Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

May 1st, 2013

CIF shirts will be arriving soon (hopefully this Friday as the site said). The non-Eboard member who has the most participation points will get a free shirt. Shirts will be handed out next floor meeting, which is this Sunday.

Board has approved spending $10 for shirts for graduating seniors.

Because 3 of the 5 board members will be seniors next year, board is strongly encouraging members to come to board meetings to get the gist of how they go. That way, the transition from the current board to the future board will be smoother.

April 24th, 2013

CIFnic will be on this coming Sunday (4/28). Hot dogs will be bought from Hillside. Other meat products will be bought off-campus (e.g. Wegmans). CIF might be funding $30 for food. If for some reason, CIFnic gets rained out, CIF may be watching movies with the projector. What movie will be watched will be up to floor to decide.

Participation points are nearly tallied up and all members will be notified on how they are doing in terms of participation. The person with the most amount of points will get a free CIF shirt.

The nostalgic cartoon study break will be on May 4. CIF is currently trying to reserve Gleason Theater for the study break.

Doug will be shutting down the CIF lab for maintenance on May 11.

April 17th, 2013

Game night is happening Saturday. No donors for declining yet. If we don’t get declining, may get something small from ABP (cupcakes?) and food from somewhere else.

Tech Seminar is happening, will be learning info that was on the quiz.

Sunstorm still needs a new power source (tech staff needs to find one).

We have a new associate member!

3 people pied Sarah at Pi++ Day. Doug has made a donation to CIF for Pi++ day.

Pi++ Day Next Year

  • Heavy advertisement
  • More floor involvement
  • Pie on face is attractive to possible donations
  • Pieing person in the face would be free if they bought a real pie slice
    • Selling pies

T shirts

  • Placing a bulk order for 30 shirts
  • Ordering ASAP (tomorrow)
  • Not cheaper in 30, will cost ~7.50 per person

April 11th, 2013

Pi++ Day will be on the 14th. The fee for throwing pies will be $1 per person. The place will either be in Wilson Commons or somewhere on the Res Quad. Board has agreed to fund a maximum of $40 for Pi++ Day.

A e-mail will be sent out to members regarding the new CIF shirts to see who wants a shirt or not. If 20 or more people want a shirt, the cost per shirt will be $14.88, but CIF will cover part of the costs so that members will pay a lot less than the mentioned price.

Frank proposed to replace two bad power supplies, in which one of them has failed in Atlas. CIF may be spending money for at least one power supply. Board has approved to spend one $80 new used power supply.

The Super Smash Bros. Tournament with Sigma Nu is still happening. It will most likely be held over study break/reading period.

There will also be a Nostalgic Cartoon Viewing event over reading period. Where it will be has not been set in stone, but hopefully, it will be in Gleason Theater.

Also, Doug has updated on AIF’s constitution revising. One of the clauses say that if AIF cannot maintain itself for various reasons, then its sound system and projector will be donated to CIF.

March 27th, 2013

Board interviewed Monica Stehle for membership. She is now a full member and will be living on floor.

Board interviewed YeJin Jeong for membership. She is now a full member and will be living on floor.

Tanner, Dena, and Frank will be presenting in E4E in April 11. They will be talking about why CIF is awesome and should still exist.

March 20th, 2013

Board has interviewed Adam Scrivener. He applied to CIF because he really likes playing computer games and is a math/computer science major. Legend of Zelda is his favorite video game series. He also likes to play DND, Super Smash, and video games made by Valve. Board has unanimously voted him to be a full member.

Board has interviewed Chris Plunket. He wanted to be a member of CIF because he likes playing board and computer games. The community he lives with in Gilbert is similar to CIF. He is a BME major. He likes to play Risk and Catan. Board has voted him to be a full member.

Board has interviewed Zach Euing. He is an economics major. He applied to CIF because he likes to play computer games and play in LAN parties. He has very good organizational skills. He has some experience on computer programming. Board has voted him to be a full member.

Board has interviewed Connor Dent. He is probably going to be a music and math double major. He wants to be a member of CIF because he likes the activities CIF does. He has experience with Java programming. He and his friends back at home are trying to make an indie video game using Java. Board has voted him to be full member.

Board has interviewed Max Kessler. He wants to be a member of CIF because he’s a computer science major and likes playing video games (some members already know him from playing Smash with him). He is experienced with Java programming. Board has voted him to be a full member.

Formal game night will be on April 20.

March 6th, 2013

Board has interviewed Allen for membership. He went to CIF’s video game game night and liked the environment of CIF. He has taught 8-13 year olds how to use science technologies and Java programming. His weapon of choice in a zombie apocalypse is a lightning glove. Board has voted Allen to be a full member. He is planning to live on floor for next year.

Esty has told board that the Medieval Society needs to rent a projector. It will be rented on the Thursday during reading period. The Medieval Society doesn’t have much of a budget hence why CIF might contribute to some of the fees.

Board has interviewed Claire for membership. She has been told about CIF via the Tae Kwon Do club and Christine. She went to video game game night and really liked “Cards Against Humanity.” Her weapon of choice in a zombie apocalypse will be flaming chemicals from the chemistry labs. Board has voted Claire to be a full member. She is planning to live on floor for next year.

Sigma Nu wants to do a Super Smash Bros. Brawl tournament with CIF. It will be a CIF vs. Sigma Nu tournament. When it will happen has yet to be decided.

February 27th, 2013

Board has interviewed Johnny for membership. Board has decided to make him as an associate member.

Board is thinking about getting new CIF shirts. The shirts will most likely have the same design, which is the logo on front and the nauticock on the back. Unless, someone comes up with a much better design, the shirts will stick with the original one.

CIF will be getting “new” computers given from IT. University IT is replacing its computers and its old computers will be given to CIF, with Windows 7.

CIF is trying to getting an ad in the Vagina Monologues, though they haven’t contacted board back yet.
April 14 will be Pi++ day. It will be at the Wilson Commons from 2 to 7 pm. What happens at Pi++ day is that people will be throwing pies at CIF members (at least, I believe so…).

The paperwork for housing is due at April 2. Therefore, there will be a meeting on March 24 to sort out who will be living on floor and who will not be living on floor.

February 20th, 2013

Doug proposed a kickoff of the joing CIF/AIF Minecraft event on March 2. CIF and AIF will be using the CIF server for Minecraft. The CIF server will be tested to make sure that it can handle many people. Minecraft will happen every Saturday from 4 to 6 pm.

There will probably be an CIF/AIF mixer social on either this Saturday or Sunday at 8 pm, most likely on Sunday.

Also, Frank found several papers of voting records of past CIF E-boards in the lab cage.

There two unused computers in the lab cage and they will be added to the other computers currently in use.

CIF might be sending about 50 flyers to the university mailboxes. The cost is only 8 cents per flyer, though the problem is how the flyers are to be mailed.

CIF might spend $50 for an ad in the Vagina Monologues. The majority of board approved this measure.
An additional $20 will be spent for paint and pizza for the special interest housing fair.

February 13th, 2013

For special interest housing, CIF needs people to table. Also, we actually have a full table this time unlike at the activities fair. CIF might be putting up two different flyers, one with the demographics and two showing why people should join CIF. We need two people to represent CIF with the poster at Hirst Lounge and another person in the tunnels.

CIF has to do a presentation showing why the floor should still exist. CIF needs to show what the floor has done (e.g. tech seminars, LOL tournament, CIFnic, etc.). This is particularly important because CIF has existed for 29 years and we should make it an even number.

February 6th, 2013

CIF has raised $82 from the LOL tournament. There are people who want to donate more money so CIF might end up raising more than the amount mentioned.

Board interviewed a transfer student named Fredrick Gootkind. He has been voted to be a full member and he may live on floor next fall provided that he gets accepted.

CIF will have an open house on the Saturday before spring break. Open house will go from 8am to 8pm. We’ll have a Firefly showing during the open house.

AIF wants to have another mixer with CIF. What the theme will be has yet to be decided.

There will be a Quizbowl tournament called Brain Buzz at Wilson Commons on February 16. The winning team will win $200 and board is considering building a team to compete in Brain Buzz because who doesn’t want money?

January 23rd, 2013

Caitlin has been elected as a poster person.

The Superbowl party will be on Hoeing 1 on February 3. The RA will pay $10/hour to pay for the projector fees.

Board interviewed Jesse Luna. Board approved Jesse to be an associate member.

Board interviewed Simone Arnold. Board agreed to have Simone be a full member.

Floor meetings most likely be on Sundays at 7 pm. Because floor meetings will now be on Sundays, the deadline for dues will be pushed to February 3, two days later than the original deadline.

January 16th, 2013

Kim proposes buying shelves for the pots and pans from the kitchen. Reason is that trying to take the pots and pans from the shelves risk having other stuff falling down. Board voted on spending $36 for shelves and approved the measure. CIF will purchase two chrome shelves.

Christina resigned from the position of webmaster due to time constraints. Board unanimously voted Nate to be the new webmaster.

Stanton did not come to the board meeting. More likely, Stanton will give up the super single and David will get the super single.

Board unanimously voted for dues this semester to be $20. Deadline will be February 1.

Minimum requirement for participation points will be increased from 10 to 14. Board unanimously voted “yes” to raise the minimum.

LOL tournament fund-raising money will be donated to Big Brother/Big Sister. Board approved awarding 2 points for fund-raising a lot of money.

Activities fair will be this Friday at 3–4:30 pm. Preparation starts at 2:30 pm.

Board unanimously approved on making a new position, Poster People. There will be up to two available spots for this position.

First tech seminar is on January 26 at 3 pm. The seminar will run for more than an hour.

First game night will be on February 9.

January 13th, 2013

Board has approved Abby to be a Poster Person. As a result, Caitlin and Abby are the Poster People for this semester.

Board has interviewed Sydney and accepted her as a full fledged member.

AIF proposed to do a nostalgic cartoon study break right before finals week with CIF.

CIF will be spending approximately $100 on various dongles such as DVI, VGA, and USB.

Board is looking at possibly doing a jailbreaking tech seminar. The next tech seminar will be on February 24 at 1pm. Knowing the possible consequences of jailbreaking a device, there will a disclaimer at the beginning of the seminar.

Frank has found piles of blank checks in the lab cage. Whether CIF actually has its own bank account remains unknown. This phenomenon will be investigated.

Floor Meeting Minutes

April 21st, 2013

First things first, congrats to Sarah for carrying Pi++ Day last week. CIFnic will be on this coming Sunday at 1 pm.

Non-CS on-floor (for next year) members who did not attend Sunday’s help@CIF seminar are required to go to next Saturday’s seminar at 1 pm.

The CIF t-shirts are already ordered and will arrive on May 3. There will be extras of each size ranging from small to extra large for those who have not decided yet. People who want a shirt have to pay $7 per shirt.

Participation points will be tallied up (by Sarah and Tim) and members will be emailed on how many points they have earned thus far.

April 7th, 2013

A KEY student has talked to CIF about his project on sustainability of electronic waste. He wants to give old computers to kids who have been affected by gang violence. He wants to work with CIF because he considers CIF to be a good community to work with. CIF has agreed to help out with the KEY project.

Formal game night will be on the 20th. We can spend declining for Au Bon Pain catering, though we have to pick the food up ourselves.

There will be a tech seminar on the 21st. This will be a CIF-only tech seminar since it is aimed at helping CIF members be more tech savvy.

The CIF t-shirts will have a new design. The CIF logo will be large across the chest this time. The cost per shirt will be $14.88, provided that 20 or more people want to get a CIF shirt.

CIF-nic will be on the 28th. Hopefully, other alumni other than Terry will come. It will be held at the grill right outside of Towers.

Kim has won a mini-basketball game from the Hillside raffle and decided to donate it to CIF. What will be done with it has yet to be seen. Either it will be placed in the lab or sold.

The Apple Rep wants to come to floor and do a demonstration using the iPad and the Macbook Air. The demonstration will be on Sunday at 7 pm.

March 24th, 2013

Next game night is on April 20. It will be formal game night. Declining will be used for either Au Bon Pain or Meliora catering. Floor prefers Au Bon Pain.

T-shirts are still in the works. If anyone wants to propose a design, do so soon. The current design in plan is the large CIF logo on the front and the Nauticock on the back.

The lab will be getting new computers over the summer that will be running on Windows 7.

March 3rd, 2013

CIF will be getting new CIF t-shirts. The new shirts will have a large CIF logo on the front, as voted by floor. Board will be eating up most of the costs for the shirts.

The housing deadline is coming up very soon, so next floor meeting, members (and potential members) will have the paperwork done. Be sure to know who to live with and what meal plan you want to have.

Floor has voted for the Nauticock Award. The award goes to the member who has gone above and beyond expectations of what a CIF member does. The people nominated were Nate, all of board, Kim, and Abby. Dena has pulled out from the voting. Nate has been voted the winner of the award and he will be awarded 0.5 housing points.

This Thursday, there will be a Firefly showing. Floor has discussed which episodes should be aired. Floor has agreed to show “Heart of Gold” and “Jamestown.”

Kim has put up a small white board to keep track of how many days in a row the kitchen has been clean. He will be checking the kitchen every midnight to see if there are any dirty dishes in the sink or on the counter. Kevin has given floor a challenge on keeping the kitchen clean. If CIF keeps the kitchen clean for more days in a row this month than MIF does during the next month, Kevin will buy floor donuts.

February 17th, 2013

A sheet has been passed around floor to see which members are living on floor next academic year.

The Nauticock Award will be given to the member who has gone over expectations in terms of participation and contribution to CIF. Nominees (to date) are: Nate, all of board, Kim, and Abby.

All of floor (except for Sarah and Dena) has to do 30 minutes of tabling on Monday, the 25th or Wednesday, the 27th. The time slot will be from 4 pm to 6 pm on Monday, and 11 am to 1 pm on Wednesday. In addition, someone needs to watch the projector the entire time. Floor also has a time slot on Thursday and will be playing Firefly at that time.

Game night will be on March 2, which is during special interest housing week. Proposed themes are: video games, computer, spicy cheesy, meta, and nauticock/acquatic chicken (with tentacles). Floor has voted for video game game night.

There will be a tech seminar on Sunday, the 24th, being run by Alex. The tech seminar will be about jailbreaking/rooting mobile devices.

There will be a tech survey online to test members’ level of tech experience/skill.

Tanner and Kim have proposed another sausage fest for this semester. It will be on March 3, a day after March’s game night. What will be watched for the sausage test has yet to be decided. Whoever has any suggestions, tell Tanner or Kim. This is a member only event and participants have to be 18 or older.
CIF now has a dongle library in the lab. Anyone can borrow the dongles as long as they’re returned when they’re no longer needed.

January 18th, 2013

Attending floor meetings will be counted as a hall event and will be counted as one point. Minimum amount of participation points for this semester is raised to 14 points.

Dues are $20 and are due on February 1.

There will be a blender seminar on January 26.

There will be a LOL tournament this Saturday in CSB and there will be an entrance fee. All the money will be used for donation. Attending the event will also count as advertising CIF. One can earn a maximum of 5 participation points for flyering and attending the event. The tournament will go from 2 to 8 pm. Entrance fee will be announced soon.

Game night will be on February 9. Possible themes: zombie defense, Pokemon, CIFyllis, Chinese New Year, and “End of the world.” The majority of the floor voted for a Chinese New Year themed game night.
There will probably be a “secret servos” on Valentine’s Day. It’s not mandatory to participate in secret servos.
Doug and Frank will start an education program on floor. The program is to help people who are not that computer savvy be able to fix basic problems. There will be a survey online.

Kim announced buying shelves to give more kitchen space for pots, pans, and utensils.

Nate is the new webmaster.

There will be an election on the new position, Poster People, next week.