
  • Dandyhacks upcoming
    • Between 13-15th
    • CIF will be having tech seminar on the 15th at 11:30 AM on how to use Git
    • Will be in the Douglass Ballroom
  • Video Game Club Jam all month Oct.
    • The link to their server will be posted in Discord
  • Halloween upcoming
    • Game Night on the 29th, open to all members
    • Can dress up!
    • Will be hybrid video game/board games
  • Participation points reminder
    • 16th of October = halfway point of the semester
    • The quota is 15 points
    • Ask Keegan what his codename is or get one to him real quick
    • Can be found via the footer of CIF’s website
  • Sanitation announcement
  • Craig passes out ballots
  • Lab events 6-7 on Saturdays
  • Elections:
    • Cole
    • Sarah
    • Nikhil
  • Sarah goes first
    • Business manager training, previous treasurer experience, has been to almost every board meeting this semester, very veteran CIF member
    • Her schedule:
      • More busy on Tuesday but otherwise not super busy
      • She likes windmills both modern and old-fashioned
  • Cole goes next
    • He can complain and will complain to make CIF better
    • Will ask for little screwdrivers and textbooks that are not older than himself
    • Textbook to classes CIF members are taking
    • If a printer breaks down, Cole will have the tech directors fix it
    • Cole thinks windmills are good, all the best kind, the ones that are giants
    • Cole will fistfight a windmill at Waffle House
    • His schedule:
      • 4 classes, most free on Monday, Weds., Fridays and most of the weekend
  • Nikhil goes next
    • Philosophical discourse on the meaning of treasury, money, and how trustworthy of money. Money is meaningless and thus Nikhil can be trusted with it
    • What does he value in life?
    • What is his inflationary power
      • Stage a coup
    • Physical goal as treasurer
      • Rooming points and getting to know CIF better
    • Willing to fist-fight printer?
      • Yes
    • What do you think about windmills?
      • The industrial revolution and its consequences
      • Windmills are a product of the industrial revolution

September 4th, 2022

  • asic introductions
  • Appointed position nominations:
    • Kitchen Goddess – keep floor kitchen clean: Keegan
    • Flyboy – distributes flyers across campus: Ronin, Jack
    • Sysadmin –  help Craig: Emeryson, Kestor
    • Social Media Czar – runs social media, gets up to date recruitment visuals: Kento
    • Game Master – handles board games for game night: Keegan
    • Lab Lord – cleans lab: Kestor
    • 1 point per poster created on an individual basis: Emy, Ryan, David
  • Dues
    • 25$ this semester
    • Due by the 18th
  • Codenames also due by the 18th
  • Need volunteers for tabling
    • 1 participation point per tabling session
    • Ideally one old and one new member
    • Word of mouth is also helpful for recruitment
  • More members increases fun!!!
  • Form for tabling by tomorrow (?)
  • Events coming up:
    • Cosponsored event with Nat’l Society of Black Engineers
      • Douglass Leadership House – Frat Quad
      • Good way to introduce yourself to a peer group
    • Minecraft night
    • Open to everyone
    • 15 point quota this semester 
    • Tech Seminar on the 24th on Unix, Douglass 302
    • House of Marsha, 2nd, Movie Night on Alan Turing
  • Next board meeting next Sunday, etc.