Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

April 12th, 2009

  1. Pi++ Day
    1. Things we need from you CIFers:
      • We need volunteers to work the event (set up, running it, clean up).
      • We need people to put up fliers.
      • We need to make signs for the tables
      • We need to purge out the common fridge to make space for frozen pies and whipped cream pies.
      • We need people to bake the frozen pies on Monday, April 13th, 2009.
  2. Bryan: By the end of Monday (April 13th, 2009), the CIF lab will be open. Users should register online.
  3. Volunteers are needed to clean out the old server rack cage, so that a new one can be installed. This will be done near the end of the year during finals week.
  4. CIFnic
    • Has been officially moved to April 24th, 2009 (the day before D-Day)
    • Times will be from 2:00PM until whenever it is going to end.
    • We will be cooking our own food. So we need to make a list of grill foods (hot dogs, burgers, condiments, etc.)
    • Please tell alumni about this in advance.

April 5th, 2009

  1. Our current balance is $310.96
  2. The card reader has been installed (yay!) However only Isaac and Bryan can enter the lab because the reader has not been programmed yet to let anyone else in. Bryan or Isaac need a USB hub to do this.
  3. Dan and Jay are going to talk to Burt on Monday April 6th, 2009 about Pi++ Day and the spontaneous kitchen mess problem.
  4. CIFnic
    • We have decided to move it to a later date so that it is not on D-Day, probably the weekend after.
    • We also need to contact and tell the CIF alumni when CIFnic is when we decide on the official date, so that they know in advance to come and visit us then.
  5. Pi++ Day
    • Jay has made a budget for it, it was shown to Tower’s Hall Council. They approved $75 to be funded to us. This is very good news.
    • We need to get a banner up by Tuesday April 7th, 2009. We also need fliers designed, printed, copied, and posted all around campus by Thursday April 9th.
    • John Brimlow is interested in designing the banner and fliers.
    • Jay will talk to CLC about receiving funds and assistance.
    • CSH is interested in Pi++ day.

March 29th, 2009

  1. Upcoming Events (correct me if I am wrong here)
    • Cifover and the Dragon Egg hunt will both occur on April 11th, look for Facebook groups
    • CSH (from RIT) wants us to participate in a capture the disk game and garbage plates afterwards this Friday April 3rd, 2009.
    • CIFnic has been decided for April 25th 2009, a Saturday when most people should be available.
      • CSH wants to co-host this event, which will most likely happen
      • CSH wants to cook the food using the grills at GVP….I (Jay) personally¬†think this is a better¬†idea than getting Dino BBQ since the only thing we have gotten is a lot of chicken and potatoes, which ended up as a huge pile of leftovers sitting in the common fridge for the first half of the fall semester…plus, having chicken as the only meat is seriously boring.
      • It has been said that CIF used to have picnics with CSH until we accidentally (or on purpose) burned off the eyebrows of a CSH member, and they ran away in horror never to hang out with us until now
      • So before CIFnic with CSH occurs, lets sharpen up our grillin’ skills with practice…in addition, we should get competent people who know how to light a grill in less than an hour (b/c there is another story that it took CIF members over an hour to light a grill…come on)
    • Email if you have any time conflicts
  2. Reimbursement news from Isaac
    • So Isaac told us that we might get back $50 from the $100 we gave to ResLife to install a new card reader. The reason why we were charged $100 was because two technicians were going to be installing the card reader, but only one is now going to work on it…so the labor fee has been decreased. Isaac will try to supervise the installation.
  3. Results from our Expectations for Excellence review
    • Towers Council thought our presentation was great and we might get accredited for next year…keep up the good work CIF.
  4. Receivers of the fall 2009 Meal Plan exemptions:
    • Joe Kachinsky
    • Ashley Orillion

March 26th, 2009

  1. Approved Funding For
    • Game Night March 28th, 2009: $75
    • CIF Dragon Egg Hunt: $30
  2. Informal Interviews
    • Andrew Zhu and Jason Zhu:
      • Both are willing to sit in on metaphysical discussions held late at nights
      • Jason doesn’t like our questions because they are pointless…oh well
      • Jason Zhu has paid his dues for the fall 2009 semester (noted)
  3. Provisional Amendment
    • We have proposed a provisional amendment to induct in Jason and Andrew Zhu. This amendment says that these two applicants can be voted into CIF by the board w/o the mandatory 48 hour announcement that they will be voted in by the Chair. The voting will happen at the housing meeting tonight
  4. The Vote
    • The board agreed to conduct a private vote for Jason and Andrew Zhu
    • Result:
      • Congratulations Andrew Zhu and Jason Zhu, you are now members of CIF (now this only stands if the provisional amendment gets passed by floor vote at the housing meeting)
      • Your votes have been sealed and put away for four years starting tonight March 26th, 2009

March 22nd, 2009

Sorry for the delayed post, Todd Union has taken up my soul:

  1. Senior Exemptions:
    • We will have two spots for this, we will send out an email.
    • Requirements: You must be a senior next year (2009-2010), you must promise to contribute your extra declining in purchasing food for CIF events (like Game Night or Movie Nights)
  2. Pi++ Day
    • A room needs to be reserved by one of the community relations directors.
  3. Budget News
    • Jay has transferred $100 from CIF cash to CIF bank
  4. Interviews
    • Name: Terry Hughes
    • Quest: To find the Holy Grail
    • Color: Black and or Silver
    • Why CIF: Likes the interactions on floor, unfortunately where Terry lives now has no floor interactions…so it’s quite boring (it’s Lovejoy by the way)
    • If you were a zombie, what body part would you attack: The Neck
    • Where will you spend most of your time in CIF: The suite lounge
    • Class: 2010
    • Games: Munchkin, owns Munchkin Booty
    • A private vote was approved
    • Result:
      • Congratulations Terry Hughes, you are now a CIF member
    • The results have been sealed and are not to be opened for four years starting today March 22th, 2009
  5. Game Night
    • There will be a game night planned with CSH (RIT) for March 28th, 2009.
  6. Emergency Board Meeting
    • An emergency board meeting will be held before the housing meeting to approve funds for game night and Dragon Egg Hunt

March 5th, 2009

  1. Dan:
    • Jay will post the minutes on the CIF website (which he finally has, take a look).
    • Andy and Ashley must get more specific details for Pi day…this is extremely important if we want to advertise to other groups.
    • We need Pi day poster designs
  2. Ashley
    • John Brimlow is willing to design CIF posters/banners for Pi day and floor membership.
  3. John Brimlow (Guest)
    • The poster might have Hal (from 2001 a Space Odyssey) asking “Where are you living Dave?”
    • Also willing to design fliers.
  4. Rein (Guest, a.k.a Robert Ramsey)
    • The Board needs to look into storing stuff over summer break. we just can’t leave things on floor.
    • We need to make our online computer service more public.
    • We need to advertise this online service
  5. Interviews:
    • Jay Slater:
      • Class Year: 2011
      • Favorite Color: Grey
      • How he was found: was blackmailed by Daniel Bartkowski to join.
      • Housing Next Year: Plans to live off-campus, but possibly wants housing his senior year.
      • Why CIF: The people here are fun, thinks he will have windows (not sure what this means), has a nerf gun arsenal for Assassin games, and fictional zombie outbreaks.
      • Quest: To seek the holy grail.
      • If you were a zombie, what body part would you go after: The neck.
    • Amanda Goodman:
      • Class Year: 2011?
      • Favorite Color: (not said)
      • How she was found: Knows Stacey? Knows Jay. Joined by herself by applying online.
      • Housing Next Year: Wants to live on floor.
      • Who she is: a fun loving person, [insert Jewish phrase here] (she literally said this).
      • Why: Always wanted to live on CIF. Currently lives at CLC, but cannot fully Nerd Out there.
      • Quest: want to dress like Link.
      • If you were to punch an eagle, what color would it explode in: All Red!
      • Favorite Games: Apples to Apples, various computer games.
      • Why were you not present at our recent game night: Was very very sick (understandable and forgiven for by the CIF gods)
    • Results of Votes:
      • Jay Slater: Accepted
      • Amanda Goodman: Accepted
      • Congratulations!

March 1st, 2009

  1. There will be a floor meeting this Thursday March 02, 2009
  2. There will be a vote to Change the housing point system PLEASE ATTEND THIS MEETING BECAUSE WE NEED AT LEAST 23 PEOPLE VOTING “YES” TO HAVE THIS AMENDMENT APPROVED…this was proposed 2 weeks ago by Bryan Jacobs, and it goes like this:
    • 4 points for each semester they have been a dues paying member of CIF with 2/3 or more of the total participation points for the semester.
    • 0.75 points for each semester they have been an active at the University with a maximum of eight semesters. Students will still be credited for¬†semesters spent abroad. If a student transfers to the University¬†from another college then he or she will be credited 1 point per semester at the¬†other institution and may not receive credit for more than eight semesters¬†total between the colleges.
    • 0.5 points for the winner of the Nauticock Award
    • Also, I have attached a copy of the new constitution with the change above in it (and a few others made by Bryan Jacobs). So please read it before the floor meeting. If you have any questions about the changes, ask Bryan Jacobs.
  3. Also, here is the version Sara Melnick brought up but was not proposed so will not be voted on:
    • .5 pt for a matriculated U of R student
    • 1 pt for a CIF member not on probation
    • 1 pt for paying dues on time (or a waver from the Sec/Tres due to financial reasons)
    • 1 pt for 100% floor meeting attendance (exception to this is if you have an excuse)
    • These points are awarded each semester
    • Can not get lower point w/o higher point.
      • eg: don’t pay dues ‚Üí No attendance point
      • on probation ‚Üí No membership points
      • on academic leave ‚Üí No points

So here are the minutes, they are long, so get ready:

  1. Dan
    • We should do a co-op event with CSUG
    • The Online Apps we have received so far are:
      1. Amanda Goodman
      2. Jay Slater
  2. Ashley and Andy
    • (Ashley) A U of R student named Dan Cooper Vince (description: has very short hair, goatee, wears a brown leather jacket, thin, looks creepy) caused a violent disturbance to one of our members during our recent Game Night (Feb 28, 2009) he is hereby banned off of the floor. If you see him on floor, you need to tell him to leave unless he is passing through on his Student Aid rounds. But also tell him to leave if he stays on floor for too long on his Student Aid rounds.
  3. Jay
    • The CIF member named Frank Yeung is hereby removed from being a member of CIF. He has attended zero floor meetings this school year and he has not responded to any of my emails or Facebook messages.
    • Probation Warning emails (this does not mean you are on probation, I’m just warning you because you are pretty close to probation) will be send out to members who have missed more than 3 Floor meetings without an excuse.
    • Stacey, I need to see you…you are not in trouble, in fact I have good news for you. ūüôā
    • All CIF members who had to pay dues have paid. I am very happy with all of you with your dues…despite some of you paying them a day before they were due…even hours.
  4. Pi Day!!!!!!!!!! (outline made from all members of the board contributing, plus our guest adviser Beth Rose Marvin…remember, anyone is welcome to participate in a board meeting)
    1. So due to lack of timing, we have pushed back Pi day to April 14th, 2009 during the evening when teachers and students are free to throw pies!!!!…however, this gives us an interesting naming scheme….pi day can now be called (or implement the use of the concept) Pi++ day (++ is the “increment by one” command in programming languages)…this way we can express out geekyness/nerdyness even more! A possible tag line for Pi ++ day will be “The Cake is a Lie, The Pie is Truth” (Thought of by Jay, inspired from Portal) and “Because We Can” (also thought of by Jay)
    2. Things that need to prepared before the start of Spring Break:
      • Approval with the Sanitation Department at the U of R…this way we have a small chance of them letting us bake our own pies.
      • We need to find a charity…most likely it will involve raising money for Rochester charities that gives under-funded public schools new computers for the children to use.
      • We need to find co-sponsors…CSUG is one possible sponsor….Jay was also thinking of URSG and the Anime Club (I need to talk to you Micheal)
      • Event color theme.
      • We need to contact WRUR to see if they can provide us with a DJ
      • Figure out the price of a large tarp to throw pies at…because Event Support will charge us over $150 to put down their own plastic sheeting (I asked my manager at Event Support about this)
      • All board members should prepare a preliminary budgeting form for Dan to present at the Tower’s Council meeting this Thursday March 5th, 2009.
      • A¬†T-Shirt Design (even though this can be postponed until right after break)
      • A¬†room reservation for the May room, not Hirst (Flag) lounge via Event Support.
      • We need teachers, please, email them.
    3. Things that need to be done after Spring Break.
      • An actual budget
      • Committed volunteers for this event.
      • Flyer and poster designs made, copied, and posted all over campus.
      • Make sure that Weekend Highlights gets our event!
      • We need to buy food materials for this event.
      • Figure out event specifics like will we just have pie throwing, or will there be other things like video games and dancing and whatever……

February 22nd, 2009

This is including stuff from the emergency board meeting held on Feb 19th, 2009 (held after floor meeting)

  1. Dan
    • A CIF alumni named Grant Farmer needs a place to crash because he is going to SimCon.
    • Dan will need help filling out the Expectations for Excellence form.
    • Dan also sent out an email to Burt about the card reader, with no response.
    • Because we currently do not have any professors for Pie day….we might not be throwing pies at professors on Pi day.
    • In order to sell baked goods on Pi day, the U of R Sanitation Services must first approve of the products being sold
      • This is primarily due to sanitation issues like the food being contaminated or people have an allergic reaction to the food being sold.
      • This means that making out own food is somewhat out of the question…but still debatable if Sanitation Services allows it
      • Dan will call them and see.
    • The four suites of CIF needs to be cleaned and presentable for our upcoming game night on Feb 28th, 2009.
      • The current proposed arrangement of the game night will be (not final, people who live in suites feel free to email any of the board members with suggestions):
        • Bryan’s Suite: the FPS suite
        • Isaac’s Suite: the board and card game suite
        • Stacey’s suite: Either the Music games (DDR or Guitar Hero) suite or the Super Smash Suite
        • Dan’s suite: Either the Music games (DDR or Guitar Hero) suite or the Super Smash Suite
  2. Kaleigh
    • The posters for Special Interest Housing Week are ready to be put up.
    • They need to be primarily (but not limited to) posted in all the science buildings on campus. (Hutch, CSB, Carlson, Hylan, Goergen).

February 15th, 2009

  1. Dan
    • Special Interest Housing Week
      • Our official event will be a game night on Feb 28th.
      • This information will be posted in the SIHW brochure.
    • Will contact Jake P. about a CSUG event
      • The event might involve a FPS game tournament.
      • We will aim for the first week of March for this event to be scheduled.
    • All board members who have not sent out information about themselves to Issac should.
    • Pi day stuff
      • We (as in all of you, ask your professors please!) need to get professors for Pi Day
      • We need to schedule a meeting with Jon Poon of Event Support to get advice on Pi day and to plan specifics.
  2. Bryan
    • Got Prof. Scott to teach a class for us.
  3. Kaleigh
    • Will try to have poster designs a week from now.
  4. Andy
    • Feb 28 game night will need money allocated.
    • We will have many games:
      • Resistance 2, various Mario games, Guitar Hero 3 and World Tour, and many more
  5. Jay
    • DUES DUES DUES! They are due February 28th¬†at 11:59PM!

February 8th, 2009

  1. Dan
    • Special Interest Housing Week (SIHW)
      • Feb 28th at 8PM. This is our event for SIHW. We will have a game night then. This will be posted inside the SIHW brochure.
    • We will try to make brownies and latkas made from scratch at the next floor meeting (Feb 19th, 2009)
      • Feb 16th is when the SIHW banner is being painted.
      • We should clean our suites for SIHW, do it for the prospective members.
        • Don’t forget the panty liners.
      • Board members should give Isaac their information
        • Contact him to see what he needs.
    • Dan will have a scheduled meeting with Burt on the week before SIHW
  2. Bryan
    • Poster designs have been made by Bryan.
    • Because official movie nights in the CIF lab had low attendance, but random movie nights in Bryan’s suites had high attendence, movie nights will be held inside of Bryan’s suite.
    • Bryan will send out a link for people to post pictures from various CIF events.
  3. Ashley
    • Feb 28th at 8PM. We will have a game night then.
  4. Kaleigh
    • Is thinking of a Raffle for prospective members at the next game night (Feb 28th 2009).
    • Will post pictures from many various events.
  5. All
    • It was voted on February 8th, 2009 that Joseph Kachinsky is now a member of CIF

January 26th, 2009

  1. Dan (chair)
    • Burt has told us that we need a fundraiser event.
      • Most likely will occur for Pi Day
      • Burt has also suggested that each suite should come up with one fundraiser event, making it 4 fundraiser events.
        • This idea was suggested last year, but not done by any suite (so guys, lets amp it up a notch this year!)
      • We have found two places for summer storage. More information on it will be emailed out soon.
  2. Andrew (Community)
    • Game Night!!!!!!!!
      • Planned for this Saturday January 31st 2009.
      • Will occur at the same time with the January Birthday Celebrations
        • There will be cake…it is not a lie, we promise.
        • So we either need some real $$ to buy a cake from Wegmans or declining to buy an ice cream cake from the Corner Store (ice cream cakes are delicious)
        • We also need to spend some declining on snack foods like chips and cookies…or real money at Wegmans. We also need to buy paper plates and napkins if there aren’t any.
        • Money from the CIF bank will be allotted for pizza spending. In the past we have found out that ordering from Papa Johns is cheaper than Pizza Hut.
      • Games
        • Board Games: Axis & Allies, Betrayal, Diplomacy, Order of the Stick, and many many more in the plastic tub.
        • Console Games: Resistance 2, Resistance 1, Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, Super Smash Brawl, Warioware Smooth Moves, and many more.
        • Card Based: Fluxx, Munchkin, regular playing cards.
    • Pi Day!!!!!!!
      • Temporarily set for March 18th, 2009 (the Wednesday after we get back from spring Break.
        • We discussed setting it the week before Spring break and decided against it because everyone would be too busy taking exams then or would have already left by Thursday (March 5th) or¬† Friday (March 6th). Also, isn’t having Pi day way before March 14th a bit too early for a Pi day?
      • Bryan or Andrew will talk to C.B. about it.
    • Video Game Tournaments (anything but Smash)
      • Computer Games: HL 2, TF 2, Counterstrike, Synergy.
      • Console Games: Anything but smash…so COD4, Halo 3, Mario Kart,
      • Will be co-sponsored by CSUG.
  3. Jay (Sec/Tres)
    • People Who Have Paid Their Dues: Bryan Jacobs, Emily Vukman, Isaac Richter, Linda Clough, Rob Halm, Javier Castillo.
    • For Those Who Have Not Paid…pay!

January 18th, 2009

  1. Dan (Chair)
    • We Have Decided that CIF board meeting will be held on Sundays at noon
    • Isaac R. needs information about current board members to update the CIF¬†webpage.
      • Contact Info
      • About the board members?
      • Board Member Photographs?
  2. Kaleigh (Membership)
    • The CIF webpage needs a makeover
      • A separate page with upcoming events
      • A page for prospective CIFers?
      • Lots and lots of photographs from events (eg Game nights, events, movie nights, CIFnic, etc.)
      • In order to do this we need to hire a web-designer
        • Craig knows someone who will do it for a fee.
    • We need to work on advertising ourselves to the UofR Community
      • Solutions:
        • Wilson¬†Commons¬†Banner¬†(like the ones that hang on that high¬†walkway)
        • Events that involve tabling in Wilson Commons¬†which involves free¬†giveaways. Jay can look this up with Event Support
        • Posters w/ current CIF members and their bios
          • Posters will show that all CIF members aren’t all computer majors. Each¬†poster will have the bio of one CIF member. We will use about ten different members on CIF for these posters.
          • Time Frame for poster design is set for the end of this Monday January 19th¬†2009?
          • We project the posters should be printed and ready to put up by the end of¬†Janurary.
      • More Solutions
        • Guy Fawkes Day¬†for November 5th 2009 next fall semester.
          • Jay should look into getting a decent room with a projector¬†via Event Support.
        • Pi day
          • Event is should be set to take place on March 3rd, 2009
          • The event should be set inside of Hirst Lounge at Wilson Commons, so Jay should look into Event Support on reserving that¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†space for the day.
          • The event might have pie throwing at your CS Professor of choice,¬†or just regular people. There might also be a pie bake sale. Pie shaped cookie cutters might be used. There also might be pie speed eating contests.
      • We need to get these events posted on the U of R Weekend Highlights
  3. Brian (Tech)
    • Help@CIF is working great!
      • We get almost 100% satisfaction with every client.
      • However, we need to advertise this more using the dining hall napkin¬†dispenser method which seems to have worked great in the past.
    • The CIF lab
      • Is all clean and ready to be used
      • However the card reader is not installed yet due to delays with Reslife.
      • The CIF class schedules to be taught in the CIF lab is ready.
    • The CIF store has items that are in its purchase cue.
    • Not tech related:
      • We should have a valentines day card exchange.
      • Reminder: Valentines Day is February 14th
  4. Andrew and Ashley (Community)
    • CIFnic and other events involving alumni should be moved to Saturdays instead of Sundays.
    • Important CIF events
      • We plan on recognizing CIF member’s birthdays¬†by having one celebration a¬†month for the people’s birthday’s in that month. The date of this celebration is yet to¬†be decided upon.
      • Game Nights will continue.
        • Dates for these are to be determined.
      • Movie Nights.
        • We need more popcorn for these
        • Capitalize on spontaneous movie nights (and other spontaneous events like games of Munchkin or Axis & Allies) by taking copious amounts of photographs.
    • We should delegate a dedicated photographer to take photographs of our events.
      • This person should be dedicated to his or her job by taking these photographs,¬†organizing these to specific dates, and posting them online via link to a picture¬†gallery webpage on a Facebook group.
  5. Jay (Sec/Tres)
    • Dues! Dues! Dues!
      • The date set for the mandatory CIF $20 due is:¬†February 30th, 2009 before 11:59PM
    • Stacy will be reimbursed for her CIFgiving purchases
      • This amount will be $52.51
      • This amount was part of the $75 allotted for this event.
    • Jay needs to check and see if all mail from the Chase bank for CIF gets to the CIF¬†mailbox. Also, the location of this mailbox needs to be located.
      • However, this problem will be fixed if CIF switches over to online¬†banking.

Whew, that was a lot.

Jay S. Kim, Secretary/Treasurer of CIF

January 2nd, 2009

  1. Dan
    • Burt still has not returned Dan’s emails on the CIF lab Card Reader after another try. Will try to set up a meeting with Burt to fix this.
    • Kaleigh has finished the poster interviews. Bryan will create a poster template.
    • Floor Meeting this Thursday February 02, 2009.
    • We need to begin recruiting more members because after this year, about 1/4 of CIF will be graduating or going abroad. If we do not have enough members, we might lose a suite to ResLife.
    • Issac needs board member’s information to post on the CIF website.
  2. Ashley
    • Special Interest Housing Week is coming up.
      • Feb 26, 27, and 28 will be used to promote CIF during Special Interest Housing Week.
      • So early and careful planning will be required for this.
    • Pi Day
      • We need to get more professors who will be willing to be pied on Pi Day
      • An idea for Pi Day is to sell one ticket per pie to be thrown as. Which means if someone buys a ticket, they will be allowed to throw one pie at their favorite professor.
      • Jay will look into information on reserving Hirst Lounge with Event Support for Pi Day.
  3. Bryan
    • Bryan will contact C.B. on volunteering to be pied on Pi day,
  4. Jay
    • Dues are due on Feb 28, 2009 at 11:59 PM! Pay them!
    • So far the people who have paid are:
      • Me (Jay)
      • Bryan Jacobs
      • Mario Morales
      • Dan
      • Rob Halm¬†
      • Emily Vukman
      • Issac Richter
      • Javier Castillo
      • Sara Melnick
      • Linda Clough
    • Come on, there are 33 of you guys and only 10 of them have paid?

Floor Meeting Minutes

March 26th, 2009

I. vote for provisional amendment

  • Eligible Voters in CIF: 25
  • Eligible voters Present at Floor meeting: 25
  • Votes for approving amendment: 18 (17 is about 2/3 of 25 rounded up)
  • Thus Andrew and Jason Zhu are officially CIF members.

II. Housing Meeting Comments:

  • Nice Job guys, the housing meeting wasn’t as chaotic as last spring semester’s. Almost everyone got what they wanted.

February 19th, 2009

I. The Amendment that was proposed and made to the CIF Constitution

A. There was a vote to change the following in the constitution under “Elections and Officers” subheading “Elections”:


“‚ĶThe vote will be counted by both the current Secretary-Treasurer.”

(Proposed amendment)

“‚ĶThe vote will be counted by both the current Secretary-Treasurer and an impartial representative of the University of Rochester Office of Residential Life.”

B. All 24 members of CIF present at the floor meeting unanimously voted for this Amendment to be Changed.

1.) The voting procedure in the CIF constitution states:

“If a two-thirds majority of the total CIF membership vote in favor of the amendment, then the amendment passes. (In the case that the number of members is not divisible by three, the two-thirds majority must be rounded up to the nearest whole person.)”

2.) Currently according to my membership list we have a total of 34 members, at the floor meeting 24 were present.

3.) 2/3 of 34 rounded up is 23. Since all 24 members present at the Floor meeting voted unanimously…the amendment was passed successfully.

II. Money to be allotted for the fixing of the card reader.

A. Ok so this was voted upon but did not really need a voting for. It was stated that ResLife was willing to fix our card reader would be between $75-$100. And there was a vote to see that money in this price range be allotted. Now technically, if the expenditure is less than $100…there does not need to be a floor vote….just a board members vote “The approval of three board members is required to authorize expenditures up to $100,… Expenditures of more than $100 must be approved by a vote of the entire floor. ”

B. When the floor vote was cast 23 out of 24 people in in favor of allotting the money…however like I said before, this vote was obsolete and totally unnecessary.

C. Here are the reasons why we need that card reader fixed:

1.) This will allow CIF members access to the CIF lab, therefore allowing CIF to finally have the classes that we have proposed to do.

2.) Will open the opportunity to have any other CIF events inside of the CIF Lab

D. But since floor did vote on this anyway, between $75-$100 will be alloted to fix the card reader. If there is any CIF member who thinks that board should vote on this, email the board…make sure we all get the email…so that we can vote on it at out next board meeting.

III. Amendment for the CIF housing point system

A.) Ok so there was some heated debate on this so I wasn’t able to gather all of the relavent information about this. But I will have that information soon, so be on the lookout for an additional email about this.

B.) However from what I know:

1.) Sarah Melnick first brought up the issue of the housing point amendment, there was an intense argument and it was decided that her changes be discussed over a two week period…however noting was proposed at the conclusion of this argument.

2.) While Bryan Jacobs proposed that a slightly different version of the housing point system be changed.

C.) Like I said, I will provide with more specifics will later…so no angry emails please ūüôā