Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

April 30th, 2010

Money Allocated for Last Game Night: $60 was allocated for pizza from Pontillo’s and another $65 was approved for senior shirts, Sharpies, chips and cake for the last Game Night held this evening! Thanks to all those who came!

Card Reader: The ongoing saga of the card reader is nearing the end… maybe? The mounting plate arrived but Maintenance still needs to mount it outside of the lab. We’ll keep everyone updated, but more than likely it will be finished after finals.

April 23rd, 2010

CIFnic: At the moment, there’s a 70% chance of rain for Sunday. If inclement weather occurs, we will have CIFnic right here on Anderson 3 and cook the food in our kitchens. Our official time to start the festivities (or head down to GVP) is 1pm. Right now, I have the following people bringing the following things:

  • Jay K: Bread
  • Jason Z: Asian dish
  • Isaac: Rice pilaf
  • Andy: Tea
  • Liz: Banana bread
  • Jay S: Cherry cobbler
  • Gabe: Cheese, crackers, and cold cuts
  • Katie: Potato salad
  • Elle: Cake

We will be providing the soda, but we would not mind if people bring chips! We would prefer a homemade dish to pass, but chips are fine if you have nothing else to prepare or bring.

Final Game Night: To our seniors, please come! We’ll have a special present for you! Again, this will be held Friday, April 30 starting at 7:30pm.¬†We’ve authorized money for this special present as well as $60 for two pizzas for this low-key game night.

Ally Bank: Our account was successfully created! Joint account members include Sec/Treas (Linda), Tech Director (John), Chair (Dan), and Membership Director (Brandon) ‚ÄĒ these joint account member assignments are meant to continue from year to year.

April 16th, 2010

New Affiliate Member: Congratulations to Jenna Mattox, our newest affiliate member of CIF!¬†At the moment, she is in the process of transferring from Nazareth to the University of Rochester.¬†Her floor-member status is pending on her transfer completion.¬†More than likely (if accepted to U of R), she would be placed in Chelsea’s suites’ double if we can pull some strings.

Ally Bank: Due to scheduling conflicts, we’ll be applying for our Ally Bank Interest Checking Account next week.

CIFnic Food: We’ll be picking up the food for CIFnic at 6pm on Saturday, April 17.

Pi++ Day: In case you didn’t get Chelsea’s note, thank you to all who made this event a great success!¬†We have definitely covered all our expenses and have a sizeable contribution to give to the Golisano Children’s Hospital!¬†Nice job, everyone!

Card Reader: The suppliers we’ve ordered the parts from for the card reader are jerking us around ‚ÄĒ the parts were cheapest from this supplier but unfortunately, the card reader will only be functional next semester.

Lab Renovations: John has set the dates for lab renovations (i.e. installing Linux and Windows on new PCs, cleaning out the cage, etc.) for May 8 to May 12. If you are still around after Finals Week and would like to help, please contact John.

Last Game Night: This will be held Friday, April 30 at 8pm as a study break. This will be very low-key, meaning no loud music and no craziness.¬†We’ve decided to hold this Game Night on Friday rather than Saturday since Saturday is closer to crunch test time! It will still be an environment that if someone needs to study in their room, it will be peaceful enough to do so. If anyone has a problem with this day, please contact by next week.

April 9th, 2010

Ally Checking: We’ll be putting our funds into the Ally Interest Checking Account next week.

Pi++ Day: One case of pies and the case of whipped cream was picked up from the Corner Store.¬†The other case of pies will be picked up before Wednesday.¬†No professors will be attending, unfortunately. We’ll be bringing our own tables and chairs from CIF for this event.¬†We need goggles for pie-throwing targets.

Lab Work: During Senior Week, we’ll have tons of renovations (installing Linux and Windows on new PCs, cleaning out the cage, etc). If you’d like to help, email John at

Seminars: In addition to the Computer Security Seminar we’ll be holding sometime next September, we’re also planning an Introduction to Linux class to inform people of the greatness of the open-source operating system. We’ll be having a sign-up on our website for both events and the date for the Linux Seminar is TBA.

CIFnic: We’ll be making a Facebook group, a post on the website, and an email to our alumni as a reminder.

April 2nd, 2010

Budget for Pi++ Day: Put together by Linda and we’ll be saving as much money as possible!

Card Reader: The back plate for the card reader has not arrived yet and even when it is installed, Maintenance will still have to mount the completed card reader. Hopefully, the card reader will be up before finals and such.

Lab Server: We’ll be getting Linux in the lab!¬†The problem with Blizzard is now solved.¬†A motherboard might be used to make a “Franken-Server” during the week after finals.

Banking: Ally is accepted (5/5) as the official CIF bank of choice!¬†If you’re interested, here is the account we’ll probably be using.¬†A joint checking account is possible with four members (Chair, Secretary/Treasurer, Tech Director, and we’re still deciding between Community Relations and Membership Director for the last spot).

Fancy Game Night: We’ve got the chips and soda, Board allocates $85 for pizza from Pontillos, and we’ve got the cakes for the March and April birthdays. Our final Game Night will be more of a study break during the Reading Period, probably on May 1st (where May and summer birthdays will be celebrated).

CIFnic: During our next floor meeting, we will be discussing the food choices for this event (we’re thinking burgers, hot dogs, italian sausage, and peppers & onions, but we want your input obviously).¬†We also might need more silverware, lighter fluid, and matches in addition to the items mentioned in previous minutes. Linda will be putting together another budget for this event and try to save as much as possible.

March 26th, 2010

Senior Meal Exemption: We used the “pull from a hat” method for choosing the two CIF members for the senior exemption. When Linda, Dan, Isaac, and Sara were all put into the drawing, Dan and Sara were the people drawn! Congratulations!

Pi++ Day: More planning here. We will be buying 12 pies and a case of whipped cream from the Corner Store with our communal declining that we usually use. We will be charging $2 per slice and $5 for three slices.¬†In addition, we will be charging $4 to pie a professor and $5 to pie a professor + a slice of pie. (I had the idea to charge $3 to pie a Board member and $4 to pie a Board member + a slice of pie, but we’ll talk about it!)¬† More than likely if people want whipped cream on their slice of pie, we’ll charge an extra $.50.¬†From an actual store rather than the Corner Store, we need to buy styrofoam plates and gloves for serving. Linda will be writing up a budget and Dan will be ordering the pies and whipped cream from the Corner Store.

Game Night: This came up quick! Our Fancy Dress Up/Crazy Costume Game Night is next Saturday, April 3 at 8pm. Maybe we could do our April Birthdays this Game Night?¬†Fliers need to be designed by Monday and put up Monday evening (maybe another round of fliers Wednesday night because some get taken down).¬†We also need to put in an ad into the Weekend Highlights.¬†We’ll have 3 sheet pizzas with 1 pepperoni and 2 cheese, 4 cases of soda from the Corner Store, and some chips.

Card Reader: Finally some good news! The card reader ordered seems to be working but we still need a back plate and it needs to be installed by Maintenance. Conservatively, the lab will be open by mid-April.

Donations: John might be getting more computer donations!  Cool!

Banking: Linda did some research for banking. Local banks — big plus is a location to go to but big negative is the ATM fees.¬† Online banks — big plus is essentially no ATM fees but big negative is no actual location (although they have online chat, email, snail mail, and calling contact options).¬†Best local bank we’ve found with our needs is First Niagara Bank and best online bank we’ve found with our needs is Ally Bank.¬†We’ll talk more about this in the future.

March 23rd, 2010

New Members: This meeting was held mainly for last-minute applicants. Our new members are Mark Angland and Ben Schoenbrun — congratulations!

Housing: There will be five remaining spots on floor next year to be filled with transfer students — these spots will not be filled with housing-lottery students.

Banking: We could go the route of a Fidelity joint checking account or we could save future generations of CIF lots of grief and fill out all the IRS paperwork. Board will continue to weigh out our options.

ArtAwake: Our contributions to ArtAwake will possibly be picked up on Sunday.

Expectations for Excellence: Our presentation is this coming Thursday at 4:15pm — wish us luck!

March 19th, 2010

Pi++ Day: Dan is looking into ice cream cake and pie prices from the Corner Store. Currently we have the following reserved: Wilson Commons porch, a flex machine, and a banner for the Pit for 5 days before and including the day of the event (April 14, 2-7pm). We will be bringing our own tables and chairs (to cut down on expenses). Tentatively we’ll use styrofoam plates for whipped cream pies to be thrown at professors.¬†Half of the proceeds will be donated to the Golisano Children’s Hospital (a great local charity).

Next Game Night: The next game night will be our fun fancy dress-up night.¬†If you’d prefer to just dress up as something else or just goofy if you don’t have dress clothes to wear, that is perfectly acceptable. We’re planning on this game night taking place on April 3 — however, this is the day before Easter. If you have a conflict with this Saturday night, please contact someone on Board. If there are a notable number of conflicts we’ll move the event to April 10, a week later.

CIFnic: This event will be taking place on Sunday April 25. We realize this is the day following D-Day, but this is the best weekend to have our alumni here for this alumni event.¬†We will be buying and serving burgers, hot dogs, Italian sausage, and peppers and onions. CIF has silverware from previous events, but we will need to purchase plates, cups, napkins, soda and chips (some at the Corner Store).¬†For other side dishes, we are having a pass-a-dish setup. We’ll be reminding members of this in the coming weeks.¬†Please remember that this is a mandatory event unless you actually have a legitimate conflict.

Card Reader: The card reader was taken over Spring Break.¬† The lab will have a few weeks to a month of downtime. Only come to see John for access if you need something critically important and CIF-related — this does not mean just printing out a paper.¬†Go to ITS for the next couple of weeks please.

Open House: We did not order pizza for this event.  Instead, we supplemented the program with more chips and soda.

Expectations for Excellence: This presentation is due on Monday and will be formally presented on Thursday.

March 4th, 2010

CIF Open House: This will be held on Friday, March 19th at 8:30 with chips and soda from the Corner Store. We’re thinking that we’ll use the projector in Rob’s suite and watch MST3K!¬†Probably the Star Wars flier would be the best balance of funny — those will be put up after Spring Break.

Green Tech Fair: This will be held on Thursday, March 18th from 2pm-7pm, but we will be participating from 5pm-7pm. A GameCube and an Xbox will be hooked up to TVs in Hirst Lounge for gaming (with security). Information on energy topics will be gathered by board over Spring Break and a presentation and handouts will be made for the Fair.

New Member: Congratulations to Douglas Done, our newest off-floor CIF member! He is also the President of the new Anime Interest Floor.

Pi++ Day: This will be held Wednesday, April 14 from 2pm–7pm on the Wilson Commons porch.¬†Pies will be ordered from the Corner Store in advance during the last week of March.¬†Chelsea will be looking into professors interested in having pies thrown at them :-). Prices for pieces of pie have yet to be set, but we will be splitting our profits 50/50 with a local, less computer-oriented charity (Highland Hospital breast cancer research or Golisano Children’s Hospital were mentioned as examples) that will be determined by the next board meeting.¬†We’ll be looking into our tarp situation and whipped cream/pie plate tin prices also after Spring Break.

February 26th, 2010

CIF Figurehead Position: This idea was brought up by Bobby Ramsay and would be summarized (by Dan) as such:

The figurehead title is an honorary award given by board and the previous figurehead to someone who has gone above and beyond their given duties on CIF. The title remains with the individual until they graduate. During their last semester at the University of Rochester, they will hold a closed meeting with board to decide upon the next figurehead. The title, unlike the Nauticock Award, gives no special benefit to the titleholder. It is meant only for the purposes of recognition of someone who has done a great deal for CIF during their time there.

We’ll get this ironed out in the couple of weeks!

CIFnic Date: Our first choice for the date for CIFnic would be Saturday, April 3. Our second choice would be Saturday, April 10. This is early enough to avoid conflict with D-Day, the reading period, and exams.

Zombie Defense Coalition (ZDC): Basically, we’re trying to restart this campus awareness group.¬†This committee would be a branch of advertising and have their own flavor of events around campus — they would report to Board with their plans and any requests. We’ll limit the number on the committee to 4 or 5 people, but everyone is definitely welcome to participate.

Banking: The only idea that Linda can think of to get around Chase’s inactivity fees is this:

  1. Open a Chase Checking Account for CIF
  2. Use the account for 5 extremely small purchases for herself (as in, $.80 Special K bars at the Corner Store and swipe the CIF checking account card 5 times)
  3. Replenish the CIF Checking Account from Linda’s own personal checking account for the total of the 5 purchases.

I fully realize this is a lot of power to entrust to me and possibly to any of my successors. But I cannot think of any other way to solve our situation. We’ll be discussing this and putting it up for a vote for the next floor meeting.

Events Coming Up: For the next game night, what if we had a poker night along with fun fancy dress attire? We could all pay $1 for say 20 or 25 pieces of candy for our “gambling chips” for whatever game we choose to play.¬†And fancy dress-up would add extra fun! Also, Andrew has around 25 RiffTrax movies, which are a Mystery Science Theatre 3000-ing (MST3K) of recent popular movies. It would be great to bring together our projector in one of our suites with these funny movies and have a great night!

Application Craziness: After lots of discussion with lots of great people, we have accepted Robert Yoon and Joe Colaruotolo as On-Floor CIF members and Katie Pieper, Elle Eghigian, and Trevor Filer as Off-Floor CIF members! Congratulations to all of you and thank you for making it to our membership extravaganza!

February 19th, 2010

Photos: We have Kaleigh’s CIF-related pictures, but Bryan’s pictures still need to be retrieved.

New Member: Kevin Huie is our newest CIF member! Welcome!

Game Night Preparation: CIF is pretty much set for tomorrow’s Game Night. Linda will be ordering the pizza and the chips, soda, and cake will be bought at the Corner Store.

Next Game Night: We will possibly be having another kind of event in March. It will be themed differently, with perhaps fun costumes and different activities. We will be discussing this in the future.

URSGA: URSGA also does Game Nights and we might be contacting them to have a mutual Game Night.

Other Events: We have reserved a flex machine for the Pi++ Day for April 14.¬†Art Awake has yet to pick up our donated computer parts from the lab. Chelsea had some good ideas for a presentation for Green Tech and we’ll be completing this soon.

Lab Class: A class in the lab might be more successful if it’s more seminar-like.¬†For example, if we had a pilot class teaching “Computer Security 101,” we could see if there is enough participation to continue the classes.

Housing Meeting: On the March 18th Floor Meeting, we will be holding our Housing Meeting. Please keep in mind that this is the week after Spring Break, so please start to arrange your suites soon!

February 12th, 2010

SIH Information Session: The Special Interest Housing Info Session is Monday, February 15 at 5pm in Hirst Lounge. Members of Board will be attending and Floor Members are strongly encouraged to make an appearance and help out. Photos still need to be retrieved from Bryan for the slide show at this Info Session — this can be supplemented by pictures on Facebook, but we would definitely like to use some of these older photos.

Approval of Funds for Game Night (2.20.2010): Since we are getting three sheet pizzas for this event, $90 was approved by Board. We’ll be setting out half of the chips and soda before the pizza comes and the other half after the pizza is eaten to have a better balance of appetites and food.

Art Awake: CIF will only be donating pieces of computer equipment from the cage rather than actual sponsorship. The representative from Art Awake also asked for some volunteers (for basic setup and technology setup) — we will be discussing this further at the Floor Meeting on February 18.

Financial Update: In essence, Chase has an easy setup (since they’re familiar with our organiztion) but charges us outrageous inactivity fees while HSBC has a much more difficult setup process (with complicated stipulations). Furthermore, the person we spoke to informed us that HSBC will be removing the “Free Business Checking” type of account we were looking into in the near future! We’re really between a rock and a hard place in terms of banking at the moment — and worse, if we were to continue our PayPal idea, it’s much easier to have a checking account linked with the PayPal account. We will be discussing our options in the next couple of weeks.

Recruitment: If there is anyone you know interested in CIF, tell them to come on floor! Also, if the Anime Interest Floor does not get residential space this year, we will be contacting them to give them the opportunity to apply to CIF if they wish to do so.

February 5th, 2010

Grassroots: Edith Hanson, the Co-President of Grassroots, dropped us a visit. The Green Tech Fair is being held on Thursday, March 18 (2pm–7pm) in Hirst Lounge.¬†She came to see if CIF would like to set up computers and gaming systems for this event as well as provide tips for effective, energy-efficient technology use. We will be discussing our availability and involvement in the coming weeks. If you’d like to be in touch for any reason, her email address is

ArtAwake: Benjamin Brown, the Creative Director of ArtAwake, also dropped us a visit.¬†ArtAwake is meant to bring together our diverse community, utilize an underused space, and have a showcase for musicians and artists available to present their work. ArtAwake will be held Saturday, April 10 (5pm–2am) at an abandoned bank at 35 State Street, with direct buses available.¬†Ben came to see if CIF would like to help this year’s event by setting up and coordinating projectors, laser art, and other technology. He also would like to see if we would like to sponsor them and/or volunteer at the event.¬†If you volunteer, there is the possibility of a free ticket! Not only will we be discussing this in the coming weeks, but we have decided that we will contribute some of the old hardware from the cage for any modern abstract art they would like to create. If you’d like to be in touch for any reason, his email address is

New CIF Member: Congratulations to Robin Pease, our newest CIF member!

Tomorrow’s Activities: Again, tunnel painting and banner making is tomorrow! We’re all meeting in the Core at 11:30am.

Lab Cleaning: A day has been announced — Friday, February 12 around 8pm. John is graciously providing food to those who want to volunteer, but only to the first 6 people who contact him personally will be able to volunteer and get fed.¬†We are cutting it off at 6 because of the somewhat small space in the Lab and the limited amount of food.

Printing: The HP printer (near the old arcade games in the foyer) needs more toner. $30 has been approved and will be allocated for this.

Game Night: We will need more food for the Game Night on Saturday, February 20 — especially because of the Special Interest Housing Week.¬†More than likely, three sheets of pizza will be ordered from Pontillo’s and we’ll grab lots of snacks and soda from the Corner Store.

Banking: HSBC will not get back to Linda by email and she could not get past their phone menu! Dan and Linda will probably go to their bank on Mt. Hope Avenue this coming Friday around 2pm.

More Events Forthcoming: For this year’s Pi Day, we’re looking into Flex machine availability and possibly contacting SUMS and CSUG to get involved also.¬†John came up with an “Office Space” idea, to raise some money by smashing some of the equipment from the cage.¬†We would probably be throwing it away anyway, so why not? Obviously, we will be discussing all of this in the future.

January 29th, 2010

Game Night: Linda will call Pontillos for pizza at 4 on Saturday, which will be picked up by Dan at 8. The cake and soda will be purchased at the Corner Store with declining.

Donation Box: Help is needed for the donation box — talk to Rob. With any luck, it will be done by Wednesday.

Involvement with Other Groups: Green Tech, with their environmentally-friendly technological goals, will be at the next board meeting. SIMcon, a gaming convention held in Douglass, contacted us to get involved this year. Whether they want more tech-related games or board games still has yet to be determined (possibly a LAN party).

Banking and Fundraising: HSBC will be contacted more persistently as a potential bank for CIF. Also, PayPal will be researched more thoroughly to put onto the CIF homepage for contributions.

CIF Lab Unreliability: The Brother printer needs more toner in the cartridge, stat. It’s extremely low and things are barely being printed.¬†In addition, the card reader is working at the moment but has been unreliable in the past few days. Efforts to remedy these issues are in motion.

CIF Lab Cleaning: Day to clean the lab and the cage is still TBA, but it will probably be a weekend afternoon/evening.

Mailing Lists: John says the mailing lists are up and running and updated. However, a list needs to be constructed of those who can access the Lab but might not necessarily be CIF members to enhance possible recruitment opportunities as soon as possible!

Living on Floor: At the moment, only 13 people have confirmed that they plan to live on floor next year! If you plan on living on CIF next year or are even thinking about it, contact Brandon immediately and let him know!

January 22nd, 2010

Game Night Supplies: Soda can be purchased with declining from the Corner Store. Pizza, 1 sheet of cheese and 1 sheet of pepperoni, will be purchased from Pontillos on Mt. Hope Avenue. Allocation of $60 for the pizza was authorized.

Want to make $10?: Chelsea has a friend doing a Brain and Cognitive Science thesis concerning reaction times of male gamers. If you have about an hour to spare and want to make $10, contact Chelsea!

Recruiting: This is a tremendous issue this semester — all of us should be pushing the great things about CIF to other people on campus. Flyers are being copied for Game Night. Another round of small flyers for freshmen will be done again. In any computer science class, definitely consider mentioning and championing CIF as a great place to hang out and a great place to live.

Campus Club Connection: Since UR just decided to change the entire format of CCC, our information will be updated.

Expectations for Excellence: Dan will be contacting Bert to clarify the due date for Expectations for Excellence.

Lab Cleanup: John would love to have help cleaning the lab and sifting through the cage.¬†Tons of older equipment that is not being used (and won’t be used) has been stored in the cage for ages.¬†If you’d like some of this historic equipment, you’ll have to help clean the lab or it goes in the trash!¬†If we all pitched in to help clean a bit, it could be completed very quickly.

January 15th, 2010

There will be Birthday Festivities at 7:30pm and Game Night at 8pm on January 30.

Dues, still $20 per semester, are due February 1 at 11:59pm.

Floor Meeting Minutes

April 22nd, 2010

CIFnic: Held on Sunday, April 25 Рplease attend and bring a dish-to-pass! Please email which dish you will be bringing.

Last Game Night: Held on Friday, April 30 starting at  7:30 with birthdays. This will be a low-key break from studying, so no crazy loudness! We might be planning something for seniors, so please attend!

CIF Banking:¬†We’ll be taking care of our Ally Banking account ¬†on Friday, April 23 at the Board Meeting.

April 8th, 2010

Pi ++ Day:¬†Again, this is being held on Wednesday April 14, 2010 at 2-7pm on the Wilson Commons porch. ¬†Please email Brandon to let us know if and when you’ll be coming!

Banner for Pi ++ Day: This is being painted tomorrow, Friday  April 9, at around 3:30pm.

CIFnic:¬†This is being held on ¬†Sunday April 25, 2010 at the Genesee Valley Park (GVP). Bring a side dish with you (this does not mean chips and soda from the Corner ¬†Store because we’ll be providing that). ¬†This event is one of the only mandatory¬†events we have – if you don’t make it to this without a legitimate excuse, you will not be in good standing on CIF and will not get housing points. If you do have a legitimate excuse, email

Card Reader:¬†This will probably not be installed before Finals Week – with the parts needed and maintenance installation, there ¬†wouldn’t be enough time. We apologize.

In Case You Didn’t Read Other Minutes: We chose Dan and Sara for our senior meal exemptions from a hat. We chose Ally online bank for CIF.

March 25th, 2010

Nauticock Award: For those who are still unaware, the award is given to a CIF member who has gone above and beyond in their membership duties since the last Housing Meeting. Joanne Leadbetter, Dan  Bartkowski, Jay Kim, and Kelsey Treister were nominated and Joanne is our newest recipient of the Nauticock Award!  She is awarded 1/2 of a housing point for this year and all the following years as a CIF member.

Meal Exemption:¬†For rising seniors, there are two meal exemption plans with all declining rather than clubs. Be warned that if chosen for the meal exemption, CIF would use part of your declining for chips and soda and things of that nature for some of our events. Please email¬†if you’re interested.

Housing Meeting: This might have been the smoothest Housing Meeting ever!  The results are as follows:

Suite 310:

  • Isaac ¬†Richter (314)
  • Iana Shmelkina (313)
  • Robert Yoon (312)
  • Jason Zhu ¬†(311)
  • Mark Angland (315)

Suite 320:

  • Sara Melnick (324)
  • John ¬†Brimlow (323)
  • Chelsea Marsh (322)
  • Esty Thomas (321)

Suite  330:

  • Andrew Agnello (334)
  • Kelsey Treister (333)
  • Linda Clough (332)
  • Robin Pease (321)
  • Joe Colaruotolo (325)

Suite 340:

  • Dan Bartkowski (344)
  • Brandon Peterman (343)
  • Joanne Leadbetter (342)
  • Kevin Huie (341)
  • Ben Schoenbrun (345)

Please let me know if anything is wrong with  these results and we will work it out! Cheers on a great Housing Meeting!

March 4th, 2010

ZDC (Zombie Defense Coalition):¬†Again, this coalition is for the advertisement and recruitment of CIF! ¬†During the floor meeting, the following people have volunteered for the ZDC: Katie Pieper, Trevor Filer, Robert Yoon, Kevin Huie, Craig Lavine, Robin Pease, John Brimlow, Chelsea Marsh, Jay Kim, Esty Thomas, Terry Hughes, and Katelyn Patterson. If you weren’t at the floor meeting but would like to help, let me know!

Green Tech Fair:¬†See how quickly events come up? ¬†The Green Tech Fair is Thursday March 18th, right after Spring Break! ¬†We will be volunteering our resources and our time from 5pm-7pm in Hirst Lounge. ¬†Please stop by to play games on XBox and GameCube, even if you’re just grabbing food and happen to be walking out!

Housing Meeting: Another reminder, this has been moved from Thursday, March 18th to Thursday, March 25th. This will allow for MORE RECRUITMENT! We need 6 or 7 more people for our floor to be full next year!! Drag people here if you have to!!

CIF Open House:¬†A fun CIF Open House will be held Friday, March 19 at 8:30pm. We’ll have chips and soda and MST3K and we’ll need help posting fliers after Spring Break!

Banking:¬†My idea was proposed to make 5 small purchases per month with a CIF Business Checking Account to avoid the inactivity fee, but many good suggestions were brought up (especially the online joint checking idea). We’ll look into this and evaluate our options.

February 18th, 2010

Game Night:¬†In case you’ve been living under a rock or don’t check your email, Game Night is Saturday February 20 at 8pm! There will be pizza, soda (or pop?), and chips galore!

Events with Other Groups:¬†Art Awake is April 10th and needs help with setup. ¬†If you help their setup, you get in for free! Green Tech is March 18th and needs the knowledge and time of some green-savvy volunteers. We understand these are far off, but more notice is better than less. Please email us if you’re interested.

Photos:¬†We will be combining and sorting all the photos from Bryan’s and Kaleigh’s computers very soon.

Housing: Membership verification forms just got here! This is the first sign that we need to start planning our suite arrangements for next year. These arrangements need to be planned and pinned down and sent in by March 30 at the latest. At the board meeting tomorrow, we will be setting a day for the Housing Meeting.

Contributing to Floor: When applying to CIF, members are asked what they can contribute to floor. Part of the acceptance to CIF is this important factor. The same few members are contributing and taking initiative and giving it their all, and the same few members are not. For our floor to survive and flourish, there cannot be a weak link Рplease give back to the group we all take part in. This could mean recruitment, event ideas, helping in CIF events and events with other groups (not just attendance), technology and lab help, actively and seriously participating in floor and board meetings among many other possibilities.

February 4th, 2010

Special Interest Housing Week: In observance of Special Interest Housing Week, which is two weeks from now, CIF will be painting the Tunnel underneath the Quad on Saturday, February 6 (tomorrow!!). We will also be creating a banner to hang in Wilson Commons, same time  same place. Volunteers would be much appreciated for both of these activities Рgo to the core by 11:30am.

Upcoming Game Night: After a great success at the last Game  Night, another one is coming up on Saturday, February 20 at 8pm (also in observance of Special Interest Housing Week).

Ski Trip: The skiing trip has been subsidized!

Dues:¬†Especially to Off-Floor Members, the deadline for dues has now passed.¬†Remember that not paying your dues means technically you’re not in good standing with CIF. Please get your dues to Linda as soon as possible. These include:

  • Amanda Goodman
  • Brian Lobenstine
  • Andrew Zhu
  • Jason He
  • Tiffany Terdan
  • Kelsey Triester

Amendment Voting:¬†Two votes actually took place this ¬†evening. Dan’s amendment to remove Wilder Rec Room content as well as clarification of candidate voting did not completely remove all mentions of the Wilder Rec Room from the Constitution.

First, a temporary amendment was voted on and passed (an exact  number was not recorded, but was assuredly greater than 2/3 of members in good standing) to trust Dan to remove the remaining content  concerning the Wilder Rec Room in the amendment.

Next, the amendment proposed, ensuring trust in Dan to remove the remaining content, had 19 Yes. A count of 25 members are in good standing on CIF, so the vote passes by 2/3’s vote.

Homepage ¬†Ideas:¬†If you have ideas or content or nerdy jokes to post to the ¬†homepage but don’t have access to the CIF homepage, please contact ¬†Isaac.

Lab Issues: The card reader has continued to act up lately. The lab cleaning day is still to be announced.

Recruitment: This issue has serious importance this year. If you know people who are interested and possibly want to apply, convince them to do so! At least bring them to a Game Night and strongly encourage their application to CIF.

January 21st, 2010

Reminder of Game Night: Again, Birthday Festivities at 7:30pm and Game Night at 8pm are on Saturday, January 30.

Dues: CIF dues should be paid at the latest of February 1, 2010 by 11:59pm, but paying them on Game Night is preferable and strongly recommended.

Kitchen: At this early point in the semester, the kitchen should not already be as dirty as it is. If the situation does not improve, Dan stated that ResLife will be contacted and measures will be taken.

Amendment proposed:¬†Dan proposed an amendment to clarify the paragraph of the Constitution concerning a candidate’s ability to vote for other candidates during Board elections as well as the Wilder Rec Room Amendment. This amendment changed the Constitution to allow candidates to vote for other candidates during Board elections and would remove the parts of the Wilder Rec Room Amendment that specifically concern the annexation of the Wilder Rec Room.

Downtime: John confirmed that everyone received the message about CIF wireless downtime for two hours on Friday.

Donation Box: A more sturdy donation box containing printing contributions in the CIF lab will be constructed on Friday (today).

Flyer Distribution: Brandon has requested to get a group of CIF members together to put up Game Night flyers, possibly this weekend.

Empty Rooms: Bryan suggested we band together and request that ResLife let us use the empty rooms here on CIF.

January 15th, 2010

There will be Birthday Festivities at 7:30pm and Game Night at 8pm on January 30.

Dues, still $20 per semester, are due February 1 at 11:59pm.