Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

April 17th, 2016

• Reminders:
o Formal Game Night is this Saturday (4/23) from 8-late – dress fancy!
o CIFnic is this Sunday (4/24) from 1-3 and URSGA will be joining us so our events do not conflict.
o Both events will have Kosher for Passover options.
o Family Science Day is this Saturday (4/23) from 1-4. We would still appreciate submissions of code and volunteers. Volunteers, please arrive at Rettner at 12:30 to help set up.
• Matt will call Au Bon Pain tomorrow to see if they provide Kosher for Passover options for Formal Game Night or if we will have to obtain them elsewhere.
• Sara will ask permission to ResLife to repaint the CIF logo on the door to the lab
o Board is considering obtaining a stencil of the CIF logo
• Lab storage will begin at the end of finals week – please respond to Marc’s email with the date of your last final/ when you are leaving.
• The final tech seminar will be on 4/30 from 1-3. It will be a review session for introductory comp sci classes (CSC 161, 171, and 172) – Steven and Daniel will meet with the professors of these classes to learn what should be stressed in the seminar.
• CIF is still working with Drama House in order to decide on a definite date for our Backstroke of the West event, but it currently seems most likely that it will be some time during reading period in the Wilder Rec Room.
• All non-first-semester full members that are living on floor next year who have not reached the participation points quota for this semester have been notified and been made aware of how they can reach a total of 17.

April 10th, 2016

• CIF’s Expectations for Excellence presentation went very well, but we will not have our official ruling yet.
• CIF will be utilizing the Jackson Court Hall Council newsletter to advertise our events and have a sort of “Tech Tips” column that would be giving out basic tips for less tech-savvy people such as telling people about Ctrl + F to search a document or webpage.
• CIF will attempt to branch out to have representatives that will raise awareness of CIF in ECE, CSC, and other classes.
• Senior gifts have been discussed
• Our next Tech Seminar will likely be a review session for some of the intro CSC courses.
• Reminder that we still require volunteers for Family Science Day on the 23rd! Please send in the games you made and see if you are available!

March 27th, 2016

• The tech seminar will be from 1-2 on Saturday (4/2). It will be the one we planned to do last week on basic UNIX.
• Our next Game Night will be on April 9th and our Formal Game Night will be on the 23rd. Both will start and 8 P.M. and go until late. Please e-mail Marc with theme suggestions!
• CIFnic will be on April 24th from 1-3.
o Kosher for Passover options will be available at both Formal Game Night and CIFnic
• We will be having a study break on April 30th. We are tentatively planning on cooperating with Drama House and having pancakes and Backstroke of the West.
• E4E write-up is due April 4th. The presentations will be either Thursday the 7th or Friday the 8th during the day.
• The next floor meeting will be next Sunday, April 3rd.
• Friendly reminder that SIMCON is this weekend (Friday April 1st- Sunday April 3rd). Support your fellow nerds in URSGA! If you would like more information, speak to Zack Sia!

March 20th, 2016

• Official Spring budget has been submitted and approved by board
• Expectations for Excellence
o Matt will be writing our rapport with Hall Council
o Steven, Daniel, and Marc will be writing about our services for the community
o Marc will be in charge of keeping in contact with ResLife about our on-floor membership specifics
o Sara will be covering everything else
• Board has declined taking over the domain, though we welcome alumni to take the initiative themselves.
• CIF will hold a Smash Bros. station at the Jackson Court Block Party on April 1st in the O’Brien Lounge
• We would like to welcome our newest full members – Ashley Smith, Elsa Gernand, and Sophie Sackstein as well as our newest associate member Tim Chu
• The housing meeting will be starting on Sunday, March 27th at 7 P.M. Bring your laptops! The floor meeting will be taking place immediately after.
• Board has declined the offer to have an event with AIF, but CIF has allowed AIF to store their bookshelves in the lab over the summer
• The next Tech Seminar will be this Saturday from 2-3 and will be a basic UNIX seminar
• From April 1-3, there will be a hackathon on campus! Though we are not co-sponsoring, we would love to see some CIF presence helping out or participating!
• The new mural will be painted this week, if you have expressed interest in painting the mural please check your emails so that we can devise a schedule that works for everyone.
• CIF will allocate $52.30 for sheet pizzas and soda for the Smash Bros. event this Saturday – bringing snacks will be worth points!

March 3rd, 2016

• Updates from ResLife
o Likely pushing mural painting back to the week of the 21st so that Facilities could assist us
o Board has begun planning for E3
• Game Night will be on the 19th – Marc will be sending out an e-mail about theme shortly!
• The PAWS cosponsership AND the Smash Bros. event will be held on the 26th. PAWS will be held from 1-2 in Rettner and the Smash Bros. event will be held from 3-7 in O’Brien Lounge.
• Reminder that the Housing Meeting will be on the 27th!

February 28th, 2016

• Welcome to our newest full member – Paolo Prezioso!
• Mural painting
o We will ask if we can obtain 2 rollers, 4 2-inch, 4 1-inch paintbrushes, and 3 detail brushes, and plastic covering from ResLife
o We will be obtaining 3 paint trays
o Marc will be obtaining the paint (1 quart of each color) and painter’s tape over Spring Break
• Shirts
o Board needs to think of some way to ship two of the remaining shirts to the alumni
o We still have the following: 1 Small, 7 Medium, 3 Large, and 1 2XL
o The price for purchasing extra shirts has been reduced to $10, negotiable.
• The next tech seminar will be held on March 19th

February 21st, 2016

• Possibility of coordinating with all intro CS classes to promote the tech seminars and other forms of gauging why the tech seminar on Saturday failed.
• Duties of board members have been reviewed to see if we are meeting all of our duties.
• Review of probations
• Approval of the repainting of the mural from Anika
o We need a list of people, please let board know if you are available to help!
• Times for PAWS cosponsership – March 19th or March 26th
• Smash Bros. event dates will be polled
• Agenda for floor meeting has been confirmed.

February 14th, 2016

• Special Interest Housing Week starts tomorrow! If you wish to help out, just sign the sheet in the core!
o Monday there will be tabling from 5-8 in Hirst
o Tuesday there will be tabling from 5-8 in Sue B.
o Postering from Special Interest Housing Week is still going on!
o Helping out with the above is all worth a participation point
• Our first tech seminar will take place this Saturday – it will be a basic UNIX seminar.
• There will be a floor meeting next Sunday (2/21)! Please attend!
• There will also be our first CIFPlays of the semester on the 21st.

February 7th, 2016

• Special Interest Housing Week – Feb 15-19
o Paparazzi/ZDC/people who want points can come and hang up posters around campus
o Tabling in Hirst: 5-8pm Monday night, Tuesday in Sue B from 5-7pm. Marc will send out an e-mail for signing up if you want to help out.
• Game Night – Feb 14
o E-mail board with theme ideas! We will be accepting them until Monday night.
• PAWS co-sponsoring
o We will be doing something in March (likely in Rettner on a Saturday afternoon)
• Smash Bros. Event
o Will be working with Hall Council with this, it will be a free-play event for a few hours. Dates will be decided later.
• CIFPlays
o We will be having two in February, likely on the 21st and some other date – stay tuned for details!
• Family Science Day – in April
o Showing the games that people have made – if you have ever made a game yourself, let us know if you would like us to use it!
• Tech seminars
o The first tech seminar (basic UNIX) will be on February 20th!
o If you have any ideas for future Tech seminars, tell Steven and/or Daniel!
• We are beginning to look at screensaver advertisements for our events! Wowie!

January 29th, 2016

Board Meeting Minutes – 1/29/16
• Board has met at this unusual time due to Matt Dershowitz’s unavailability on Sunday
• Nominated positions
o Our Kitchen Goddess will remain Ethan Gyllenhaal
o Our Pantheon of Cleanliness will be Marc Halbritter, Susan Butler, and Matt Hochberg
o Our Hall Council Representative will remain Matt Dershowitz
o Our Paparazzi is now Carlos Richer
o Our ZDC (Paparazzi’s helpers) will Ben Sutton, Shelby Young, Alex Kautz, John Sterritt
o Our King of Games will remain Zack Sia
o Our Tech Staff will be Teddy Reiss and Shelby Young.
• Agenda for floor meeting this Sunday (1/31) which immediately proceeds our first Game Night of the semester has been set.

January 24th, 2016

Board Meeting Minutes 1/24
• CCC page for CIF has been updated
o Positions of board members have been properly reassigned.
• Final planning of the first floor meeting

January 17th, 2016

Board Meeting Minutes – January 17, 2016
• Alex Kautz has re-interviewed and is now a full member! Hooray!
• Probation terms have been finalized for all members on probation.
• Technical methods for CIFPlays have been discussed.
• Progress on the mural is stalled at the moment, but will totally happen sometimes this semester I promise.
• The agenda for our first floor has been set, though we do not have a time yet.
• The card reader for the lab has been fixed!

January 12th, 2016

• Board has decided to keep last semester’s requirement of 17 participation points.
• Board meetings will tentatively will take place at 8 P.M. on Sunday nights.
• We will send out a Doodle poll later tonight to decide on floor meeting times- check your e-mails!
• Appointed positions are now being considered. Nominations will take place at the first floor meeting.
• Steven/Daniel have been assigned the task of collecting materials from Kate/Frank so that they can begin operations.
• Activities Fair will be this Friday (1/15). Volunteering will be a points event- check your e-mails for more information.
• T-shirts- 4 alumni still need to obtain their shirts (Sara will get on that), inventory of extras will be available shortly.
• Tech seminars- Basic Unix and C will likely be the first few tech seminars and will retain the schedule of being done every other week.
• Game nights
o In April, Game Night will be held BI-WEEKLY (!!!) in order to attract new members and providing a greater ease of reaching participation point quotas.
o One Game Night will be held on Sunday, the other Friday
o Tentative Game Nights are:
 January 31st
 February 14th
 March 20th
 April 1st
 April 10th
 April 29th (as a study break)
• CIF will likely be co-sponsoring SIMCon – details will be discussed closer to the event (late March)
• There will be more CIFPlays this semester!
o February 7th and 21st will be Life is Strange (this might extend into April depending on the actions of the players)
o April will be a CrowsCrowsCrows marathon (The Stanley Parable, Dr. Langeskov…, and The Beginning’s Guide) (possibly multiple plays over a single day)
• Dues will remain constant at $25 from last semester
• Adrian is on medical leave this semester – Shelby will be replacing him.
• Sara will speak to Anika about the mural. We’ll get it done… eventually.
• The GameCube is now under King of Games’ jurisdiction. Have fun Zack.
• I have approved $10 for card sleeves for community Magic decks.
• We will do some sort of food-related event to replace Sausagefest in March that has 100% less awkward pornography.
• Live-streaming of the Puppy Bowl will be a new event.
• Probation policies will be finalized at the next board meeting (1/17).

Floor Meeting Minutes

April 24th, 2016

• Please let Marc know when you’re leaving so we can schedule moving our furniture into the lab for storage!
• Watch your e-mails for a message about a Backstroke of the West showing with Drama House!
• If you have any ideas for study breaks, please let board know so that board can make any arrangements necessary.
• If you weren’t able to sign any of the senior’s t-shirts at Formal Game Night, we have fabric markers so that you only need to ask the senior to give them their shirt for you to sign.
• Reminder to all on-floor members that while CIF is a social floor, we still follow the same rules as any floors regarding 24-hour quiet hours during finals week.
• There have been complaints about the kitchen – please remember to keep the kitchen clean if you make any messes and to not leave your dishes, pots, etc. in the public kitchen sink.
• Alex Kautz is donating his couch to replace the very old and broken-down couch in computer suite.

February 21st, 2016

• PAWS event will take place on March 26.
• Smash event dates will be considered.
• Family Science Day – if you would like to help out by showcasing a simple game that you programmed, plus let us know!
• Deadpool trip will be this upcoming Saturday (2/27) – there will be a pool with the exact time when they become available.
• Tech Seminars – if you have any ideas that might increase attendance, please notify board!
• Next Game Night will be Saturday March 19 – please e-mail board with ideas! Some suggestions so far are:
o Mad Scientist
o Halloween
o Deadpool
o Pi(e) Day
o Overly Political Game Night
• Possible social event with Drama House – it would likely involve making pancakes, playing board games, and watching Backstroke of the West again.
• Mural updates – we have been approved, and we need to ensure that there will be volunteers, so please inform board if you wish to assist. It will likely take place a few days after Spring Break.
o If you are able to provide transportation to gather supplies, please let board know.
• Housing is coming up! Please be on the lookout for any and all updates from Marc about housing and please start considering who you would like in a suite with you AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
• There will be another CIFPlays (Life is Strange Episode 2) on Sunday (2/28). While we would welcome all, keep in mind that Life is Strange is a very narrative-based game and that not everything will make sense even with explanation if you were not there today.

January 24th, 2016

• Dues and participation points codenames are due to Dersh by the second floor meeting which is NEXT WEEK (1/31) at 7:30 in concurrence with the General Interest Meeting.
o Dues are $25 U.S. DOLLARS (ABSOLUTELY NO foreign currency)
o Dues MAY NOT be entirely in change (no more than $5 in change combined.)
 No more than 4 cents may be in pennies. No more than 25 cents in nickels.
o If there is some financial difficulties that make it hard to pay dues, please see board as soon as possible.
• Gauged interest for an event with Tae Kwon Do for a movie night – there is a lot of interest, and Tae Kwon Do will be notified.
• Housing reminders – e-mail board with your plans of housing for next year (on/off-floor)
• Game night reminder – it is on 1/31!
• T-shirts – if you want an extra one, see or e-mail Dersh
o Currently there is 1 small, 7 medium, 4 larges, and 1 2XL. First come, first serve!
• Nominations for appointed positions – nominations for ALL the nominated positions (Kitchen Goddess, will be accepted until the next board meeting (1/31 @ 8 PM)
o Kitchen Goddess: Matt Hochberg, Ethan Gyllenhaal
o Pantheon of Cleanliness: Marc Halbritter, Susan Butler, Matt Hochberg
o Hall Council Representative: Matt Dershowitz, Shelby Young, Matt Hochberg
o Paparazzi: Alex White (pending acceptance), Carlos Richer, Alex Kautz (pending acceptance)
o ZDC (Paparazzi’s helpers): Ben Sutton, Shelby Young, Alex Kautz, John Sterritt
o King of Games: Zack Sia
• A call for tech staff has been put out – we can teach you if you don’t know everything you should, so experience is not required but is INCREDIBLY appreciated.
• Both nominated positions and tech staff are worth points!
• Lab updates: Computer suite’s CIFputer is finally working and lab computers are now working as well as the card reader!
o If your card is not working, please check the LCC and see if it is up-to-date (it is on your “My Account” page on )