Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

March 15th, 2020

Zoom works!

Decided Casey will host the housing meeting on zoom.

An email will be sent out on Friday with more details about the housing meeting.

Orientation Event

Video Game Night?

Maybe a Lan party?

Discuss going to biweekly meetings after the housing meeting.

Will be discussing after the housing meeting.

Reach out to Isabel, thanking her for senior gifts <3

March 1st, 2020

Present Board: Liam, Josh, Casey, Jack, Lloyd

Present Floor: Isabel, Jason, Eresh

Guest: Anna (From ResLife)

Suggestion box

  • Suggestion to award extra points to person who did game night decorations

Appointed positions

  • Paparazzi (Sifan) – 1
  • Social Czar (Isabel) – 1
  • Flyboy (Isabel) – 0.5
  • Kitchen Goddess (Maryfrances) – 1
  • Kitchen Goddess (Wei) – 0
  • Sysadmin (Maryfrances) – 0, likely working with tech more this coming month
  • Lab Lord (Jason) – 0
    • Will likely award some points for maintaining the minecraft server
  • King of Games (Ian) – 0.5
  • Hall Council Rep (Josh) – N/A, board exception

Past events

  • Minecraft night postmortem
    • Went very well
    • Very few issues with server, server can be scaled up if necessary

Upcoming Events

  • Senior Movie Night
    • Won’t announce at floor meeting tonight, but will announce at an upcoming floor meeting
    • Will likely announce on the chat
    • Way to keep people who aren’t returning to floor occupied
  • Event for Friday 3/20
    • Night after housing tours
    • Flyering difficulties
      • Two sets for Friday and Saturday?
      • Difficult to get people to flyer the quad
    • CIF themed game night on that Saturday
    • Minecraft night for the 20th?
    • Combining a minecraft night and a night to code event
  • Meliora Weekend – Deadline to submit and event is April 24th
    • Tentatively hosting a game night?
  • Orientation events – Deadline to submit is sometime “in the month of March”
    • Game night? – previously piggybacked off of the URSGA one
      • Tentatively hosting one for this
    • Tech seminar to help people get set up with university IT?
  • CIFx talks on 3/8? – No
  • Night to code on 3/14 – No
  • Will be having a floor meeting on the 15th of March

Cosponsorship Requests

  • Undergraduate Film Council – Maybe
    • Asked to work with us for a showing
    • Scheduled for the 22nd of March → will ask them to move it if possible
  • OBOC – No
    • 3/21 – conflict with game night

Tech updates

  • Color printer is up – mostly

Reconnecting with Alumni

  • Robert Halm
    • Sent meeting minutes and emails from 2006
    • Sent membership data from back to 2003
    • Lots of stuff

February 23rd, 2020

Present Board: Casey, Liam, Jack, Josh, Lloyd

Present Membership: Isabel, Jason

Yay polls

  • Someone put in a lot of multiple responses – if you are, please don’t
  • Sticking with the D&D theme

Suggestion Box

  • Jeopardy question
    • Jason also sending some


  • Flyers will be ready to print tomorrow


  • Housing tours are 3/20
    • 3-5pm
    • Conduct interviews on the Friday, Saturday, Sunday
    • Hold an event that Friday?
      • Minecraft night if it goes well? – make sure people are still able to talk
        • Make a server – tech stuff
      • Have a friendly people on floor
    • Print out little note cards of information
  • Housing meeting is on 3/22 – floor meeting timeslot, 9pm
    • Rapidfire interviews night-of, night before if necessary
  • People willing to interview
    • Three people – interested, willing to live in doubles – through Casey
    • Two people – interested, willing to live in doubles – through Jack
  • Sending out emails about this asap

Tabling this Wednesday, Thursday

  • Putting out signup sheets tonight
    • 4 – setup
    • 4:30-on (5:30?) – tabling

Tech updates

  • Need a usb-serial adapter
    • Which they are purchasing – Liam

February 16th, 2020

Present Board: Josh, Jack, Casey, Liam, Lloyd

Present Membership: Dan, Isabel

Suggestion Box was empty

Casey has the housing packet

  • No major updates
  • Recruitment goals
    • Yesses thus far: 14
      • 10 returning, 4 new
    • Waiting to hear back from 6 people
    • Numbers pre-recruitment
  • Due to ResLife on the 27th
    • Non-binding, not really required

Beatbox collective reached out

  • Cosponsoring upcoming show (Feb 22, 8pm)
  • Drama House, free admission w/ recommended donation of $3
  • Bring up at floor meeting

Hall council is hosting a bingo night on the 22nd(?)

  • Prizes
  • Not posted anywhere?

SIH Week

    • General event finalized
    • 10 CIF-related jeopardy questions
      • Poll the floor?
  • Put questions in the suggestion box
    • Check again after this week

Supporting IT Duo rollout?

  • Probably not happening – not enough interest

Color Printer

  • Josh met with Xerox rep
    • Blamed toner?
    • Reached out to see if IT could get toner for us – fell through
    • Ordering new toner (~$25)
  • Flyers?
    • Casey can print through university for color


  • Screensavers
  • URCG trailer
  • Flyering
    • Need to get them out earlier
  • Putting out flyers on floor?
  • Updating calendar

Participation points?

  • People seem to be on track

MIF Dodgeball

  • Aaaaaand radio silence

Tech seminar next Saturday

  • Cancelling – Tech directors don’t have time
  • Will check with floor for future ideas
    • Open source software?
      • Inkscape/Gimp


  • 22nd fell through (automatic judging)
  • Will bring up to floor
  • Co-advertising?
    • SIH weekend coming up

CSUG and DSC connections?

  • Sifan – CSUG
  • Ethan – DSC?

ResLife is letting us update the website

  • Document added to shared drive
  • Ask floor who wants to help write this

Minecraft night?

  • Do we want to advertise?
    • Send to mailing list, advertise at tabling, SIH week flyer

Upcoming events

  • CIFx 2/23
  • Tabling 2/26, 2/27 (4pm)

Cleaning supplies

  • Keep it publicly accessible
  • Put it in a suite? 320?
    • Will ask them

February 9th, 2020

Present Board: Liam, Josh, Jack, Lloyd

Present Membership: Isabel, Jason

Summer storage?

  • Lab should still work

Tech Updates

  • Broken ethernet on one of the printers
    • Print release may take a while
  • Wiki is up – empty
  • IT sent a contact for the color printer – Josh will call
  • CIRC gave us a SAS controller
  • Need to put more RAM in card reader

SIH Week

  • Multi-group event in Hirst
  • Trivia
    • Tech trivia – not how to fix a computer
  • Some degree of individual/group advertising
    • Will be on the list of events for SIH week


  • No updates

Night to code

  • Good attendance – Ran out of chairs
    • Bring more chairs down
  • Not that many on-floor members
  • Flyers didn’t all get up
  • Email departments?

Alternate time for board meeting?

  • Moving to Friday 7:30

Updating SIH word box

  • Currently a few years out of date
  • Link website

February 2nd, 2020

Present Board: Jack, Josh, Lloyd, Liam, The Incorporeal Spectre of Casey

Present Membership: Jason, Isabel

Other: Anha – SIH Grad Student Person

Suggestion Box

  • Dish soap and Paper Towels
    • Points or reimbursement

Appointed Positions

  • Kitchen Goddess
    • Maryfrances willing if there are certain supplies available to clean with
      • Also just a good idea to have cleaning supplies
  • Interest
    • Isabel – Flyboy and Social Czar
    • Wei – Kitchen Goddess
    • Sifan – Paparazzi
    • Jason – Lab Lord
  • No comment yet on:
    • King of Games – Still need to ask Ian
    • Sysadmin – Maryfrances showing interest
    • Hall council rep – Josh is willing (Meetings on Fri at 5pm)

Checking in with WiC

  • Maryfrances reached out with information for WiC event
    • Asked about possibility to provide venue for tie dyeing?
      • Might damage equipment or furniture
      • Not really any good place in the lab to do it (clear floor space)
      • WiC peer advising advertising event
    • Need mentors – CIF interested?
  • Sat 2/15 at 12-1:30, Wegmans 2nd floor confirmed for mentoring event/seminar with CIF
  • Coding challenge has automated judging
    • Seeing how else CIF can help

SIH Dodgeball

  • MIF reaching out about an SIH dodgeball event – MIF leading planning
    • Gauging interest – Poll floor
  • SIH week?

Can’t use graphic design office

  • Reaching out to Rochester Design

SIH Week event

  • 7-10pm in Hirst lounge
  • Catering food of some form
  • Arts and crafts/trivia night
  • Moving game night from 15th to 29th of February as well
  • Other SIHs mostly doing Saturday, Sunday events
  • Minecraft night?
    • Thursday night 8

Tech Updates

  • 1 vm machine up
  • Website fully functional
    • Still updating/upgrading
  • Other vm machine had hardware damage – EbonHawk
    • Working with interim machine for now
  • IT got back about color printer
    • Want more information
    • Troubleshooting → still has a grudge against Josh
  • Printing computer is up
  • Look into getting some AA batteries
    • VR controllers

Flyers for night to code

  • Also advertise on the computer screensavers
  • URCG trailer?


Interview scheduling

  • Paterney Iraeukunda – scheduled for 7:00 on Friday 2/7

Zane’s Request

  • SIH game night – flyer to other floors/buildings
  • Need a flyer
  • Themes?
    • Something that lets us transform the space

January 26th, 2020

Present Membership: Jason, Isabel, Omri

Present Board: Jack, Josh, Casey, Liam, Lloyd

    • Suggestion box?
      • Excessive emails being sent
        • Most emails either required or event-specific
        • Replying to threads to decrease number of distinct emails
        • Stop sending emails for interviews
        • Poll floor for whether to continue emailing routine minutes
        • Fewer received by general mailing list
    • Flyer grouping – settled
      • Casey will discuss with flyboy once appointed
    • Volunteers for appointed positions
      • Wei for Kitchen Goddess
      • Isabel for Flyboy, Social Czar
      • Sifan for Paparazzi
      • Ask Ian if he wants to return as King of Games
      • Jason for Lab Lord
      • Hall Council Rep?
    • Scheduling housing meeting?
      • SIH week dates: Feb 24 – Mar 1
      • Housing packet due late Mar, early April
        • Casey will meet with Lindsey to navigate housing
        • Unsure of timing for housing meeting – need response to decide
    • Lab update
      • 2 things need to buy maybe
        • Toner for color printer? – wait until warranty resolved\
          • Backup toner?
        • Electrical tape
          • Need to patch wiring on some equipment – Multimeter
          • Good to have around
          • Also duct tape
          • 6 rolls – $10? – too many
            • Up to $5 a roll for purchase at smaller amounts
      • Web1 (Website) is being very slow
      • Lab looking much nicer overall
    • Duo help?
      • Tabling outside the dining halls during peak hours
      • Also help with getting on the internal wifi
      • Ask floor who wants to do it/can do it
      • Maybe near UR student rollout date? – Feb 17
    • Put list of game nights on computer lock screens with logo
    • Graphic designer
      • Getting a tech seminar-specific logo?
    • Casual game night this Friday
      • Will provide points – attendance, food, setup
    • Schedule for upcoming events
      • 2nd Saturday is Night to Code
      • 3rd Saturday is Game Night
      • 4th Saturday is Tech Seminars
    • Event idea from Zane (RA)
      • Cohosting an event – floor event with CIF involved
      • Can get advertising through RA system
      • Suggests game night near SIH week
  • Moving game night on 15th of February to the 24th of February
  • SIH week
    • Tabling as a group (all SIH groups) on Feb 26-27 – before dinner, 4:30-6:30?
    • Event as a group on Feb 28 – Hirst from 7-9?
    • Getting chalkboard in that timespan
    • Waiting for confirmation for these events
    • Painting tunnels
  • Branded tablecloth?
    • Making one or getting one
    • Joann fabrics? – color close to logo
    • Casey will ask the graphic designer

January 19th, 2020

Present Board: Liam, Lloyd, Casey, Josh, Jack

Present Membership: Isabel, Daniel, Maryfrances, Lucas

Visitors: Carolina (WiC)

Nothing significant in the suggestion box


  • Didn’t get a chance to look into google groups – Josh
  • No issues with the current system – Josh, Casey
  • Create gmail templates to help streamline

Suggestion: For agenda make newest content first for clarity


Will address flyer grouping with flyboy once appointed – Casey

  • Looking at adding new flyers for quad
  • Don’t want to overload groups flyering quad
  • Quad has central board that most don’t see
    • 3 boards per floor total – 3 flyers per floor
    • 12 per building rather than 4 per building
    • Burton, crosby, lovejoy are upperclassmen
    • Isabel willing to help coordinate with flyboy/be flyboy

Need to run poll for game night themes

  • Moving this to floor meeting agenda

Casual Game nights

  • Will be polling floor to gauge support (appears to be significant support) and times
  • May schedule them for different times than saturday nights

Tech seminar

  • Difficulties with room reservations (can’t transition VEMS for room reservations)
  • No response from WCSA yet, Brian has contacted them
  • Ed has responded with suggestions of who else to contact
  • Contacting CSC 173 to provide seminar to help students beginning the class
  • Contacting CSC 171, 172, 161 to gauge interest?
  • Covering cycle machines, C, unix
  • Contact CSC 246? Also uses cycle machines
  • Covering bare minimum of unix with this and then doing a later unix seminar with WiC or independently
  • Have Douglass 401 from 2-4pm Saturday 1/25/2020

Reaching out to clubs to do data archiving – Casey will bring up to floor

  • Historian appointed position? Already a lot of positions
  • Eresh has been doing a lot to find out more about CIF’s history
    • Creating boards of CIF’s history
  • May not need to be an appointed position, but is a project that is deserving of points – Dan
    • Not needed as a repeated project
  • Getting us out into the community more

Polling floor for people knowledgeable in 3D Printing

  • One-off event, CIFx talk
  • Moving to floor meeting agenda

WiC is here! – Maryfrances and Carolina

  • On the 22nd they are doing a coding challenge – want judges
    • Details solidified for next week
    • If things go well some challenges will be automatically graded
    • Different levels of experience for challenges
      • 3 categories (171, 172, 173 ←have completed that class)
      • Set of 6 challenge questions (30+ min each)
      • 2 hour time
      • Tiebreaker challenge – write the worst code they can
    • CSB 209
    • Advertising to the entire school, would be nice if CIF told
    • Getting judges is the hardest part
    • Number of judges needed per category for next week
      • Need ballpark 5-10 people
      • Will be getting some WiC mentors to judge
    • Will bring this up during the floor meeting tonight
  • Will be doing peer mentoring meetup Feb 15
    • Want us to do a presentation on unix
      • Moving standard unix seminar to this
      • Cosponsored event
    • Peer mentoring matches majors with nonmajors
      • Monthly meetup
      • Because of coding challenge have not been able to plan standard events
      • Combination seminar and pizza party type event
    • Already have a tech seminar Feb 22 – move to 15th?
      • Afternoon, standard time as a tech seminar
      • WiC already will have 50ish people
    • CIF members can come
      • Can advertise to members – participation points for cosponsoring

Tech update

  • Schedule has a setback because some of our hardware has had its drives deprecated (specific raid cards deprecated by red hat)
    • Week of testing probably?
    • Worst case buy new raid card
    • Print server slower to come online
    • Deprecating older hardware will be slower
  • Hallway reorganized
    • Added printers and print release station
    • Had to reorganize because of only outlet in hallway
    • Color printer is having toner issues
      • Looking into replacement parts, warranty
  • Slowly upgrading lab machines to SSDs
    • Will be putting OSs on them soon
      • Linux and windows (if windows cooperates)
  • Will be interviewing a person who can help with the lab

4 interviews coming up on Tuesday – starting at 8, members welcome to come

Will be putting out call for codenames during floor meeting and in email tonight

  • Due Feb 2, 2020

Asking people for mousepads

  • Only need about 5 good ones
  • $5 dues waived or participation points

Closed Board Meeting

January 17th, 2020

Present Board: Liam, Josh, Jack, Lloyd, Casey

Present Members: Isabel, Eresh

Dues and Participation points

    • No reason to deviate from $25 and 20 points – Lloyd
    • 22 last semester
    • Usually large gap between 15 and 20 points anyways – Josh
    • Two people last semester who could have met quota but were too fatigued to meet it – Jack
    • Moving down to 20 makes it more attainable – Lloyd
    • Tangent: Points have been down to 10 in 2010ish – Josh
    • Proposed to move down to 19 – Isabel
      • Similar number but perceived to be more attainable because of the difference
    • 20 is attainable, lower than 22 making it possible to ascertain interest from there – Casey
    • Want to find the threshold at which people would have kept going – Lloyd
    • Emphasize in emails the point values on – Josh
      • People low on points also may ignore emails – Jack
      • Reiterating will drive home its importance – Casey
      • Another board to put up point opportunities around – Jack
        • Also put other events and bulletins – Isabel
        • Support from Josh
    • Decision on 20 points for quota
    • $25 has worked in the past
      • Don’t want to lower it because of lab expansion
      • No complaints on amount heard
      • Decision on $25 for dues
    • Still having usual meeting on Sunday (8pm)
    • Budget due in 3rd scheduled board meeting
      • Will look at old budgets to create it – Liam
      • Need to look at amount budgeted vs spent on formal game night
        • May want more food, especially considering more members now – Isabel
    • Interviews
      • Questions for interviews? – Casey
      • Document exists in drive – Isabel, Lloyd
      • Access in CIF drive
      • Current interview questions:
        • Why are you interested in CIF?
        • What will you bring to CIF?
        • What are your technology interests?
        • Do you check your emails?
        • Discussion about levels of membership
      • Discuss levels of membership in more detail – Casey
        • Support from Josh
        • More detail into each separate level’s responsibilities – Casey
        • Get a commitment to check email and stay involved – Josh, Lloyd
        • Discuss mailing list as a level of membership
          • Club involvement
        • Don’t describe full as best / associate as “do nothing” option
        • Talk about possibilities
        • Lab accounts allow access to the lab and thus access to movie nights if show up during one
        • Cannot advertise movie nights in any way, but people can bring friends
          • Construct a discussion around it?
            • Probably not, stick with current system
        • Remove level of technology experience question in interviews
      • Getting an idea of what applicants are like – Casey
        • Make sure they will be respectful to other members
      • Emphasize that associates should attend something? – Jack
        • Can’t make people come, but can suggest – Josh, Casey
        • Make a guideline of how many events attended would typically correspond with each level of membership
        • Don’t go into detail about the participation points beyond fact that quota exists
      • Tangent: Recording associate participation points
        • Back end only
        • Harder for associates to get participation points, make sure to remember if considering someone for full membership – Jack
    • Increasing transparency
      • Lab
        • Can publicize schedule for lab features/planning – Jack
        • To-Do list that is public facing – Josh
      • Agenda and Roster public facing – Josh, Lloyd
      • Budget public facing – Lloyd
      • Not much for logistics
        • Housing points already to be made public
      • Roster through seeing other lab accounts – Jack
        • Can filter by membership – Jack
        • Should keep roster in another form – Josh
        • Google groups to streamline emails – Liam
          • No contacts on delegated emails – Lloyd, Josh
          • More personal/better recruitment with delegated emails – Casey
          • Contacts within emails? – Lloyd
          • No unified solution due to variety of people emailing often – Josh
          • Tabled for later discussion – Josh
    • Recruitment
      • 9 people at activities fair
      • Invited people forwarded by Julianne, told about game night
      • Open rooms for viewing – Lloyd
        • Casey can open her room to show smallest single
        • Jack/Josh can open theirs to show double
      • Showing double might weed out people trying to dodge lottery instead of interested in floor
        • Tell people about real possibility that they will have a double on floor
      • Walking around with a computer helped at the activities fair – Lloyd
        • Good model for future tabling – Lloyd
        • Brian said tabling in Sue B with RA’s walking past on tour this year – Josh
        • Focus more on the quad – Casey
          • No good location – Josh, Lloyd
          • Wilco has not worked well in the past – Lloyd
            • Entrance is flex tables, cannot use – Lloyd
          • Breakdown of current members housing first year – Casey
            • All non-transfer board members lived in Sue B first year (Liam, Josh, Lloyd, Jack)
            • Point made
            • Eresh also lived in Sue B
          • More flyers on the quad – Casey
          • More targeted flyers – Jack
            • Advertise the lab more once worth advertising – Josh
            • Focus on housing rather than events
          • ICLC has already started advertising
          • Flyers to go up when housing newsletter goes out – Liam
            • Variants for different areas – Josh
            • Plan to revamp flyers – Casey
            • Current ones are eye-catching – Casey
            • Make sure to put the date on the flyers – Casey
          • Paint tunnels for housing period – Liam
            • Need to decide on a time to paint the tunnels
              • SIH week probably
          • Chalkboard in Wilco – Liam
            • Too competitive
          • Paint the rocks outside Sue B – Liam
          • Easier to flyer Sue B than quad
          • Rethink flyering areas
            • Tunnels are difficult to flyer and also suffer from little attention from people passing through
            • Wilco and Rettner also need rethinking
            • Quad areas need more flyers
              • More than one per floor – large buildings
              • Keep Burton and Crosby grouped, but split Lovejoy, Tiernan, Hoeing
              • Problems: People don’t normally visit the quad, might not know their way around, don’t want to flyer entire quad
    • Appointed positions reevaluations
      • Kitchen goddess – keep
      • Lab lord
        • Might not be as useful with reorganization – Jack
        • Still useful to have printers maintained and maintaining trash cans, cleaning, etc. – Josh
      • Sysadmin
        • If we can get someone passionate for it – Josh
      • Flyboy – Keep
      • Hall council rep – Need
        • Worst comes to worst a board member takes it
        • Ask floor
      • Paparazzi – Keep
      • King of games – Keep
        • Know from experience that is needed – Josh
      • New suggestions?
        • Social Media chair – Lloyd
          • CCC and facebook
          • Website content if willing – Lloyd, Josh
          • Should this be part of paparazzi? – Casey
            • Already enough? – Josh
            • Will need to constantly coordinate with paparazzi, streamline – Casey
            • Pictures should already be publicly available – Josh
            • Don’t want to have trouble filling positions
            • Different sets of skills/approach required for the two positions – Liam
          • “Social Czar”
        • More people on a position if it makes it get done better – Josh
        • Judicial council – 3 people elected
          • Contingency if an issue ever comes up – Lloyd
          • Don’t want the same people for everything – Casey
          • Call for an election if board unable for any reason to effectively administer issue
            • Top 3 get elected from a set of candidates
          • Board agrees to enact solution that judicial council returns with
            • Board will still make decision
          • Board members can vote dependent on case, board members cannot vote if any member implicated
          • Split this into two types of judicial council
            • One to review board actions – 3 elected individuals, board does not vote
              • Board obeys any decision made by council, floor can overturn?
              • Board still makes decision, but ⅔ of floor present when gathered for a vote can overturn – suggested by Eresh
            • One to assist board – 3 appointed individuals
              • Board takes input from council, makes final decision
    • Alumni outreach
      • Create facebook group of alumni
      • Make sure to notify alumni further in advance of events
        • CIFnic, formal game night
    • Lab status report
      • Card reader: working – Jack
        • Functional but old code will not work in java 11 → java 8 end of life in 3-4 (6-7 max through redhat) years (need to update at some point soon, in extended support now)
        • USB card reader? Serial port might not be feasible – Josh
          • Current cost roughly $50
      • Website: working but old – Josh
        • What should be migrated?
          • Meeting minutes should be kept
          • Will see a gap in archive in minutes/announcements on website
          • Full upgrade with only new stuff or upgrade with existing documents
        • Website accounts to make announcements
      • CIF bounty program to fix something that needs fixing for more participation points
      • Add wiki page of manufacturer sunset on all products used in lab
        • Spreadsheet for EOL on all
      • Printer: BW working over USB, Color not working (grinding noises, yay!)
        • BW prints double sided now – do not lift back part
      • Game consoles
        • Game cube
        • Buy a wiimote?
      • Upgrades, priorities, etc
        • OS on card reader replaced
        • Lab mistress/Lab mistress () deprecated
          • Replaced with new LDAP server
        • Critical Servers
          • Citadel – IDM server (Active directory server replacement)
          • Dantooine – replacement DNS server
          • Ben the router
          • 2 planned VM servers (EbonHawk and Normandy)
          • HAL (new door control)
        • Other servers
          • Ackerman – monitoring server, central command server
          • Reach – backup server
          • Black mesa – Storage server
            • Unlimited storage until abused
          • Aperture – surveillance server
          • Tempest – VM server
          • Crucible – backup IDM server
        • Setting up a print server – Josh
        • Should be better on Saturday – Josh
          • Lab tour for GIM
            • Can be done by non tech directors, ideally would have them there
            • 1 point for helping clean lab before game night
          • Purchases
            • Need a higher tech budget for upgrading lab
            • Cast off materials from BlueHive?
            • Talking to Joe and Tony → Josh, Jack, Casey?
              • Mention giving back to community
          • Should we offer to give out guest accounts? – Jack
            • Evaluate interest and give one if they are interested
        • Lab accounts
          • Google form to request accounts
          • Manual administration of lab account creation
        • Sending out poll for software on lab image – Josh
          • Interests from floor
          • Jack, Josh will create poll and send out by Sunday
        • Prune lab equipment we don’t need
        • CCC Updates
          • CCC page has been updated to a usable state by Josh
          • CCC members have been added to the mailing list by Casey
            • Duplicates purged
    • Adding an incentive to bring non-CIF members to events
      • Has happened in the past
      • How would we make this work?
        • Question on the application of how applicant heard of CIF
          • Give a point to a person if they were named as a way that the applicant heard of CIF
    • Recording Board meetings (timestamps in minutes)
      • Make them available by request
      • The Sec-Treas supports this idea
      • Make sure they’re secure
      • Get a mic for the lab and check it out for board meetings
    • Donations to floor
      • Ask for better mousepads for the lab
    • Suggestion box
      • Nothing significant
    • Purchases
      • Have label maker but need labels
        • $10 budget
      • Buy a real ladder?
    • Reach out to Reslife to see if there is a possibility of creating a contact with Facilities
      • Add to an eboard job description
    • Reach out to departments
      • CS and Data Science
  • Closed Session
  • Intermission
  • Modifying CIF calendar → Casey added items to this during meeting
  • Schedule all knowable events in the semester
    • Board meetings: Sundays at 8pm
      • Last meeting planned for April 26
      • No meeting during spring break
      • Casey anticipated absence April 15
    • Floor meetings: Sundays at 9pm
      • Most popular on doodle poll
      • Every 2 weeks (on calendar)
    • Game nights
      • Returning to 1 a month to reduce fatigue
      • Add another monthly event
      • Putting them 3rd week of every month
      • Retain theme poll
    • Movie nights
      • Classic films? Out of copyright
        • Coordinate with URCG?
    • CIFx talks
      • Off weeks from floor meetings, same time
      • Moving the one the weekend of formal game night before
    • Night to Code
      • Corresponding with project due dates
      • 1 month intervals?
      • Snacks in the lab and time to spend time in the lab
      • Saturday nights – second Saturday of each month at 8pm to late
    • Tech Seminars
      • CSC 173 → intro to C and Unix
        • Addressing issues with students being unfamiliar with C
        • Saturday, January 25
        • Douglass room or in the lab
        • How to use compilers and how to navigate the cycle machines
        • “C Setup Environment” Tech Seminar
        • Talking to professors (Ferguson) and departments/undergraduate council
      • April fools – regrettably on a wednesday
      • Typically the week after game nights
      • Problems most encountered with IT?
        • Guide to joining the WIFI during orientation next year
    • Leave a Saturday each month free for assorted events
      • Game jam/Hackathon/Scratchathon
        • Gauge interest first
      • Weird games day
    • Formal Game Night
      • April 18 – standard times
    • CIFnic
      • April 19 – noonish
    • Start emailing for CIFnic and Formal game night soon (now)
    • Try to leverage CIF resources to assist university departments or clubs with historical data/resources
      • Probably don’t have the resources to do data storage/databases
      • Data analytics for other clubs?
      • Would help build community here and get us into the university more
        • Helps people give back and looks good for us
    • Work with makerspace maybe for tech seminar-like ideas
      • cosponsoring?
    • 3D Printers available in rettner
      • Check with floor to find anyone who can work with a 3D printer
  • Dues
    • Due February 2
    • Dues due 2/2
  • Make a board of CIF’s history either in the core or lab
  • Tell people about the next event at each event
    • Need better templates if want to hand out flyers – hand out schedule?
    • Fill in calendar in the core
  • Update google calendar
  • Lights in the windows
    • Price out green lights

Responsibilities for next meeting

  • Lloyd – Contact CCC, reserve Douglass room, send probation emails/schedule meetings
  • Casey – Reach out to Julianne about reaching out to facilities and about putting lights in windows
  • Jack – bringing servers online
  • Josh – email ferguson, clean up lab, plan tech seminar, look into google groups
  • Liam – standard duties and clean transitions, get discord transitioned

5 hour mark reached – meeting completed

January 14th, 2020

In attendance: Casey, Liam, Jack, Josh, Lloyd

Activities fair is Friday 1/17/2020

Board game night this Saturday

  • Flyers going up immediately
  • Use lab in game night
  • Order pizza
    • 2 sheets from Sal’s (25.95 each)
    • Cheese and pepperoni

Standard board meeting this Sunday (1/19/2020)

Long board meeting the next Friday (1/24/2020) (1/17/2020) after the activities fair

Participation points

  • 1 for flyering, 1 for attending, 1 for food, 1 for takedown, 1 for setup
  • 1 per shift at activities fair, 1 for setup, 1 for takedown
    • 2 shifts for activities fair

Floor Meeting Minutes

March 1st, 2020

Light attendance tonight

  • Thanks to everyone who showed up

Events coming up

  • Board meeting and floor meeting on 3/15

Housing stuff

  • Housing meeting on 3/22
  • Housing blocks should be in by the Friday before
    • Don’t come in on the day of to announce a housing block – it won’t be accepted
  • Remember to tell Casey whether you are living on floor next year if you haven’t

There will be a movie night for those not living on floor during the housing meeting

  • Please go

Jason is making a group chat for the minecraft server so people can talk about it without clogging up CIF chat

URCG event soon – Mulan premiere

February 16th, 2020


Hall Council is hosting a bingo night on 2/22 from 5-7pm

  • Prizes!

Board meeting at 8pm on 2/23

Followed by CIFx

  • Talk to Casey

SIH Week starting 2/24

  • Tabling 4pm 2/26, 2/27
  • Minecraft night here on 2/27 at 8pm
    • LAN Server
    • Lord of the rings map?
    • Modpack suggestions in the suggestion box
  • Arts and crafts and Jeopardy 2/28
    • Hirst Lounge
  • SIH week game night 3/1 at 8pm
    • Casey will send out poll


  • Housing Stuff
    • Reach out to Casey to tell her whether you plan to live on floor next year
  • Jeopardy Questions
    • Put some computer-related
  • Themes
    • Star wars
    • Harry Potter
    • Lord of the Rings
    • D&D

Cleaning supplies

  • In the core right now, don’t waste them
  • Moving somewhere more convenient Soon™

Beatbox Collective Show

  • Resounding lack of interest


  • Coding challenge
    • Don’t need judges
    • If you want to show up, feel free to show up
    • Saturday from 1-3

Member highlights for the facebook page

  • If you are interested – tell Isabel
  • Send a relevant picture
  • Like the facebook page!

February 2nd, 2020

Appointed Positions

  • Paparazzi – Sifan
  • Flyboy – Isabel
  • Social Czar – Isabel
  • Kitchen Goddess – Maryfrances, Wei
  • King of Games – Ian
  • Lab Lord – Jason
  • Sysadmin – Maryfrances
  • Hall Council Rep (Fri 5pm meetings) – Josh

Sending out minutes on the drive

  • Concerns?
    • Not too many emails really, convenience from the emails – Tanamaya
    • Concern for someone, lots of emails in that particular week, past the issue now – Jason
    • Change will only decrease the number of emails by one/wk – Tanamaya
    • Can opt-in to notifications, finicky – response to Isabel’s question
  • Opposed by floor

Poll about Duo wifi – Jack

  • CIF might be able to help people adjust to Duo authentication/wifi/setup therein
  • Interest? – some interest, will discuss further

SIH Dodgeball – MIF

  • Interest? – decent interest
  • Will reach out to them


    • Night to code 8pm Sat 2/8, in the lab, CS work and snacks
      • Also points
    • Next board meeting 8pm Sun 2/9
    • CIFx after
      • Jack on mimicking a cycle machine
    • Casual game night on Sat 2/15
  • Saturday
  • Game night themes – SIH week
    • Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars – significant decorations
    • Interest? – Decent

Dish soap and paper towels

  • Donations to Liam
  • Points or reimbursement for this

WiC Events – Maryfrances

  • Awareness event – to get new members to join
  • Need Mentors for CS
  • Posters for peer mentoring program (PMP) event
  • CIF is helping with the PMP welcome event
    • Unix seminar – standard tech seminar points
  • Mentors must be a declared major in at least one CS-related field

January 19th, 2020

Low attendance

Introductions made

Appointed Positions (interest?)

  • Participation points
    • 0-1 points/month
      • 0 – nothing
      • 0.5 – average
      • 1 – exemplary
  • Kitchen Goddess – maintains/cleans kitchen
    • Talk to Casey
  • Lab Lord – maintains/cleans lab, refills printers
    • Talk to Tech Directors
  • Sysadmin – aid to Tech directors
    • Talk to Tech Directors
  • Flyboy – makes sure flyers are sent out
    • Talk to Casey
  • Hall council rep – Communicates with hall council, makes sure we have a voice there\
    • Talk to Lloyd
  • Paparazzi – takes photos at events
    • Talk to Casey
  • King of Games – Brings out/puts away games, maintain check-in/check-out system
    • Talk to Casey
    • Coordinate with Ian about check-in/check-out system if appointed
  • Social Czar (Social media chair) – maintain CCC page, facebook page/group, website (things already in place for outreach, etc)
    • Keep content up to date, post from time to time, get photos up online
    • Talk to Casey


  • First cosponsored event coming up with WiC (Women in Computing)
    • WiC does a peer mentoring program – starting up at this time with people taking 171, 172, 173
    • Asking for CIF members to come do a unix seminar
      • CIF members
  • Doing a coding challenge
    • Asking for CIF members to be judges
  • Looking for people who know anything about 3D printers/who is interested
    • Interest in a seminar on 3D printing?
      • Lots of interest
    • Can make things with the resources in Rettner and use the
  • Casual Game nights
    • Opportunity for bonding – keep if epople want to do them
  • Need to decide a place and time – discussion
  • Move them to Friday nights to allow people who can’t make saturday nights to come- Jack, support from Dan
  • Considering doing classic movies with URCG
    • Out of copyright movies, lots of genres
    • Cultural enrichment
  • Events with Tinkerspace/Rettner
    • People interested
  • Hackathon/Scratchathon/Game Jam
    • Previously did a LAN party
    • Come talk to board if interested
    • Significant interest
  • Other event suggestions (also just ask board)
    • We want to do more bonding a
    • Basket weaving tech seminar
      • Underwater

Software on the Lab Machines – what to put on?

  • Wordperfect 3.0 – vetoed
  • Gimp
  • MS word/office
  • Adobe stuff – no guarantees
  • Autodesk Inventor and other
  • Video and audio editors
    • Ian is willing to donate product keys (hit or miss)
  • Steam
  • Oculus (is here!)
  • Google chrome, mozilla firefox
  • Netscape

Will now be one competent computer!

  • Kuta
  • Other things (cough cough Steam)

Now have a new quote board!

  • Anything said in an RPG cannot be put on (for space concerns)
  • Write small


  • Tech seminar Saturday 2-4 in Douglass 401
    • Basic unix seminar and crash course in C and the cycle machines
    • People who can help set up: Rory
  • 4 Interviews this Tuesday at 8pm
    • Casey sent an email out
  • Board meeting on 1/26/2020 at 8pm
  • CIFx on 1/26/2020 at 9ish
    • Isabel will do one on fractals


  • $25 due Feb 2

Participation points

  • 20 points quota – lots of ways to earn points
  • Codenames due by Feb 2

Housing points

  • If you want to live on floor next year – talk to/email Casey!

Lab accounts

  • Making new lab accounts
  • Previous identity service has been replaced
  • Talk to Jack to get a lab account and get a

Color printer is out on holiday

  • Cyan presumably somewhere vacationing in iceland
  • Printers now in the hallway in the lab
  • Will be setting up a print release


  • We need them!
  • Talk to Liam about this – $5 waived dues or 1 participation point
  • We reserve the right to reject “distressed” mousepads

Visit the lab!