Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

December 9th, 2010

New Members: Congratulations to Tanner Degenkolb and Elyse Dempsey-Arner as our newest CIF members!

Figurehead: Isaac is the newest “Figurehead,” a new position that will be added next semester to the Constitution. ¬†It recognizes a certain CIF member each year for their great contributions to the floor ‚ÄĒ thanks very much for all your help!

White Boards: This will be discussed next semester ‚ÄĒ this project to restore our whiteboards in the core and the lab could be funded by our funds and by Hall Council in the future.

December 1st, 2010

Game Night, Saturday 12/4: Our last game night of the semester will begin at 8pm this coming Saturday. ¬†Pizza will be ordered from Pontillo’s along with candy canes, paper towels, soda, and cups from Wegmans. ¬†Advertising will include a ZDC outing, emails to members, prospectives, and lab users, and a Facebook event.

Relationship with URTV: URTV has requested a computer with very modest technical requirements and we will accommodate this request with what we can afford. In return, we are hoping get some air time for advertising early next semester.

Projector Use and Collaboration with Other Groups: This message is mainly intended for the next Board. ¬†Our ideas for requirements for other groups to use the projector are these: a board member should be present to offer technical support and monitor the projector’s use and a modest deposit should be expected.

Last Board Meeting: This will take place next Thursday around 10pm and will include the current and future Boards.

Camera/Projector Passed Down: These communal electronics will be passed down to the next Chair.

Receipts: Reminder to Dan ‚ÄĒ please bring me the receipt from Wegmans. Reminder to John ‚ÄĒ please bring me the receipt for the toner.

November 11th, 2010

New Member: Congratulations to our newest CIF member, Micah Fujiwara a.k.a. Pyramid Head Guy!

Finances: Budgets are great. We are completely on track to fulfill the subsidy for the t-shirts and mugs as well as upcoming events and expenditures needed.

Donation Box: John proposes to gut a computer tower and use the shell as our donation box in the lab. ¬†It’s simple, it’s clever, and it gets the job finally done.

CIFgiving: The Wilder Rec Room is reserved on Saturday November 20th from 4pm-8pm. Dan and others will be going to Wegmans to pick up the items provided by CIF. A list concerning the food being brought will be circulated at the floor meeting. Alumni are more than welcome to attend ‚ÄĒ¬†if you could bring a dish to pass, that would be great!

December Game Night: This will be held Saturday December 4th. This will include a Secret Santa project, please contact Chelsea if you are interested.

November 4th, 2010

Thank you to Class Tech! Class Tech made an extremely generous donation to CIF, including 8 LCD monitors, 8 mice, and 2 functioning machines!¬†We’ll be replacing the monitors and mice in our lab ‚ÄĒ we want to express our deep appreciation for this great contribution.

Lab Day Success: Thanks to all those that helped on Sunday and thanks to Isaac for the interesting posting feature for

System Builders Success: Thanks to John, who made a great presentation and thanks to all those who came. If you want those price lists, please feel free to contact John.

V for Vendetta: The location for this event has been changed to here on floor! Please come by at around 9:50 tonight for the start of the movie! Popcorn still included!

CIFgiving: LISTEN UP! This event is scheduled for Saturday November 20th at 5pm! We will be reserving the Wilder Rec Room for this time. Floor members will be responsible to bring their own side dishes, desserts (wishing Jay S. could bring that cobbler again!), and drinks. Sign-up sheets will be made for the next floor meetings concerning what people will be bringing and which ovens will be needed.

October 28th, 2010

Pawlicki Presentations: These went well today! Everyone should do their part in recruiting for CIF, like John and Linda did today!

Halloween Party Planning: From the Corner Store, we’ll be getting soda and chips this evening. From Wegmans, we’ll be getting candy and some decorations. From Pontillo’s, we’ll be getting 3 sheets of pizza. Remember, the¬†System Builder’s Class starts at 7pm and the¬†Halloween Party starts at 8pm¬†‚ÄĒ BRING YOUR FRIENDS!

Board Election Process: Members should definitely check out the Constitution on the CIF website if you’d like to understand the election process.

Recycling Fair: This is happening tomorrow from 6:30am‚Äď4:30pm in Park Lot. Lots of the clutter from the lab will be brought there to be recycled.

V for Vendetta: This event will be going on as planned. The movie will be starting around 9:55pm with FIF at the basement of Chambers and we’re bringing the popcorn!

October 21st, 2010

Projections: Upon further review, the steins from are more expensive than the mugs ‚ÄĒ¬†we’ll discuss this further at the next floor meeting.

Flyers, Flyers, Flyers: Flyers will be constructed and put up by ZDC advertising the following: the CIF Lab, the ZDC Task Force, the System Builders Class, and the Halloween Party.

System Builders Class/Halloween Party: No funding is needed for the the System Builders Class ‚ÄĒ only a parts list is needed. However, we will be ordering three sheets of pizza for the Halloween Party. In addition, we’ll be putting up decorations, using declining for soda and chips, and hitting up Wegmans for Halloween candy!

V for Vendetta: Our collaboration with FIF will continue as planned on November 4th with the movie starting around 9:55pm. We’ll be bringing the popcorn!

October 14th, 2010

Projections for T-Shirts: These will be presented at the CIF Floor Meeting to gauge if we want a mix of t-shirts and mugs or just t-shirts.

Pawlicki Presentations: More than likely, John and Linda will be doing presentations in Professor Pawlicki’s CS 170 and 171 classes on Thursday, October 28 advertising the System Builders Class and Halloween Party ‚ÄĒ¬†bring friends to this event!

New Member: Simon Luppescu is our newest member ‚ÄĒ welcome and congrats!

October 1st, 2010

Funds Allocated: With the relatively successful collection of dues this semester, Board has extended our allocation of funds for the CIF Game Night on Saturday, 10/2 for more food. Board also decided to allocate a $25 donation to the family of Brian Wood ‚ÄĒ¬†if anyone would like to add to this contribution, please contact Board.

New CIF Member: Philip Cohn-Cort is our newest CIF member! Congratulations!

September 30th, 2010

Game Night, Saturday 10/2: $60 was allocated by Board for the two sheets of pizza tomorrow night. Soda and snacks will be purchased with declining from the Corner Store. Dan will be leading the ZDC efforts tomorrow, starting in the Core at 7:00pm on Saturday.

CIFnic: A vote will be taken at the Floor meeting for the allocation of funds for Dinosaur BBQ for CIFnic, with CIF paying for half and members paying the other half ($5/person).

CSC 171 Presentation: John and Linda will be visiting Prof. Pawlicki on October 14th as the class lets out and hopefully will be presenting at the beginning of the October 26th class for the System Builders Class and Halloween Party.

Flyers: Chelsea made a great flyer advertising the Lab that will be put up in Towers and Brandon made a great flyer advertising the Game Night that will be put up around campus this evening.

Recruitment: We’ll be hitting up the list of freshman who expressed interest in our organization from the Activities Survey they give out each year! YAY!

September 23rd, 2010

Theme for 10/2 Game Night: After this game night, we’ll be having CIFnic, a Halloween-themed game night, CIFgiving, and a Holiday-themed game night ‚ÄĒ¬†for now, we will be having a non-themed Game Night on October 2.

Halloween Game Night: The date is remaining unchanged at October 30 for the Computer Builders class and Halloween Game Night.

Advertising in Classes: John and Linda will catch Professor Pawlicki after a Thursday CSC 171 class to set up a good time to pitch CIF to the class.

Dues: The following people have not paid their CIF dues:

  • Brandon Peterman
  • Iana Shmelkina
  • Kelsey Treister
  • Robert Yoon
  • Shea Parrotta
  • Max Goodman
  • Benjamin Plummer
  • Douglas Done
  • Trevor Filer
  • Jay Kim
  • Mark Angland

Dues are still at the $20 level, Linda’s room is Anderson 332, and not paying dues takes away voting rights and the majority of your housing points for the semester.

Contact with FIF: Chelsea has been in touch with Heather Manly from FIF for our V for Vendetta screening on November 4th ‚ÄĒ put it on your calendars!

Advertising: Posters and a Facebook group will be made for the next Game Night and ZDC efforts will be started for the event soon. Flyers for our CIF Lab will also be created soon.

Service Disruption: Apologies for the service disruption on Tuesday.

MineCraft Server: Bobby wants to set one up ‚ÄĒ get in touch with him if you’d like more information.

Projector Mount: A metal frame is needed to mount the projector.  Perhaps some sort of donation from Class Tech will help us out with this one, but the projector is available for special needs upon request.

Brian Wood Donation: We are planning on making a modest donation on behalf of CIF but we need to finish collecting dues in order to gauge our financial flexibility.

Class Tech Donations: In essence, Brandon rocks. He has secured a donation from Class Tech, including monitors and possibly mice and lots of other lovely equipment. YAY!

September 16th, 2010

Halloween Game Night Conflict with Viennese Ball: Our plan is to ask Floor how many people are going to the Viennese Ball and gauge from there how much of a conflict it would be. It’s a definite possibility that people could attend the Viennese Ball first and then hit the Game Night second ‚ÄĒ already in costume!

Theme for Game Night on 10/2: Possibly we could have a collaboration with URSGA for this game night, but we’re open to ideas from Floor also!

Lab Officially Open: YAY!  Open lab, with printers and computers and a functioning card reader! Contact if there are any problems.

First Tech Seminar: There seems to be more popularity with a System Builders seminar rather than a Basics on Computer Security seminar. So, the seminar being held on 10/30 has officially been changed to a System Builders seminar! Contact John for more details.

Recruiting in Classes: Ted Pawlicki is supportive of our recruiting efforts and wouldn’t mind if we made an appeal to his CSC 171 class. At the moment, Linda and John are planning on attending in the near future with a presentation ready!

Assassins: Burt approves of the rules written by Dan, but considering the amount of time needed to complete the programming it looks like this will begin next semester. Dan will also need 2 or 3 people to judge as well.

CIFnic during Meliora Weekend: At the moment, it looks like Saturday would be the better day for alumni attendance ‚ÄĒ¬†so tentatively, CIFnic will be held on 10/16. Dinosaur BBQ has been done in the past, but we would need $5/person for this splurge. The alternative is grilling as we have done recently. Of course, if we were to do Dino BBQ, we would need firm counts and RSVPs in order to get accurate estimates and make correct orders (as suggested by Linda).

September 9th, 2010

New Members: Dana Belles and Shea Parotta are our newest CIF members ‚ÄĒ congratulations! Let’s keep this recruiting thing up!

PayPal Button: This is now working on the site on the main Homepage and the Donations section. Check it out!

Card Reader: It’s functional at the moment, but the lab is void of printing abilities at the moment. John will be be installing these soon along with Flash.

Upcoming Events: (deep breath)

We are planning to have a Game Night on Saturday, October 2 to keep the strength of the Open House going. Whether this will be themed and which kind of theme is still TBD.

Next, CIFnic will tentatively be occurring on Saturday, October 16 during Meliora Weekend. This date should not conflict with the big events (Sanjay Gupta, 11am-12noon Saturday and Jim Gaffigan beginning at 7:30pm Saturday) or hopefully with any alumnus’ schedule.

Our first CIF class, Computer Security 101, will be going on October 30th around 6pm prior to the Halloween Game Night that will start at 8pm the same evening. Collaboration with another floor (Anime Interest Floor, International Living Center) for a Halloween public service project is a possibility. We would love some input as to what other classes CIF would like to see occur ‚ÄĒ John was thinking of having a System Builders Class.

E4E: After our Expectations for Excellence presentation last April, we are officially “Accredited Without Provisions” by Residential Life. YAY!

ZDC: Official flyers have been constructed and a possible ZDC website will be constructed as well.

Assassins: Dan will be working on reviving Assassins and Humans vs. Zombies on campus for next semester. Our main priority is to be aligned with University of Rochester regulations and rules ‚ÄĒ anyone who doesn’t will be booted out immediately.

URSGA: We’ll be attempting to grab someone from their organization to come to our board meetings since their board meeting, Mondays at 7pm, tends to conflict with board members’ schedules. A mixer, movie night, or some other event would be great to have with this organization.

September 2nd, 2010

Golisano Children’s Hospital Contribution: It was decided that our donation of $81 would be directed toward patient care rather than research or education. This will be completed soon.

Dues: In case you haven’t heard, our dues for the Fall 2010 semester are still at $20 and are due by September 30th (a floor meeting this night, but hopefully before then).

PayPal: We have a new PayPal account that has been confirmed with our Ally checking account. John and Linda will be creating our PayPal donation button on the CIF website using Joomla on Saturday, which will make the process very simple.

T-Shirts: We’ll be subsidizing the costs of CIF t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and such this semester! This process will only start in October once all dues have been paid, so please get them in as soon as possible and we can set low, low prices for these great items!

URSGA: Chelsea will be visiting their interest meeting tomorrow (Friday, 9/3) to discuss collaboration on events and a closer relationship!

Meeting with Burt: Many helpful suggestions were offered to enhance our publicity and attract members to CIF, like connecting with classes and professors and advertising the lab.

Magneto: Our new name for the CIFputer has been announced! This is up and running over in the 320 suite.

Lab: Computers in the lab are up and running and at least one printer is successfully operating as well. The coding for the card reader is close to being completed and we will desperately need cleaning very soon!

Recruitment: We have 29 total members with 18 on-floor and 11 off-floor. This year after graduation, we will be losing 15 total members (11 on-floor and 4 off-floor).  We need your help to survive and make this floor work.  Seriously.  Anything you can do, do it and rock it.

Objectives for Recruitment: Our goal is to increase membership by 50% by December. We are aiming to do this by: encouraging our off-floor members to become on-floor, visit prospective members, nail the Fall Activities Fair, encourage the ZDC, rock the Open House, increased collaboration with other groups and special interest floors, and advertise in computer science classes and freshman halls. It was also suggested by Bobby that we should have mixers with other groups, encouraging more collaboration.

Open House 9/4/2010: We moved our Open House to Saturday, September 4 ‚ÄĒ¬†two days away!We allocated $60 for sheet pizzas and we will need declining dollars from our Senior Meal Exception people, Sara and Dan, for chips and soda.

Collaboration with Anime Interest Floor: It’s definitely understandable that they are not yet available to collaborate with us for our Open House, but we definitely will in the future. We could have combined Magic or Team Fortress 2 meetings, LAN parties (more social), or possibly a Munchkin event in the Hive. They are also starting Anime showings supported by the Japanese Department in Morey 205 on Fridays at 6pm; if you are interested, feel free to attend.

Projector Co-Sponsoring: If any recognized group or group of people would like to use our projector in the CIF lab, we are certainly willing (for a undetermined reasonable fee) to lend out the projector/space to others along with a DVD player and necessary connections. We will figure out the logistics in the near future.

Thanks for getting to the end of this!  You rock!

Floor Meeting Minutes

December 1st, 2010

Game Night, December 4: This last game night of the semester will occur this coming Saturday starting at 8pm.  A ZDC outing will occur that night and Dan will be in touch soon.  If you are a participant in our Secret Santa, this exchange will happen at 7:30pm!

CIF T-Shirts and Mugs:¬†These items finally arrived! ¬†Most of these items were distributed at the floor meeting, but Philip Cohn-Cort, Terry Hughes, Kim Penn, Emily Vukman, Dennis Wheeler, Melissa Guyre, and Brian Sherwin should please contact me and let me know when you’d like to pick your items up or if they needs to be shipped.

Tech Help:¬†As always, Isaac and John want your help! ¬†Contact if you are interested – CIF “lives by its tech systems.”

Election Results: The 2011 Board is as follows:

Chair: Joanne Leadbetter
Membership Director: Esty Thomas
Community Relations: Chelsea Marsh
Technical Director: Joe Colaruotolo
Secretary/Treasurer: Robin Pease


Wine Tasting:¬†Trevor is holding a floor event on Friday December 10th at 7pm – get in touch with him if you’re interested!

Die Hard:¬†Die Hard will be shown in John and Chelsea’s suite on Saturday December 11th in the evening – best Christmas movie ever!

November 11th, 2010

CSUG Starcraft Event: CSUG will be playing Starcraft and Starcraft 2 on Sunday at 1pm at CSB 601.  Please feel free to come play!

T-Shirts and Mugs: Thank you so much to those who have paid their share for t-shirts and mugs Рyou rock!

CIFgiving:¬†Not only do you need to sign up to bring something to CIFgiving but you should also look at the oven sign-up times in case you need an oven! ¬†This is extremely important because we don’t want any conflicts between dishes.

Thanks to¬†help@CIF folks: Isaac was very thankful for the help two Sundays ago in the lab. ¬†If you are at all interested in getting more involved in our Tech Staff, John and Isaac are more than happy to show you the ropes of what they do – please contact them if you’re interested!

New Member: Congratulations to Micah Fujiwara, our newest CIF member!  Welcome!

Anime Interest Floor Event: Please come by this coming Saturday for free ramen!

October 28th, 2010

ZDC: Thanks to ZDC members for putting up flyers for upcoming events!

System Builders Class/Halloween Party: The System Builders Class starts at 7pm and the Halloween Party starts at 8pm!  Please dress up in Halloween costumes and bring your friends along!

CIF T-Shirts/Mugs: After practically a 50-50 vote at the floor meeting between mugs and steins, we were forced to do a coin flip Рmugs prevailed.  The attendance sheet at our floor meeting was also used as a preliminary order form, with t-shirts costing approximately $5 or $6 and mugs costing approximately $3.  If you were not at the floor meeting or are an alumnus, please email me back at this address and let me know what you would like!

V for Vendetta:¬†This event will be going on as planned. ¬†The movie will be starting around 9:55pm with FIF at the basement of Chambers and we’re bringing the popcorn!

Elections:¬†Our next floor meeting, November 11, will be our nomination meeting for next year’s Board. ¬†These nominations must be accepted by the nominee by November 18. ¬†Our elections will be held at the following floor meeting, which will be on December 1st (due to Thanksgiving and the Boar’s Head Dinner).

On the Help List?:¬†On Sunday, anyone who is on the list or anyone who is interested in Tech Staff¬†should come down to the Lab to help complete a laundry list of tasks. Isaac is generously providing food and anyone who is at all interested in Tech Staff should attend! ¬†If you would like to be added to the Help List, please let Isaac or John know.¬†In addition, if there are any CIF Lab problems (i.e., printer isn’t working, out of paper) you need to email¬†and let our Tech Staff know!

October 14th, 2010

Dino BBQ:¬†Thank you to those who have paid for Dino BBQ so far! ¬†Alumni and others who haven’t paid yet, please get your $5 to Linda ¬†hopefully before CIFnic.

In Case of Rain: Our plan is to stay at the pavilion in GVP rather than here on floor in case of rain.

ZDC:¬†Great job last Game Night! ¬†We’ll have missions coming for the Halloween Party.

T-Shirts:¬†Dan made a great design for the CIF t-shirt – thanks ¬†Dan! ¬†Cost projections were presented and most members would want a mug ¬†in addition to a t-shirt. ¬†Thanks for the input, it’s definitely ¬†helpful!

Tech Staff:¬†Again, it is monumentally important to have more tech staff help – if you’re interested, contact John or Isaac.

September 30th, 2010

Game Night, Saturday 10/2: Bring friends and have a great time!  Starts at 8pm with food and fun!  ZDC will be meeting in the Core at 7pm  rather than 7:30pm.

CIFnic: Allocation of $200 ($100 by CIF and approximately  $100 from members via $5/person) for Dinosaur BBQ was approved by Floor  through a vote during the meeting.  A separate email will be sent out by  Linda to get firm counts of who is coming in order to determine how  much to order.

Dues:¬†To those of you who haven’t paid dues, this includes Kelsey Treister, Max Goodman, and Benjamin Plummer, please come see Linda.

Flyers: Flyers for Game Night were put up after the meeting around campus Рthanks all!

Tech Staff:¬†Realize that more than half of our floor members are seniors and will be leaving this year. ¬†That includes John and Isaac – we need understudy’s NOW. ¬†We need, need, need¬†someone to step up and take on some tech work and gain experience to continue our community.

September 16th, 2010

Lots of this was covered in the CIF Board Meeting Minutes, so I apologize in advance.

ZDC Mission: Thank you to all who helped with the ZDC mission for the Open House.  Other missions will be coming in the future!

CIFnic:¬†Tentatively, this will be held on Saturday 10/16 ¬†during Meliora Weekend to maximize alumni attendance. ¬†There were 16 ¬†counted “yes’s” when asked during the Floor Meeting when asked about ¬†preferences between Dinosaur BBQ and grilling.

Halloween Game Night on 10/30 vs Viennese Ball: With lots of  discussion, it seems like the date of the Game Night stands Рbut we  will continue our discussion of a possible rescheduling.

Kitchen: Our kitchen was complimented by the sanitation guy!  The stove, sink,  and refrigerator all looked great!  Thank you to all who are keeping our  kitchen clean and please keep it up!

Lab Open:¬†The lab’s open! ¬†Go for it! ¬†Contact¬†with any problems.

Dues: We need dues turned in by the end of the month in order to get an idea  of our resources for everything we want to do this semester (ie, Dino  BBQ, t-shirts, etc).  Please get them to Linda as soon as possible.

September 2nd, 2010

Lots of this was covered in the CIF Board Meeting Minutes, so I apologize in advance.

Activities Fair: Please come by to the Activities Fair and see our table and hang out  and put in a good word Рthis is going on from 3:00 Р4:30, Friday 9/3. The large poster board will be constructed beforehand by Linda.

Open House: This has been moved to September 4 at 8pm! Posters will be constructed by Brandon beforehand and hopefully posted  Friday evening or Saturday afternoon.

T-Shirts:¬†If you ¬†like to draw, please ask Dan for a rough picture of the Nauticock for ¬†our t-shirt! ¬†We definitely encourage in-house artistry and we’d love to see your entries! These items (t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, etc) will be subsidized heavily and we’ll get those prices out soon.

ZDC:¬†You know who you are – we’ll be sending out an email to those who signed up to be part of the ZDC with more information.

Financial Updates:¬†Our contribution from Pi ++ Day will be made to the patient care ¬†section of the Golisano Children’s Hospital. ¬†Our new PayPal account is successfully hooked up with our Ally account and the donation button for ¬†the website will be made soon.

Tech: The CIFputer is up and running and please contact John if you are interested in Tech Director responsibilities next semester.

Recruitment: We need your help for CIF to survive. Our membership numbers will be  severely hurt at the end of this year Рanything you can do to  contribute, do it.  Please let know how you would like to contribute to our membership crisis.