Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

April 24th, 2022

  • Nobody showed up to review session. Weird, probably professors forgot to pass it on
  • Event planning meeting first week of next semester
  • Move out day: may 5 (thursday), 5-6pm
  • We will buy soap from josh for $10
  • Casual tech cleanup this weekend
  • Budget $100 for alex to replace the av box
  • Suggestion: cif workshop at the start of next semester

April 17th, 2022

  • E4E went really well! We are a model organization
  • Minecraft night was smallish but fine
  • Smores
    • CSH isn’t being helpful
    • Could do it ourselves, alongside senior gifts
    • 8pm, move board meeting to 7pm
    • Alex will get smores materials
      • Including vegan
  • Movie Night
    • Saturday? Or study break
  • UR Comics invites us to comicon, 4/27 10am-3pm
    • Can’t cosponsor but will encourage our members to check it out
  • In the future do cosponsorship exchanges
  • Alex proposes housing points for bringing new members in
    • Alternatively, josh proposes guaranteed super-single
    • Needs amendment. In the meantime, participation points and/or cookies
  • Tech:
    • Backups are good other than minecraft
    • is set up, no authentication yet
      • Tell people and make qr code
  • Let’s get pit dinner before next week’s meeting, and go to Jay’s diner on the 1st 🙂

April 10th, 2022

  • Need 1 more due 🙁
  • Lab restoration: have projector but not speakers
  • Housing is in ResLife’s court now
  • Tech seminar: posters by Wednesday, send to Sarah to advertise in classes
  • E4E rehearsal planned for 4/11, time scheduled Thursday
  • CSH wants to do a meetup here on Friday 4/22
    • Smores
    • Need to reserve the fire pit

April 3rd, 2022

Present: Keegan Matthews, Ronin Ross, Craig McIlwrath, Elana


  • Field trip:
    • Had 13 or 14 people
    • Very fun 🙂
  • Formal game night:
    • Good food, dress, games
    • At least 16 people
    • Would have been nice to get more alums
    • Improvements for next time:
      • Send alums a date at the start of the semester
      • Advertise cifnic
      • Clearly request RSVP from members
      • Make a big point abt schedule and RSVP at the floor meeting before
  • Housing:
    • Try to get 2 more by the 13th
    • Should table at dougie
      • Wednesday: Sarah, Ronin, Keegan
  • Tech seminar: 171/172 review
    • Ronin will get room
    • Elana will contact profs
    • Posters found or made (alex?) by friday

March 27th, 2022

  • Did the interview vote
  • Formal Game Night menu:
    • Portabella mushroom a la carte (8-10)
    • 1 large bbq lips deal #2 ()
  • Senior Gifts
    • Or the year they leave school
    • Give senior gifts at the last floor meeting
    • Josh, Casey, Lloyd, Dan, Liam
  • Do nauticock award nominations at cifnic
  • E4E: We have 2 weeks to plan a presentation
    • Model on past presentations in drive
    • Keegan and Ronin on report and presentation, Craig will also go
  • Participation points:
    • Assigned for appointed positions
    • Missing points for 2nd Cifx (Div and Josh talked) and 2nd tech seminar (in board chat)
    • Check in on meeting participation points, should have 10 pts each
  • Recruiting:
    • Put up the new posters
    • Table Monday, Wednesday, maybe Tues
      • Should wear CIF shirts 🙂
    • Keegan will reach out to URSGA
    • Send posters to freshman RAs
  • Tech update
    • Lab cleanup is going well
    • Arcade machine: the power plug is fine. Fuse missing, some cut wires.
    • Backup server is set up, other servers need to be configured to use it.
    • Print server is in progress
    • Checked lab machines: mac needs a screen panel, linux works but should be a different distro, windows machines are having memory issues.
    • Could delegate parts of yard sale to Arthur
  • Need to tell ResLife about the amendment


March 20th, 2022

  • Game night:
    • Good but small
    • ordering food next semester
  • Formal game night
    • Sticky lips or dino bbq (more expensive)
    • Ask for rsvp, dietary restrictions
  • Senior gifts
    • Ask floor for help probably
  • Dues
    • Identified people whose dues are missing, will try to collect tonight
  • Participation points spreadsheet
    • Mostly fixed, needs sharing
    • Craig will embed on the website
  • Need slide for the AIF event, keegan will send announcements on wednesday and saturday
  • Tech updates:
    • Card reader is (hopefully) fixed (again)
    • Backup server and av system in progress, probably by next week
    • Want extra hands to move stuff out next week
    • Garage sale right before reading period
  • Housing meeting plan
    • Emphasize in meeting, discord, email that students need to fill out the housing contract and put that they’re staying in SIH housing
    • Still recruiting, encourage word of mouth

March 13th, 2022

  • Keegan’s back! Hi keegan
  • 1 application request over break – ronin will schedule asap
  • Josh suggests rapidfire 15 min interviews right before floor meeting
    • So, plan is to schedule interviews for next Sunday
  • Tabling:
    • Talked to like 6 students, got an email
    • Good conversations with mif and greenspace representatives
    • Lesson: offer candy
  • Recruitment:
    • Need 9(?) people this week
    • Should put up posters
    • Tabling tuesday ~4
    • Email members (esp friends of CIF, invite to game night) (Keegan)
    • Discord message to friends and members (ronin)
    • Give professors slide and flyers (Elana)
      • Flyers – alex
    • Ask members to suggest CIF to friends (Floor meeting)
    • Advertise to related clubs
      • Esports (Craig will ask emersyn)
      • Fighting games club (Alex, maybe)
      • URSGA (Alex)
    • CS mailing list message (pre-majors) (Elana)
    • Reslife flyers, RAs (Ronin)
  • Game night flyers (Alex)
  • Invite non-cif floor people to game night 🙂
  • Amendment
    • We all like it
    • Maybe do an informal survey later in the semester, see what the shortcomings are
    • Need at least 20 people at the vote/housing meeting (or can vote in advance, send email)
      • 24 hours before housing send reminder email
  • UHC field trip
    • April 1 – meet at RR bus stop at 1:00, bus leaves at 1:15, back at about 5
    • Might have alums
  • UHC minecraft night
    • Start at 9pm, after uhc meeting
  • Minecraft server is back up
    • Griefing damage has been more or less fixed, only had 24 hour backup
    • Better backups now. Maybe add rule board, per-user revert
  • AR workshop w/ AIF and Studio X
    • March 26
    • Replaces tech seminar
    • Keegan will confirm with Aiyana
  • Mask (un-)mandate update
    • 7 river campus cases in the last 2 weeks! Yay
    • Of course suites are empowered to set stricter rules.
  • Housing meeting!
    • Have help from Josh, Dan
    • Email to remind about new block rules, point calculations
    • Alex raises possible problems where a group of 6 can’t get a suite together

February 27th, 2022

  • Lab cleanup: went well, several non-tech people
    • Next week 1pm
  • Tech seminar:
    • Attendance was ok, not as good. Someone on zoom.
  • Formal game night announcement:
    • Discord ping to alums (and members)
    • Facebook group
    • Email
  • Speaking of facebook…
    • Find out who has control of the facebook group, starting with Lloyd
  • Order formal game night food very soon after spring break
  • Have about ⅔ of dues, handful of codenames
  • Participation points:
    • 1 pt per game night, extra points for flyering, bringing food, etc.
    • Cifx gets 2 extra points for giving talk
    • Extra points for helping with review sessions, tech seminars
  • Collab events:
    • AIF Studio X – try to move earlier for housing recruitment
    • Green space: sustainability hackathon
  • Recruitment:
    • Losing 10 people (7 seniors, elana, arthur, sophie), gaining kestor 🙂
    • We get 3 suites. If we have more people, put a senior in the 4th suite. If we have way more, go for center doubles.
    • We have 9 we currently expect. Put 18 expected people on housing packet.
  • Presidents’ meeting: SIH presidents met with Mike, talk about SIH weekend
    • Tabling set for this week
      • Ronin checks in on times
      • Try to get floor members to table
  • Constitution changes
    • Add proposal to minutes email
    • Propose on the 13th, vote at housing meeting
      • Let people know it’s good if they’re not back
      • Prompt private comments also
  • Check on the “What to do if X happens on CIF” doc, have ready for the 13th
  • Housing agreements by housing meeting, ideally

February 20th, 2022

  1. Keegan says UHC can’t do the Strong trip on the 3rd due to funding, can we do the 17th?
    1. Tentatively, thinking of Strong trip on the 17th and then moving UHC Minecraft night to the 24th
  2. Minecraft night recap:
    1. Went ok, decent attendance but mostly not discord
    2. Don’t know who a couple of the people were
    3. Could switch to lab based since people aren’t using discord for these
  3. Tech seminar
    1. Had 6 people inc alex, good engagement
    2. Recorded it 🙂
    3. Can create for zoom link
  4. Craig and Josh fixed the card reader!
    1. Please message Alex when tech things happen
  5. Future tech meetings at 12 with tech seminars, 1 otherwise
  6. Alex suggests stylized CIF QR codes
  7. Aiyana suggests collab AIF/CIF event at Studio X
  8. Josh proposes CIF code of contact for the constitution
    1. We can comment
    2. Craig is working on “What to do if X happens on CIF”; will post in suites
  9. Ronin has the housing packet
    1. Current member stuff due march 1
    2. We don’t have a date for housing decisions to be returned (Ronin will clarify)
    3. We’ll leave the housing meeting on the 20th for now
    4. Josh will help with the spreadsheet
      1. Blocks reduced to 3 people, adjustment to point calculation
  10. CIF wiki:
    1. Is being filled out with tech stuff
    2. Should put all CIF eboard knowledge – everyone fill it out 🙂
  11. Reimbursements: can use venmo with a proxy
  12. Ronin wants to add optional pronoun question on application form
  13. Elana – set up CIF tour with yongyi, collect dues, set up codenames sheet, update website.
  14. Ronin will do presidents’ council (Elana send info)
  15. Elana and Ronin for external responsibilities, Alex and Craig for internal

February 13th, 2022

Present: board


  • Board agrees unanimously that Elana is sus
  • Keegan is concussed, out of action for at least two weeks
    • President council meeting
  • Events:
    • Minecraft night thursday
      • Ronin will send discord notifications
    • Tech Seminars 19th and 26th, Douglass 302/402.
      • Write advertising script (Elana) for alex and ronin
      • Craig will write unix presentation
      • Class advertising:
        • Ronin – csc161
        • Elana – 252, ece200 thurs, 172 thurs
        • Craig – 242, 171 tues
        • Alex – 246 preferably thurs
        • Josh eesc251
  • Alex is designated Window Chucker while keegan’s out of action
  • IT meeting with tony tuesday 1pm
  • CIF tech meeting noon Saturday
    • Craig will message cole about sysadmin-ish interest
  • New application: Yon Gyi Zang
    • Ronin will get in touch, prefer interview 7:30 Sunday
  • Non-CIF floor people: invite to next game night
  • Tomorrow at 2ish Ronin gets the housing request packet!
  • Collect dues starting next floor meeting (deadline 27th)
  • Code names: Elana will message tonight, set up sheet soon
  • Alex wants to fix the arcade machine
  • Board meetings in the core from now on

February 6th, 2022

  • ICFBD went well!
  • Game night was also fun!
    • Was like 2 hrs
    • Would be good to have more games going
      • Temporary vc names
  • Give josh discord permissions
    • 12 cases friday, not great but not an explosion
    • Maybe wait until next week to see more, since there’s not a lot of events
  • Flyers:
    • We have sample flyers but not really templates.
    • Alex will make and put in drive
    • “Cif event flyers” folder in shared items
  • Problem: nobody knows about the website
    • Or wiki or calendar
    • Should get members to add event calendar to their own
  • Ronin does room reservations? Ask at wilco
  • Keegan says Elana should fix the website (no)


Events coming up:

  • Floor meeting
    • Appointed positions; meet after to decide
  • Board meeting next weekend
  • Tech seminars the 19th and 26th
    • Flyers by tuesday (Alex will make, Ronin will distribute)
    • Unix 19th, web security 26th
    • Professors soon (Craig and Elana; Alex can reach out to engineering; Josh to prof Rolando)
    • In person: douglas 403 ideally. Maybe also virtual.
  • Potential uhc cosponsorship: ultra-hardcore minecraft night, with little talk about sandbox game history. March 17th. Keegan checks with UHC.
  • Cifx talks. Ask for speakers in the event email. Add timer (10, 15 mins)


Reconvening after floor meeting for appointed positions:

  • Game master: blake
  • Social czar: emersyn
  • Kitchen goddess: alex
  • Flyers: Ronin
  • Sysadmin: Arthur, Lloyd, Josh
  • Lablord: Josh
  • Discord admin: Josh

January 30th, 2022

Board meeting 1/30

Present: Elana, Alex, Keegan, Ronin, Craig, Emersyn, Josh


  • Recap from the week
    • CIFX Talks
      • We should have a timer running for how long presentations are
      • The two different topics were well received
      • . CAttendance was good
    • Minecraft Night
      • Attendance was very good, we had 14 people
    • CTF
      • Went pretty well, could be very cool with some tweaks
        • In person would help
      • Alex can vet problem sets for beginner players
      • Should definitely do again in the future
  • Transition stuff pretty much done
    • Alex should get lab key from Area Office
    • Elana should get treasury
  • Went over budget, approved
    • Elana will check with Isabel about pre-covid treasury
  • Upcoming events:
    • Ice Cream for Breakfast Day
      • COVID precautions 🙁  people will eat individual ice creams in their suites
    • Tech seminar
      • Flyers: none in drive, Casey should at least have last semester’s
      • Professors: have not reached out, craig will do that tonight
      • In person?
      • Alex and Craig should make presentation
    • Also, game night in person? Poll floor. Could do virtual and distribute pizza.
  • Appointed positions: social csar, lab lord, games, sysadmin, kitchen goddess, flyboy. New discord admin.
    • Nominations:
      • Nominations:
      • Lyrica: games, kitchen
      • Blake: games
      • Emersyn: social csar
      • Josh: sysadmin, discord admin, willing to do lablord
      • Lloyd: sysadmin
      • Ronin on flyers
      • Should ask cole about sysadmin
    • Appointments:
      • Josh as Discord admin
    • Do another call at next floor meeting
  • We can give board members participation points for taking on appointed position roles outside their typical duties
  • Board meeting room: not keegan’s suite? Check about 320s
  • Interview coming up: Nat, she/her. Ask online or in person.
    • Consider renaming interviews, it’s intimidating
  • Postponing rest of agenda to next meeting since it’s been too long

January 23rd, 2022

Board meeting 1/23

Present: Elana, Alex, Keegan, Ronin, Craig, Emersyn, Josh, Lloyd


  • Game night went well
    • Discord notifications the day before and an hour before. Tech directors can automate?
  • Craig & Alex will try to get a bot working ASAP (or Josh can just remove friends role?)
  • Flyers for tech seminar: qr code and link to zoom
    • Elana
    • Ready by friday night, craig will send zoom link
  • Housing meeting
    • Need to find the date housing assignments are due, maybe April 8. Reach out to Julianne or Danica (Ronin) and check.
    • Should be 2 weeks in advance, maybe March 20
    • Ronin needs to figure out who’s staying on floor
      • Ping right before floor meeting
      • CIF tabling: twice (once during sih week)
      • Flyer before housing meeting to catch 1st years
  • Floor meeting:
    • UHC event (we only need to provide members)
    • Should discuss appointed positions since we’re back in person soon
      • Possibly multiple sysadmins?
    • Move tech seminar to later (Josh, Elana, and Ronin have upgraded accounts)
      • We don’t know when in person events will be allowed
    • Move CTF to Friday, one day earlier
  • Tech updates
    • Should set up backup server when in person
      • Or Lloyd could load it with ubuntu, rest would be remote
    • Figure out IPA
    • Card reader 🙁
      • Josh thinks it’sworking and we need to hook it up to a computer
      • Try to recover old hard drive? Lloyd could do that by breaking into Josh’s room
    • Need minecraft server updated by thursday
  • Have budget prepared for next meeting

January 16th, 2022

First meeting of 2022 board!

Present: Keegan, Ronin, Craig, Josh, Lloyd, Elana, Alex


  • Should add new constitution to drive
  • All present have pretty much done transition stuff
  • Should put board meetings in events channel
  • Board meetings 4-5 Sundays
  • Floor meetings 9-9:30 on Sundays?
    • Do a discord reaction poll 2 minutes before the floor meeting
  • Events:
    • Nothing in-person until at least February
    • Online events in the meantime:
      • Activities fair on the 21st (2-3:30, 5-6:30)
      • Jackbox: 22nd at 8pm (game nights every month)
      • Minecraft night: 27th at 8 (once a month?)
      • CTF: 29th at 8pm ← if this goes well, can bring back
      • 23rd and 30th board meetings, also floor meeting 23rd
      • Cifx: 6th before floor meeting
      • Tech seminar 29th 2-3, advertise in classes
    • After january:
      • Game night on the 5th
      • … ronin put more events on the calendar.
        • Cifx after floor meetings, every 2 weeks
        • minecraft in the middle of the month
        • Game nights at start of month
    • Cifnic first week of April, formal game night also (replacing usual game night)
  • Housing for next semester
    • When are housing packets due? (usually early april)
    • Usually do housing meeting the weekend before they’re due
  • Senior giving: last 2-3 weeks of the semester, hand out at last floor meeting. Hesitantly scheduled for 4/10
  • What do we want to do this semester?
    • Recruit members
  • CifJam Feb. 26 (need more planning)
  • UHC event to Museum of Play, 3/3
  • 2/5 is Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, which will be a mandatory event (im joking… maybe)
  • Will need to work out E4E next meeting


  • Participation points
    • This semester’s quota will be 15
  • Dues
    • $25 this semester
  • Talk about appointed positions next board meeting, or when we get back to campus (Lloyd is honorary sysadmin)
  • Update CCC page (Lloyd says this is finicky)
  • This week:
    • Keegan asks SA about activities fair
    • Craig does transition things and asks professors to advertise unix seminar; update minecraft
    • Elana emails/websites notes, go through all treasury info
    • Alex: do transition meeting with craig
    • Ronin will send out activities email

Floor Meeting Minutes

March 13th, 2022

  • Game night this Saturday (3/19)
  • UHC Strong field trip on April 1st
  • Formal game night 4/2
    • Members only 
    • Dress nice
    • Alums will be there!
  • Cifnic 4/3
  • Mask mandate: do what you feel safe with in your suites.
  • Recruitment! Please recommend us to your friends.
  • Housing meeting on the 20th
  • Also on the 20th: Amendment voting.
    • Proposing now. 
    • Pretty much, this amendment formalizes existing policy.
    • [Josh read the amendment. Please read the highlighted section of the constitution document.]
    • Dan suggests adding the option for board to mediate a mutually agreed on community standards agreement without a disciplinary hearing involved.
    • If anyone has further or private comments, please reach out over email or discord.
    • If you won’t be at next week’s meeting, you can vote online by emailing
  • Tabling:
    • We’ll put out a sign up sheet over Discord for tabling: Tuesday about 4:30-6:30, likely also Monday and Wednesday.

February 20th, 2022

  • Upcoming events: internet privacy tech seminar on saturday at 2
  • Give Elana dues ($25) and code names very soon!
  • We’ll be fixing up the lab early Sunday afternoons, extra hands appreciated
  • For health reasons, please come to other board members than Keegan for CIF questions and responsibilities. 

January 23rd, 2022

Floor minutes:

  • Everyone should fill out the housing poll in vc chat
  • Events moved: ctf (to this Friday), tech seminar (to next Sunday)
  • Participation point quota for this semester is 15
  • Taking appointed position nominations, including possibly multiple sysadmins. Please reach out to board.