Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

April 30th, 2008

G: CIFnic

  • Ordered food for 40 people
  • Food will be picked up at 2:30
  • People are baking stuff for dessert
  • Cars will be needed to move stuff/people to GVP

T: Emails detailing some end of year technology procedures will be sent soon

  • Account setup
  • Mailing list stuff

T: Working on putting together classes and some speakers for next semester

  • Tones and Dan know about needing to move their equipment out of the cage

M: Mailing lists are being worked on, alumni are being added and removed

G: Probation Hearing for Robbie and Sara

  • The number results of both votes are to be sealed for 4 years from today.
  • Sara is not on probation
  • Robbie is on probation with the following conditions
    • He must operate within the bounds of the constitution
    • Targeting of anyone will not be allowed
    • There will be a review meeting at the 2nd to last board meeting in October

Respectfully Submitted,
Gabe Schwartz

April 23rd, 2008

T: MSDNAA works and people’s accounts are active

G: CIFnic

  • 5/3/2008
  • $5 CIF member
  • $8 non-CIF member
  • Alumni free
  • Food @ around 3pm

G: Laser tag “CIF pew pew”

  • 27th
  • $13 per person for 2 games
  • Games at 3:20 and 4pm

G: Probation request for Robbie and Sarah

  • Made in regards to security reports
  • Requested conditions are a letter to floor with apologies and not again
  • The hearing/meeting on the issue will be the next board meeting April 30th.

G: Welcome new member Greg Hartman.

Respectfully Submitted,
Gabe Schwartz

April 16th, 2008

T: We now have MSDNAA

  • 3 years free
  • This means software for CIF and for members

There will be lab cleaning going on this week

  • We will be recycling much of our unused computer equipment via facilities
  • The projector will get mounted

G: Friday, movie night

  • Attack the Gas Station

M: Membership Apps — we will need to meet them

  • Greg Hartman
  • Jay Slater

G: CIFnic – May 3rd

  • Food type TBA

G: Expectations for Excellence

  • In progress
  • We need to schedule a meeting with Burt, Robbie will do that

G: Next board meeting will be at 9pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Gabe Schwartz

April 2nd, 2008

T: We have the projector – it arrived today

  • Needs to be mounted
  • We should get CIF members to contact Freshmen who are interested in studying CS
  • Prof. Pawlicki would also allow us to send CIF propaganda to spread awareness
  • Labmaster is now operational on the new hardware
    • In the future we will have a labstaff session in the lab where we will setup the new computers (donated from the Advancement Center)

S: I will reimburse Bryan for the cost of the projector which he purchased for $714.71
G: Laser tag — work with Dylan

  • Date – we need to see interest and how much it would cost first

G: CIFnic – May 3rd

  • DinoBBQ?
  • Need to plan more – prices, etc

G: CIFover –  April 25th

  • Food event

G: Puzzle event

  • Date – TBA dependent on finishing the puzzle

Respectfully Submitted,
Gabe Schwartz

March 31st, 2008

G: On the topic of housing on CIF

  • There is one open spot on floor (resolved after the acceptance of Andrew)
  • Dominique and Craig are the only people who have not turned in their contract forms (resolved after the meeting)

Sec: We will be getting checks to go with the chase account $18.95 will be deducted from the account automatically and picked up at the bank

  • We now have online access to the account information

G: New Member
Andrew Agnello
Yay: 4
Nay: 0
Abstain: 1

T: It looks like we might be able to get an MSDNAA account through Sagar — He is looking into it.

Respectfully Submitted,
Gabe Schwartz

March 26th, 2008

T: Donations of lab equipment from the Alumni Center will be picked up at 4pm this friday

  • Projector quote from Dennis is $700 will be brought up to floor at next floor meeting

Ch: The lab card reader will be replaced with a key pad system on Friday, if not we can get a new key from the area office.

S: Board will meet on Friday at 3pm at the Bank

G: Dylan wants to do an event to Dino BBQ with CIF, we can make it joint CIF and center doubles and get towers council to pay for some.

  • link with CIFnic?

G: Ugly Man on Campus, send picture to Bryan.

  • As we have not picked a charity he will pick a reasonable one.

G: Half Shekel is running a slack-o-thon they would like CIF to participate, up.

  • The info will be sent to floor.

G: New Member
Chelsea Rae Marsh
Yay: 5
Nay: 0
Abstain: 0

Probation of Stacey Stahl

  • For defacement of a Special Interest Housing Week Poster

Closed the vote: Yes
Yay: 4
Nay: 0
Abstain: 1

*Probate: Stacey is not on probation
Yay: 2
Nay: 1
Abstain: 2

*Make vote and related minutes confidential (for 4 years as per the constitution): No
Yay: 2
Nay: 1
Abstain: 2

Respectfully Submitted,
Gabe Schwartz

March 19th, 2008

G: Dragon egg/easter egg hunt and Smash tournament on Saturday

  • Flyers are going up
  • There is a request for $50 for the purchase of eggs and candy
    • Aye: 5
    • Nay: 0
    • Abstain: 0

G: Brian, Gabe and Craig will be presenting our Expectations for Excellence to reslife on Friday afternoon.

G: New Member Javier Castillo
Aye: 5
Nay: 0
Abstain: 0

Respectfully Submitted,
Gabe Schwartz

March 5th, 2008

G: Probation of Dan Linford

Aye: 5
Nay: 0
Abstain: 0
Condition: That he not miss two consecutive floor meetings without good reason and notification.

Ch: Robert Ramsay requests that Stacey be placed on probation for conduct.
A hearing on this will be scheduled at a later date (at a board meeting after spring break)

T: We have been offered computers and other equipment by UIT a possible time for pickup would be March 18th 6pm
-We need from them a complete inventory of items to see what we want.
-We would coordinate the donations of anything we do not want.

G: The agreement to be made with Ian has been written up, it needs to be gone over with him and finalized.

G: New Members
Linda Clough
Aye: 5
Nay: 0
Abstain: 0

Mario Morales
Aye: 5
Nay: 0
Abstain: 0

Von Holguin
Aye: 3
Nay: 0
Abstain: 2

Respectfully Submitted,
Gabe Schwartz

February 27th, 2008

T: Bryan is now the elected head of the labstaff committee.

  • Work has begun in bringing the new linux server online and as part of that the virtual machine that will run the web site is now running
  • There were worries about being locked into some Microsoft products( specifically Active Directory) however there is a way to move the information so if we get rid of the windows server there will be no problems.
  • Isaac is continuing to work on the card reader.
  • We now have an digital version of the constitution that we can edit, Gabe will be making the changes to it according to the amendments that have been passed, which will then need to be passed on to Burt and someone at ITS ( as per the constitution)

Ch: We need to work on the expectations for excellence as they are due shortly.

  • We need to have a copy of the old expectations, Rob or Kristen would have them.

G: Our housing lottery will be held on March 27th at 10pm — Gabe and Craig will put together peoples point totals according to the appropriate point system

S: Dan Linford has missed all 3 floor meetings we should look to place him on probation
Vote in favor of starting procedures to place Dan on probation -passed
Yay: 5
Nay: 0
Abstain: 0

M: There needs to be a section on the web site for information relevant to prospective members something akin to an FAQ – process documentation

G: New Members
Christopher Hill
Yay: 5
Nay: 0
Abstain: 0

Iana Shmelkina
Yay: 5
Nay: 0
Abstain: 0

Respectfully Submitted,
Gabe Schwartz

February 20th, 2008

G: Posters for game night have been going up.

  • Games in core
  • Consoles in suites
  • Food is taken care of

T: Bryan is donating a server, this will be used for the infrastructure of our services

  • Labstaff meeting this weekend will be planning what we want to provide and how it will be setup.
    • There is interest in providing the scheduling scripts that were used for floor meetings to the university at large as a service.
  • Bar code reader is here and will be used as a temporary measure
  • We need to make a method of attaching it to the wall and linking it with the door lock – both are in the works

G: The Ionic breeze on loan from the corner store is in the lab and works.

Ch: The donation from Explore Rochester IT has come in, they gave us $200.00

M: There are new applicants for CIF, we will arrange to meet them

Ch: The “Ugly Man on Campus” penny war is a good event to participate in, it is run by Alpha Phi Omega (Issac is a member)

  • We need to get a picture and a charity by April 13th
  • This will be brought up at the floor meeting

G: Ian gave his proposal to board:

  • He would like us to be open in our policies and processes (place them online etc)
  • Look into the issue of revoking membership (i.e. making it so one was never a member), he would like to see a time limit on when that can take place
    • We will look into the constitution to see what it says and what might need to be changed
  • These would result in a monthly gift to CIF

Respectfully Submitted,
Gabe Schwartz

February 13th, 2008

G: Movie night did not go over very well — probably causes: movie, location (not in Anderson).

  • One solution would be to get a projector through class tech

T: There will be wireless in the lab soon, and a temporary solution to the card reader is to use a bar code reader, which has been purchased.

  • The server bought from Dylan is on its way to being operational and will be running our services soon.
  • Bryan will be potentially donating some equipment to CIF in the form of lab computers.
  • We would still like to use the card reader, we shall continue working with Burt and facilities.
  • The script for meeting times will be run this weekend.

Ch: No response yet from Ian, an email will be sent to find out what is going on.

G: The ionic breeze in the corner store can be borrowed by us, but must be returned as soon as they ask for it back, Craig can get it.

G:There is a calendar on the CIF website which will be used to manage events

  • Game Night
    • Craig and Sara will be coordinating it
    • Wendy has the flyer from the last one.
    • Board games in the core, consoles in suites
    • Food

G: We need to prune the Campus Club Connection list of CIF members — Craig is on that

M: New member application – Branden Peterman

Respectfully Submitted,
Gabe Schwartz

February 6th, 2008

T: The electrician who was looking into helping us with the card readers does not think he can help. We should see if Burt (Area Coordinator) can help us.

M: There is a new membership application we need to review it and then make it live.

G: We are looking to have a game night around the 1st of March, this would be on floor.

G: Movie Night, we will have it in Gleason on Friday.

G: In our continuing revisions of the housing points system another possible modification is to make it such that members can nominate a member (not themselves) to get points upon approval from board for good works.

-Respectfully Submitted
Gabe Schwartz

January 30th, 2008

T: We are still working with facilities about getting the card reader working.

  • The web form which is being used to collect schedule information from members for meeting times is almost complete we should have a result soon.

Ch: Ian has not gotten back to us yet. We will give him more time, since it is possible he is putting together his proposal.

G: We cannot reserve Gleason for movie night due to the restriction that educational programs can only reserve the space. Though we can use it if no one is there. We could possibly get a a projector through class tech and run it in the lab.

G: We might want to get a fan/ionic breeze for the lab to help deal with the dust and general air quality of the lab.  This will be looked into for cost and benefit.

Ch: We should look to revise the membership application, membership director will report back on that.

G: Votes on prospective members

Frank Yeung : Accepted
Aye 5
Nay 0
Abstain 0

John Brimlow : Accepted
Aye 5
Nay 0
Abstain 0

Ashley Orillion: Accepted (on 2/1/2008 – due to scheduling conflict)
Aye 4
Nay 0
Abstain 1

G: Votes on committees

*zombie defense force : passed
Aye 3
Nay 0
Abstain 2

*toilet paper rolling : not passed
Aye 0
Nay 5
Abstain 0

*CIF beautification : passed
Aye 5
Nay 0
Abstain 0

*event planning : passed
Aye 3
Nay 0
Abstain 2

*movie night : not passed (to be combined under event planning)
Aye 0
Nay 4
Abstain 1

*labstaff : passed
Aye 5
Nay 0
Abstain 0

*help@cif : passed
Aye 5
Nay 0
Abstain 0

*advertising : passed
Aye 5
Nay 0
Abstain 0

*fundraising : passed
Aye 3
Nay 0
Abstain 2

G: For those committees that have been passed if you would like to be on them, at the next floor meeting you will be able to sign up.

G: With regards to the proposed housing points system it will be re-proposed at the next floor meeting with revisions to deal with criticisms raised at the floor meeting.  At this time the discretionary points section might be replaced with points for specific actions such as: referal of a person who becomes a member, creation of/running of a succesful event.  Some problems with this possibility are the criteria for a successful event and what if multiple people create/run the event.

-Respectfully Submitted
Gabe Schwartz

January 23rd, 2008

T: Our attempts to fix the card reader were not entirely successful so a work order was put in to get facilities to fix it. It is possible that this would mean that we would no longer have control over the card reader and in effect lab access. Though it might be possible to give them a list of people that we want to give access to. No matter who has control over lab access we will have complete camera coverage of the lab and our goal is to require an account to be able to use computers/resources of the lab so physical access will be less of an issue.

G: A calender will be added to the CIF website, this will be used to list all events/meetings things of importance and will be able to send an email to floor@ when events are added/upcomming.

G: A formal list of members with complete contact information will be compiled by Chair and Membership, as they both have versions.

T: In order to not have to prune the list of squaretable accounts manually, accounts will need to be reactivated at some point after the end of each school year, contingent upon having a valid netid and password (being a valid university student/employee).

G: The draft CIF AUP was not presented but will be as soon as possible, possible the next floor meeting (Friday the 25th) since it needs to be presented to floor in any case.

Ch: An email has been written to send to Ian Marcuson in regards to his query about sponsorship but the contact info we have is out of date, Chair will get a current email address and send to that.

G: There are pending applications to CIF and membership secretary is in contact with them. As soon as we and floor have chances to meet them votes on membership will take place as proscribed by standing policy.

G: All standing items which pertain to amendments to the constitution will need to be formally presented to floor so procedures on amendments maybe followed. (The Friday the 25th meeting is the most likely date)

G: The rest of the meeting was spent on creating an amendment for the constitution pertaining to housing and participation points as board feels that the current system needs to be revised. The system itself will be presented to floor at the floor meeting on Friday the 25th.

-Respectfully Submitted
Gabe Schwartz

January 18th, 2008

G: As per the constitution we have set the default times for board and floor meetings. Board meetings will be held at 6:30pm Wednesday once a week. Floor meetings will be held Fridays at 5pm every other week starting next week (January 25th). Floor meetings were moved up from last semester in an attempt to minimize conflicts. If you have or will have a recurring conflict with this time please bring it to the attention of board.

Dues will be $20.00 and due by February 1, 2008 to Gabe.

In an effort to control the length and focus of meetings an agenda will be published before each meeting. If there is something that you would like to be discussed at the meeting tell either Robbie or Gabe, before the agenda is published, who will then add it to the agenda.

T: The description of the position of tech director in the constitution is open ended and in effect does not define the role as it should be and a result should be edited to include a better description of the role including the use of an Authorized User Policy. A draft AUP will be presented to board at the next board meeting.

G: In agreement with the tech directors concerns about position descriptions in the constitution a review will be conducted and each board member will identify items which they feel need to be clarified to the next board meeting.

T: The lab is still closed due to the broken card reader, though a new card reader has been installed it is not yet active. There are no anticipated issues in activating the new reader and the lab is expected to be open within the next 1-2 weeks.

  • Dylan, the RA, is selling components for a server which would be useful to us for $290 since we will need to own a server instead of using other peoples.
    • As this involves more than $100 it will be brought up at the next floor meeting for discussion.
  • Brian is willing to donate some computers for the lab and Robbie is looking to sell some components to us.

S: Old board, new board and Tones will need to meet to transfer control of the chase account to new board, Tones is needed because old board did not meet to remove him from the account last semester. This will hopefully be done soon but no time has been set because Tones has not been contacted.

G: There are a few issues related to the usefulness of the chase account and whether a different account would be better, this will be looked in to but not considered completely until the account is transfered over to the current board.

Ch: Iain Marcuson has contacted us about some form of sponsorship contingent on meeting certain critera in how we manage CIF. Chair will be contacting Iain about the details and will present the proposal to board as soon as possible.

There will be a special interest housing week on either the last or second to last week of February and CIF will get a day for an event to showcase CIF. We need to decide what we want to do for our event. Potential ideas include: a game night (board games, consoles, food), a LAN party.

G: To facilitate events and advertising for events we would like to create a few committees to coordinate happenings

  • help@cif: run help@cif as well as make sure that campus knows about it
  • movie night: to select movie, reserve a room( as we do not have a projector)
  • game night: procure games, food, organize the event
  • advertisement: work with other committees to create and place flyers
  • fundraising: identify ways in which we could generated funds for cif beyond dues
  • lab staff: maintain and operate the lab and all relevant systems

Committees will be brought up at the next floor meeting as well as the next board meeting.

Movie nights could be held in the gleason theater, it would need to be signed out. Also we need to find out the largest number of people we can have at movie night without having to worry about IP rights.

Ch: We should hold a large “game night”, in March?, with LAN tournaments, consoles, board games, food. Potentially in Meliora Hall as all the rooms have projectors could go through class tech. Get prizes by talking to tech companies and/or stores, ATI and NVIDIA offer LAN grab bags. The campus Microsoft rep would also be a good person to talk to.

-Respectfully Submitted
Gabe Schwartz

Floor Meeting Minutes

May 1st, 2008

G: Movie Night tomorrow 9pm – Spaceballs

G: CIFnic

  • food- 3pm
  • setup- 1pm

Ch: Personal items cannot be stored in the lab anymore

  • This includes “cif property” – furniture that has been passed down over the years
  • Store To Door is an option

RA: 24 hour quiet hours have started

  • there are flyers about checking out posted and in each suite
  • you need to get the check out forms

T: May 9th will be a cage clean out day for those who want to help

  • if you have a server that you would like stored for the summer talk to Bryan
  • if you have stuff in the cage that you do not want thrown out talk to Bryan

Respectfully Submitted,
Gabe Schwartz

April 17th, 2008

G: Vote to appropriate up to $200 towards CIFnic

  • The food would be Dino BBQ
  • Approved
  • People who show up –  pay $5 towards food

T: Please sign the thank you card for the lab donations

T: Lab cleanup tomorrow.

G: It has been requested that Robbie and Sarah be placed on probation for conduct violations (of which filing false security reports is cited)

  • some scheduling issues will be brought up at the next board meeting and then a date will be set and announced according to the prescribed process

Respectfully Submitted,
Gabe Schwartz

March 27th, 2008

G: Vote to appropriate $740 towards the purchase of a projector for the lab: passed
Yay: 24
Nay: 0
Abstain: 2

G: Vote on the Nauticock Award (CIF excellence award)
Craig: 12
Isaac: 7
Stacey: 5

  • Craig receives the Nauticock Award

G: Housing Meeting, where selection of suites took place.  A list of the occupants of each suite will be forth coming.

Respectfully Submitted,
Gabe Schwartz

March 20th, 2008

G: Our housing lottery will be March 27th at 10pm

G: The CIF excellence award, the Nauticock Award, the nomination period will be until the end of Sunday(the 23rd) email board if you would like to nominate a member for the award. The vote will be held before the housing meeting.
Currently nominated individuals are:

  • Craig
  • Stacey
  • Issac

G: Ugly Man on Campus: we need a charity and a picture if we are to participate. Please contact Issac or board if you have ideas for either of those.

G: Dragonegg hunt, Brawl tournament both on Saturday. Be there.

G: There is interest in both paintball and laser tag – more on this later after price quotes are obtained.

Respectfully Submitted,
Gabe Schwartz

February 28th, 2008

Ch: Our housing lottery will be March 27th at 10pm – Gabe and Craig will post point totals.

G: Kitchen is a mess and needs to be cleaned.

G: A person claiming to be from the Humane Society was on floor (without security) to talk to Deborah and James about Sid and did not have permission to be in the building.  A woman 35-45 with curly dirty blonde hair, in a badly fitted black uniform, on the heavy side.  If you see this person on floor and not with security then call security.

S: The vote on the proposed housing amendment – failed
*required to pass 3/4’s of total cif membership
Yay: 19
Nay: 9
Abstain: 4

Respectfully Submitted,
Gabe Schwartz

February 21st, 2008

T: Work is progressing on getting the lab open, using the bar code reader and a mechanism to activate the door lock.
*there will be a labstaff meeting this saturday at 3pm for planning and work

G: Game night is this friday, food, games, fun

Ch: The special interest housing presidents council has mentioned that someone had defaced (read: crossed out) some posters that listed the events in the housing week. Specifically the ILC game night which is scheduled for friday night as well.

G: Stacy said she colored in one of the posters but did not cross anything out.

G: Board spoke with Ian about his proposal, it includes requests for more openness in our policies and actions. (see the minutes of the board meeting on February 20th for more information)
The question of revocation of membership is not an issue as the constitution has no clause for such a thing

G: We plan on participating in the “Ugly Man On Campus” penny war the deadline is April 13th. We need to pick a charity and a picture.

Respectfully Submitted,
Gabe Schwartz

February 8th, 2008

T: The new server is almost operational, this is the computer that was bought from Dylan.

Ch: Movie night, tonight in Gleason 8pm it is the Bourne Identity.

Ch: Friday 22nd, is our slot in Special Interest Housing week, would like to do a game night.

G: There is a lunar eclipse on February 20th, we should go outside and see it.

G: Kaleigh is missing her copy of scrabble, it may be in Ed’s suite in the common room.

G: There are desires for cif swag, t-shirts etc, this should be looked into.

Ch: ICLC has requested our support for an event on media piracy – this is a good event for us to help with.
*We need to find out what it is we can do/the would like us to do.

G: Committees: sign ups for all will be after the meeting see Gabe
*Beautification of Cif

  • decorating
  • keep an eye on the kitchen
  • dish soap fund?

*Zombie Defense
-raise awareness

G: Amendments
*Nominations: Passed
– Remove the last sentence of this section which states, “Nominations close for all positions at the start of the election meeting two weeks after the nomination meeting.” This statement contradicts several useful points in the main body paragraph of this section, primarily the one which states, “Within 24 hours of the end of the nomination period, the Secretary-Treasurer must notify the floor with the list of candidates and the offices they are running for.”
Aye 20
Nay 0
Abstain 1

*Elections: Failed
– In the procedure section (2nd paragraph): Combine the first and second sentences which read, “Each candidate shall be allowed five minutes to individually address the floor. Each candidate will then be allowed five minutes to individually accept questions from the floor.” into the final statement, “Each candidate shall be allowed five minutes to individually address the floor and accept questions.” This re-wording will help smooth out the election process while still guaranteeing that each candidate has plenty of time to present themselves.
– In the procedure section (2nd paragraph): Add one statement after the above proposed first sentence which will assist in streamlining the process and making the procedure more official in nature. This statement will read, “While each candidate is presenting themselves and taking questions all other candidates for that specific position will leave the room. Once all candidates for a given position have presented themselves they will remain outside the room while Floor votes. Votes will be tallied for all positions once all candidates have been voted on.” This addition will require removing the last sentence of this paragraph for the sake of continuity.
Aye 16
Nay 2
Abstain 3

*Floor Committees: Passed
– For the sake of this amendment the entire Floor Committees section will be rewritten, however most of the previous policy will remain intact. The new Floor Committees section will read as such:
“Any floor member may suggest to the board that a floor committee should be formed to deal with a specified task or problem. The board will then vote to approve the creation of this new committee at the soonest Board meeting (or immediately if the committee is proposed at a Board meeting).
The board must then announce the formation of the new committee to the floor and call for volunteers to serve on the committee. Those who volunteer to serve on the committee must then arrange a time for an initial meeting, during which they will elect a committee chair and determine the procedures and schedule for the committee to accomplish its goals. In the time between the initial creation of the committee and the initial meeting the person who proposed its creation will be temporarily appointed as committee chair for the purpose of organizing the initial meeting.

The committee chair will also serve as liaison between the new committee, the Board, and the Floor as a whole. By default the committee chair is responsible for these duties, but he or she may delegate these responsibilities to another member of that committee. The committee chair (or delegate) will be required to report the status of the committee at a Board meeting at least once a month as well as any other time that involves a matter needing approval by the Board. It is up to the discretion of the Board how much freedom each committee has to act on its own without requiring Board approval.”
Aye 19
Abstain 2

*Membership Director
The Membership Director is responsible for submitting changes to be made to the master membership list and the master affiliate list to the Secretary-Treasurer. New entries need to include each member or affiliate’s name, the date membership or affiliate status started, and relevant contact information. Housing eligibility should also be included for new affiliates.
I would like:
The Membership Director is responsible for updating and maintaining the various membership and affiliate files and mailing lists. the information should include but not be limited to: name, date accepted, contact information, and housing eligibility.
Aye 21
Nay 0
Abstain 0

*Technology Director
Replaces whole “Technology Director” section: The Technology Director is responsible for managing and maintaining all technology used by CIF. The Technology Director shall create an Acceptable Use Policy and Information Technology policy to outline and control usage of CIF’s technological resources. The Technology Director has the authority to grant and remove access to any and all CIF technological resources.
Aye 21
Nay 0
Abstain 0

G: Represented Housing Points System
The system has been changed from the one presented last floor meeting in light of criticisms given at the time.
The revised system keeps the housing points the same, where housing points are the cumulative permanent points.  The difference is in that there are no longer discretionary participation points, instead there are the following participation point awards.

  • successful creation and running of an event: 7 points
  • referral of admitted member: 3 points
  • nomination of a member to board who has done things for cif(helped in event, etc): 5 points

Concerns voiced

  • The potential for abuse of the nomination system, close to the discretionary points : response can be appealed to floor
  • Do we need points for referral? Is it necessary?

-Respectfully Submitted
Gabe Schwartz

January 25th, 2008

G: Reminder, dues are to do Gabe by February 1st and are $20.

T: A web form was sent out to everyone, please fill it out.  The form will enable us to

  1. Find a time to have meetings that will have the least conflicts.
  2. Update our database to have current information.

Dylan (the RA) is selling computer hardware which can be used as CIF’s main server, we would like to buy this, $290.00 is the price being asked.
Vote to by the hardware from Dylan for $290
Aye     23
Nay      0
Abstain  0

PASSED – though if it can be bought for less it should be

UPDATE-Post Meeting: The hardware was bought for $250.

G: Proposed Committees:

  • Zombie Defense Force
  • Fundraising
  • Kitchen Cleaning/Floor Decoration
  • Advertising
  • Event Planning
  • Movie Night
  • Lab Staff
  • Help@CIF

-Committees still need to be approved and people will need to join.

G: Proposed Amendments
G: The complete text of all proposed amendments will be placed online.

T: Propose to alter the description of the position to more clearly define the role and reference an Acceptable Use Policy.

Mem: Propose to more clearly define the chain of contact and procedures for dealing with applications for membership.

Ch: Propose to clarify the nomination period to remove ambiguity.
Propose to alter election procedure, requiring candidates to leave the room during voting and when other candidates speak.
Propose to alter the committees section to make it clearer and to not have Chair be the main liaison between committees and board, but the committee head.
T: Propose a revised housing points system.

G: The main objections to the revised housing points system were in response to the discretionary point structure and the potential for conflict of interest and manipulation.
Update: Board has decided to, in response to criticisms, revise the proposed system and represent it at the next floor meeting.  The originally proposed system will be placed on the website for comments until the revised version is completed.

-Respectfully Submitted
Gabe Schwartz